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Bug Reports » v. 1.0.5 - Playing "offline" problems » Go to message
Unfortunately, none of this helps...I've tried those exact steps many times after upgrading with saved offline games, and still haven't been able to get the problem to happen.

The problem is definitely coming from an offline game saved from a previous version, but we still can't tell exactly what it is.

The only way around this at the moment is to reinstall the application, as that will clear your save data. Unfortunately, this will clear out your campaign mode progress as well...
Bug Reports » v. 1.0.5 - Playing "offline" problems » Go to message
Also, which device and OS version you're using would be helpful, too.
Bug Reports » v. 1.0.5 - Playing "offline" problems » Go to message
This has been reported by a few other people, but I've tried multiple combinations of saved offline games before upgrading, and have so far been unsuccessful at reproducing the problem.

Please provide more detailed information:
- What was the game you had saved? (Campaign/VS/Solo, which map, what did the map look like, races, difficulty settings, etc, be as specific as possible)
- Which version were you upgrading from?
- Which screen did it crash in, and how did you get to that screen?
- Anything else notable (more info is better than less)
Bug Reports » Adding friend who doesn't exist » Go to message
A user with the name "loser" does exist, but I'm not sure if it's the same loser as your friend. I have access to the email address he used to register, but I can't disclose that information here.

The reason you're not seeing loser in your My Friends, Top Friends, and website friend list is because he is an "inactive" player (he hasn't logged in in over 90 days). Inactive players are removed from My Friends, Top Friends, and the website friend list in order to prevent trying to invite them to games when they probably aren't actively playing.

My Profile, however, lists all friends, active or not.

We are considering including all friends in the My Friends and website friend list to avoid confusion like this in the future.
Bug Reports » Adding friend who doesn't exist » Go to message
Well, I just checked, and there actually is a player named "loser".

So then the problem is why he's not appearing in your My Friends list. Can you provide more details about that screen? Do you have multiple pages in the list? Is anyone else missing from the list?
Technical Support Questions » Chat keyboard freeze » Go to message
By "freeze", what do you mean? Is the keypad completely unresponsive, or does it still allow some typing?
Bug Reports » Uniwar Team please read: Cheat discovered » Go to message
Issue was fixed, will be in the next update.
Bug Reports » Skipping Bug » Go to message
Skipping is essentially being forced to end your turn without doing anything.

Also, when you end your turn, units which still have remaining actions will repair automatically. That's why your engineer repaired itself.
What's New in the Latest Updates » v1.0.3 iPhone » Go to message
I want to make a few things clear:

1) Is this "blank screen" a freeze or a crash? In other words, does the application hang on a blank screen, or does it return you to the desktop?
2) What color was the blank screen? I heard one person say it was white. (That's actually important.)
3) If it is white, when did it turn white? Immediately after the expanding effect? Did you see any of the loading screen?
4) I'm guessing everyone who experienced the problem had active online games. But, does anyone remember having chat logs saved?
5) Did anyone have OFFLINE saved games? i.e. Campaign/Solo/VS maps in-progress.
6) Did anyone happen to hear the game music after a while?
7) HOW did you update? Did you update directly from your iPod, or did you download the update and copy it to your phone using iTunes?

Thanks for your cooperation.
General Discussion » Attack calculations » Go to message
  lorfje wrote: Interesting info, but it remains a weak point that you can, in effect, undo a whole turn as long as you did not finish it.

Each of your actions are saved as soon you perform them, so you cannot redo moves that you've already done.

  lion73 wrote: If the random calculation are really all done in the server (which I doubt) then that means you cannot play your turn offline and then just upload the result once your connection resumes. Not good.

If the random calculation actually take place in the client software then it is always theoretically possible to hack the client and make it work in your favor. This will be especially true once we get more clients (such as a web browser client, etc). Also not good.

The random calculations are done on the client, but are seeded from the server. This is why the results are always the same.

Edit: quoted the wrong person
Bug Reports » OS 3.0: Landscape does not flip back » Go to message
Yeah, it's an issue only on iPhone OS 3.0. It's been fixed in v1.0.3.
Bug Reports » My unit dissapearing temporarily » Go to message
Hmm, yeah, this is a little unclear. I followed your steps (as far as I could tell) in the upcoming v1.0.3, and I can't reproduce the problem.

Was this online or offline? If you have more detailed steps and conditions, that would be helpful. Screenshots would help if you have 'em.
Bug Reports » Session expired on creating game » Go to message
Nope, that's different.

I'm not the one responsible for the website, but it does sound natural to me to separate logging in to the game server and website. But I'll let Rolando be the judge of that.
Bug Reports » buried underlings under enemy's army » Go to message
  lorfje wrote: Buried Underlings cannot move from an occupied hex to another occupied hex, regardless from which party the above-ground units are.

If that's really the case, it's a bug. Buried Underlings can move from one occupied hex to another, regardless of who the above-ground units belong to.

Anyway, in v1.0.3, buried Underlings will move as intended (underneath above-ground units).
New Feature Request » Improvements for team matches » Go to message
  rolando wrote:You can scroll the status text by dragging your finger along it! Try it!

...I never knew you could do that.
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