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General Discussion » Looking for players to assist in making tutorial videos » Go to message
Sign me up, once I was over 2300 so does that count?
Frequently Asked Questions » UniWar Assets: Image, Icons, Units, Terrains, Tiles, ... » Go to message
Woohoo! Thanks Xavi. I am not ashamed to admit that I was working on my Uniwar Board Game this morning and periodically came back to the forum to see if you'd posted this yet.
New Feature Request » The Uniwar League » Go to message
Luis, I wrote up some of my thinking on why a clan could make sense. Definitely I would hope to with with you in this, if you are interested. I don't see why some kind of internal clan competition couldn't be part of this clan.
General Discussion » Uniwar clans? » Go to message
I love Uniwar! I've had it on my phone since I first downloaded it in 2009; no other game has lasted so long. I think that it's because I love learning and competitions, which Uniwar fosters to a great deal. (And the fact that Uniwar is mobile, meaning I can play in 5-10 minute chunks here and there, certainly helps as I am a boring old grownup with responsibilities that usually prevent me from gaming for hours at a stretch.)

But I have found two major issues with Uniwar: 1) it takes new players a long time to become proficient at the game, and even longer before it is fun. Most of my friends and students whom I have convinced to download the game give up before they become proficient. And 2) the developer-built community functions (like chat, friends list, forum) don't facilitate collaboration. For example if you want to have a conversation with another player, you need to create a game with them...but then the conversation can't go anywhere. I hope this doesn't sound like unfair criticism of the developers, I'm well aware that I have no idea how work all of this takes, and of how small the development team is. But it's my experience, so I'm sticking with it.

I don't believe in pointing out a problem without also providing a solution. Could a clan be a way to improve those issues? As I don't think the developers are able to institute anything on this right away, what could a clan offer? How would it be structured?

I'd like the clan to focus on promoting player development, good sportsmanship, and Uniwar development (new maps, scenario building, etc). Are there other Uniwarriors interested in these goals?

Please reply to this thread if you can give me any advice on how to proceed - how to go about structuring a clan, where to host it, etc. Or if you think that this is unnecessary, let me know as well.

Thanks all!

General Discussion » Team game » Go to message
But you can steal their units with engineer assimilator infector, and emp / poison / uv blast them, which can be fun.
General Discussion » New Youtube Channel for Uniwar Replay Commentary! » Go to message
Thanks. I thought I had pressed that, guess my fingers were just too fat ha!
General Discussion » New Youtube Channel for Uniwar Replay Commentary! » Go to message
Ennuigoblin, nice stuff man. I watched a shorter cast between volf and rocca, very interesting to see uniwar happening so fast.

Question... Am I just daft, why can't I find the replay button? Where does it live? I thought I was pretty up to speed on updates and forum posts. I know how to view a turn replay but not a whole match.

New Feature Request » Map statistics » Go to message
What's New in the Latest Updates » Proposal for a new icon - We want YOUR feedback » Go to message
I vote something that shows three races fighting. That's the core of the game really, that's what makes it so unique and plain old awesome.

Maybe go with the woman soldier and an underling and a mechanical.

Also, I like that the female soldier is not overly sexualized. Kind of reminds me of samus, just a butt kicking soldier that happens to be a woman. A lot of women play uniwar, I would be very sad to see you select an image that is a sexualized caricature in an attempt to appeal to previously mentioned "geek culture".
General Discussion » Ranked Custom Team Games » Go to message
I want this as well... Xavi said this is happening sometime soon!
New Feature Request » The Uniwar League » Go to message
Luis, if you want this to happen it could be done outside of the app. We could make it pretty easily, require screencaps after each match. Email me if you want to chat more. As long as the league could be relatively automated.
What's New in the Latest Updates » Version 1.8 released » Go to message
Is this the right place for bugs? I love the new update, it's great! But seems like every time I end turn I get a note that game is unsynchronized with server. However the moves have been submitted. Using latest version of UniWar and lollipop on nexus 5.
Bug Reports » Beta testers - Bug report - Road to release 1.7.0 » Go to message
I think that there is a change in the behavior of the menu. When moving after attack (helicopter and speeder) the "x" button does not cancel the move but confirms it with no chance to undo. Am I supposed to press "cancel" if I don't like the position? I'll try to recreate it to be more precise. Thanks!!
Bug Reports » burried underling hp is unclear when an unit stand on right. » Go to message
I've noticed the same thing, thanks for taking the time to point it out.
New Feature Request » Guilds » Go to message
I would love that. We use WhatsApp but that only allows for smack talk.
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