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Messages posted by: J.C.
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Tournaments » Defense Zone tournament » Go to message
what about the map? why did you make it so that the blue marine can't reach his base? won't it damage blue player?

will you play?
New Feature Request » limit teleport ability that currently ruins many map layouts » Go to message
there's a huge debate upon this point between top ranked players. i can like it, but im not so skilled to understand how will it change games. consider that titans are strong especially on huge maps
General Discussion » Updates? » Go to message
oh, you will meet him in my tourney, MindFreak!!!
New Feature Request » Our Balancing Salvation! » Go to message
I don't see Khraleans so stronger than Titans. On huge maps, they have really few chances vs. a good titan strategy, in my idea. In small maps, titans are simply useless, khraleans crush them.

what do you think about those ideas?

1. prevent lings from healing
2. damage lings buried 1hp every 2 (for example) turns
3. increase damage provoked by heavy units to 2
4. add a passive damage, so that each ling buried below a titan unit gets damaged of 1 hp per turn
5. allow assimilator to convert a ling he steps on
6. lings can't repair while buried

they may also be combined. i personally prefer that each change affects ONLY titans vs khraleans.
General Discussion » Updates? » Go to message
ok then, i will keep on inviting you

i don't know, but i think that they are still working on iOs... i heard that new updates may be ready soon, but you know, when you work on something (any kind of work) there is always something not going in the correct way, so i think it will take a bit more.

PS: i'm considering to buy an iphone, so i may edit this post to agree with you
Tournaments » Defense Zone tournament » Go to message
how many players?
Tournaments » dan1's tourney number 2 » Go to message
gogogogogogo Vincent!!!!!!!!!! Crush them all!!!! (so that i can say i always lose to you because you are one of the best )
General Discussion » Skipping my own turn!! » Go to message
i answer here just to blame your quote of 45, nicko.
New Feature Request » automatic refresh... » Go to message
there is already an automatic refresh, settable after some seconds. You can set it in options, take a look at it.
Tournaments » dan1's tourney number 2 » Go to message
like my mate rainbow, i expect just a winner. especially after wolfcat's depart from this tournament. xD

don't mind at me waxoid you are still very good (they say, never played with you).

Grats for beating wolfcat and jb
General Discussion » Random games reform » Go to message
I'd wait nicko, random creation will be fixed.

For what concerns maps being rated: I have always rejected (and i think sims too) how maps become rated at the moment. I think that this will be changed too.
New Feature Request » My favourite maps » Go to message
You should let him read this post, may be useful!
Bug Reports » Underling cannot attack enemy unit » Go to message
Ok, let me see if i understand what you said...

You want to move an underling as far as you can. It means that on flat terrain, you move it ahead for 3 spots.
Unfortunatly, underlings has vision of 3, so you can't see if on the hexagons located next to your destination there is a unit.

But you know for sure that in one of those hexagons there is a unit, so you are asking why can't you hurt it with your underling.

The answer is easy: When you select a unit, you can attack every enemy that you can see on the map. Moving your selected unit doesn't change the hexagons you can see.
Bug Reports » Map Editor minor bug » Go to message
Oh, i didn't see the changelog, thanks sims, waiting for a new android release.
New Feature Request » My favourite maps » Go to message
Lmao sims, exactly what i was about to say in that game we are playing!
I would really like to see an improved profile, maybe adding some tabs to make it nicer. In my opinion, it should list:

Tab 1 - General Account Informations
1. Name;
2. Accounts related;
3. Friends;
4. Preferred by;

Tab 2 - Player Informations
1. Favourite race;
2. Most played maps and players (the top three maps and players you play the most);
3. Winning\Losing streak;
4. Games Played, Victories\Draws\Losses;
4a. Credits spent\Bases taken;
5. Random Games Played, Victories\Draws\Losses;
5a. Credits spent\Bases taken;

Tab 3 - Maps Informations
1. Favourite maps (using you rating system);
2. Maps published;
3. Best map (the map in which you won the most);

What do you think? I think this profile would be perfect! Some points seems to be useless, but i could explain you why i put them. I hope that you and Cpt Hawaiian will tell me your thoughts.
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