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  Mew2468 wrote:
I'm pretty sure I know what you're talking about...try "earlyaccess.javaground.com:44 3" (without the quotations) as the server, and the username and password they gave you as the username and password. This info was in the email they sent you (at least, it was for me).

its "earlyaccess.javaground.com:44 3" (no quotes) no space between 44 and 3
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  Mew2468 wrote:
Lol, your avatar totally screwed up this thread .

I designed that map so that it was a race to the docks, and the players who got there first could spawn a couple of aquatic units to help their team. Titans would probably be way to powerful at this map (teleporting right to the docks).

No it didn't >.> <.<

not to mention that the titans have superior range so they could fire farther when the the titans had pushed enough forward

but Idrk we may have to test these maps to find out if its actually balanced
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The Heli was designed to be a strong infantry killer(i got this from the description on the Heli), but it is also strong enough to take anything else on, perhaps the developers could make the heli's Vs. ground light attack to maximum and bring all of its other Vs. attacks to 3 or 4, thus bringing about what the heli was intended to do and making it a better balance.
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I think it would be a great idea, maybe only for nonranked matches though

that way a friend could teach a noob how to play better without loseing any points to cheating or something like that!

I've always wanted to see the top three players duke it out and see what thier tactics are....

you know to learn from the best
User Generated Maps » Mew2468's Custom Maps » Go to message
just a tip:

on the four player map, the docks are bordered by only 2 bodies of water allowing a maximum of 3 aquatic units to exist there.

i Don't think the docks would be very useful in this regard
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that is true, but the anti wall strategy is really a suicide mission intended as a distraction the underlings will alll definitly die one way or another
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also if your teammate leaves you can still see what his units see
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one of the titans favourite strategies is to build a wall and push up against your forces until they reach your base.

to counter this build 3-5 underlings, bury them and move them over to the opponents plasma cannons, make sure arent too close to an assimilator or the whole strategy can be used against you.

now put 2 underlings to a plasma cannon the extra one can go anywhere that will do extraa damage to you oponent

unbury the Underlings and attack the cannons, you dont have to unbury them all at once, but try to get the underlings that are attacking the same unit to attack on the same turn that way you get the biggest bonus.

the titan player will have to deal with the underlings, he will prbably take a few units off his wall to do so. that leaves him distracted and weakend so you can go in and tear down the walll and take the status quo.

some drawbacks are: it takes FOREVER to get your units into place cause movement buried is 2 spaces on dirt and 1 space everywhere else

because it takes forever you have to hold out until the underlings are where they should be and that can be pretty risky, but if you have pinzers at the right choke points you can just keep healing them and letting them get attacked by the enemy.

if anyone has a better strategy for countering walls just post here please
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