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General Discussion » Uniwar 2?[Poll] » Go to message
Hi, basically this is a poll to see how meny people think uniwar 2 is coming out.
General Discussion » How to fix the game balance » Go to message
I am low rated but I was wondering, what if UV didn't affect sapiens or only affected ground light?
Sapiens » Khraleans unbeatable vs Sapiens on Hard CPU » Go to message
First a question what map are you playing?
second two swarmers can do not beat a helicopter, even if they get the first turn because the helicopter can do 7 damage in one turn to a swarmer making that swarmer usles.
third a is one of the best units it has a high AA for its cost wich means a marine on forest/mountain can do series damage to air units.
New Feature Request » Need . . . more . . . maps! » Go to message
That would be nice but I feel that uniwar is no longer under development, maybe there will be a update once every five six months but I feel uniwar is dead and the forums have died with it.
New Feature Request » Map/price balancing. » Go to message
I have been on the forums a long time now and from what I have found is that there seems no quick answer to balancing the game. But it is possible(I think ) if unit prices changed depending on map/race so on Deadmonk saps vs titans saps could be cheaper or titans more expensive, or unit stats change only on that map. It may seem like a lot of work but if there was a testing aria in the forums or the game and a poll in the forums where stats/prices could be debated and voted on. Mistakes may be made but uniwar needs at least one good map and it would be done one map at a time.

New Feature Request » Tournaments in seek area. » Go to message
I was thinking that there could be a area in the seeks devoted to Tournaments. It would take a lot longer to get the games going so maybe increase the amount of games that a person can play to 25?
General Discussion » Uniwar 2 is it ever coming out? » Go to message
Thanks Nfong
General Discussion » Uniwar 2 is it ever coming out? » Go to message
From what I remember it was going to come out in 2010 well now it's 2011 ,I am not complaining but I would like to know if it will ever come out or was it was just some dream that did not turn out right?
General Discussion » Do you hate 1.3.0? Rant here. » Go to message
My Christmas has been ruined before it even started .
Technical Support Questions » changing account associated with iphone » Go to message
Instead of going into current games go into play play online then enter the password and username you use.
Khraleans » Beating Sapiens » Go to message
Yes it does
Khraleans » Beating Sapiens » Go to message
  Isolation wrote:
4. Don't build pinzers or infectors. There's rare occasions when that rule is safe to avoid but in most cases the infector won't pay for itself and pinzers will just sit there eating hits from helicopters while you watch unable to move or counterattack because you spent all your credits on pinzers and an infector to heal it.

Well I am not as good as you but I find that a pinzer can help I have got a win against a 1800 rated player on deadmonk(it would be low for you but a good hundred points above me)by make a pizer as my first unit! Because it takes two helicopters to take one pinzer and even then it will be slow and I can attack with my are units and get the first strike. What happened in my game was they did not want to spend all there time trying to bring down my pinzer so they left it but then my pinzer all the way up next to there bases and beat any marine that was made and without marines the helicopters were weak.
I can't say that it is the best strategy but I would not say pinzers are no good vs sapiens if you want a game to test thing then I will be happy to except but I don't have a good rating so you don't have to.
How to make the uniwar.com website better » Some ideas for uniwar [poll]. » Go to message
Well I am glad to see someone would post I was just thinking that no one was going to tell me what they liked and what they didn't.
How to make the uniwar.com website better » Some ideas for uniwar [poll]. » Go to message
Oh another is taking bots of rated games and better bots for non online so that if a player is in a area with no internet then a game vs a good bot would be nice the current bots are to weak they don't even teleport or bury underlings.

And maybe my idea of having a teaching area in uniwar were the good players can put in strategy's other players can look at them and rate them to how good they think they are.
How to make the uniwar.com website better » Some ideas for uniwar [poll]. » Go to message
Here are my ideas

1 I think it would be good if there was a way to make a so that only say people rated 1700 or up can play this game so that I don't have to play a 1500 or have to remove people.

2 Another is more advanced searches like I want a player of this level on this map so you don't have to go through ten green valley to find one dead monk game.

3 That 3 minute games are played like live chess in chess.com so that a player makes a seek if that player where to go of uniwar there seek would vanish but if another player joined that game then the game would start striate away oh and if one player skipped the other 3 times it would be rated so if the player wants to quit then the have to surrender in the first 3 moves not just leave the game.
these of course only change 3 minute games.

4 In uniwar if you were to go into the community area there would be a link to the forum that is always there.

Tell me what you think of these.
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