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Tournaments » Solo Tournament: INFECTED ! » Go to message
I like the story! But I think that this would be better if it were some kind of scenario... It doesn't really relate to the tournament does it?
Bug Reports » burrowed underling and unit vision bug » Go to message
I never heard of the damaged ant bug... Does it work against an opponents ant? Invite me to a game and we will both play khrals and test this, I'm curious.

The vision bug is well known.
What's New in the Latest Updates » Rank Reform - Part 4 » Go to message
TALONE the main reason you are pushing to preserve the old ranking is economic. You benefit from keeping the historical rankings so you can tell new players you are the best. Please don't hide your real reasons. Don't be like the Anglo American bankers who secretly rule the world. Rule the world in the open. Rise to the top of the new ladders.
What's New in the Latest Updates » Rank Reform - Part 4 » Go to message
Regular participation in the new ladders will earn respect, TALONE. Xavi suggested wiping the old system of rankings because he doesn't believe it's possible to reform it. I guess the revised proposal is a good compromise as it acknowledges past contributions to the game. But the new ladders seem like the way forward. I hope you join them but I am not optimistic you will... I would love to meet you in a random match and donate points to you!
New Feature Request » (trinerok's idea) Base & Other Modding » Go to message
It would be really cool if we could vary the amount of money in each base on one map. Like the forward bases are worth 25 credits each and the rear bases are worth 150...that way losing the forward bases wouldn't necessarily mean a total loss, especially if you have to sacrifice a lot to gain the base.

If you take this idea a bit further, you could even have bases that gain no money and only let you build units. Or the reverse, bases that only allow gain you money but don't let you produce units. Trinerok posted this on the in-game chat. This would allow for new kinds of tactical battles. You could put high value bases towards the middle of the map but don't allow unit production from them. Having bases that are close together forces a battle, but also heavy units built on a base are weak. These new types of bases would avoid that weakness while still forcing a battle in certain areas of the map. And bases that can produce units but provide no income would be tactical waypoints. I think that maybe this second kind of base, the producer only, could be better in some situations. But hard to say given my relative lack of expertise in the game.

Continuing with the modding...what if you could build maps in which certain units were outlawed? You could let one player have a major financial advantage but only allow them to build light infantry. Netsurfer733 has built a few maps that would benefit from this requirement, and I know that Deathmarine1 is trying out some D-Day maps that don't work if the players build helicopters.

All of this would not necessarily make Uniwar "more balanced" which seems to be a topic that inflames passions on the chat at the moment. But it would open up more experiences for the many uniwarriors who love this game for the way that crazy strategies every now and then work out. More modding please!
Tournaments » In-game tourney feature » Go to message
It would be great if we could have the ranking of each player posted on the tournament page. That way we can more easily spectate as the matches unfold. This idea was originally posted in the game chat by Dan1 I think. (Sims I hope that I'm putting this somewhere helpful.)
Guides & Tips » Attack formula » Go to message
I wrote a lot about how I created a draft of a board game version of the game, linked to that post below. Still thinking about how to make it better. Going to 1) purchase a hexagonal hole puncher so I can easily get the pieces out, 2) glue the unit images to something heavier like card stock, and 3) spend a lot of time researching different maps to find something ideal. I think that Mercury could be a great one as the only terrain modifier is the bases, makes things simpler. Omega would also be interesting but I just don't really like that map.

Tournaments » Imminent invasion - championship tournament! » Go to message
Sounds great! I am looking forward to it. I do think that the map choice is a big issue. I understand that you don't want to release maps too early as people will practice lots but also the last two tournaments seemed to have 1-2 maps with problems.

Will the mirror matches happen at the same time?
Tournaments » Professional tournaments » Go to message
Talone could you post your comment here? I don't think it's appropriate to link away from the official uniwar forum to a different forum. Also just in terms of online etiquette if you put your post here everyone could read it. Thanks!
General Discussion » Bot not taking turn » Go to message
I think that just happens sometimes... Xavi does something to the servers.
Bug Reports » Verification Email not sending » Go to message
Check your spam folder, and also I forgot that I had set up a gmail filter for Uniwar notifications (pre push feature). Of course that assumes that you have registered correctly.
Tournaments » Frozen planet - first tourney in round robin format » Go to message
Yes everyone likes fairness. But let me speak as an intermediate player who loved the tournament. Here's the thing that top players don't seem to get. When you are a novice and even intermediate you don't often realize when a map is unfair. You just think to yourself "wow I kicked butt!" Or "man that guy was good". It takes an expert player to recognize the imbalances. Unless the imbalance is egregious, like you don't stand a chance of gaining an early base capture, nobody really recognizes all this " unfairness ". And whenever I play someone 100-300 points above me (I hover around 2175), I get my butt kicked regardless of map imbalances.

Tl;Dr 95% of uniwarriors don't care. The point has been made. Move on.
Guides & Tips » Uniwar Damage Calculator » Go to message
That's really cool, thanks!!
General Discussion » BUniwar (Board Game Uniwar) » Go to message
PS shout out to jahardman for brainstorming and giving feedback on this project. And congrats to SpaceChip for defeating rebeccah in the inaugural BUniwar match! And tons of love to all YourTurn2.0 uniwarriors.
General Discussion » BUniwar (Board Game Uniwar) » Go to message
Why Bother?
As I mentioned in the online chat, this will let me create and test out any variants I want. I also learned an awful lot about the game through this process.

This also makes it easy to produce variants. Want to let the engineer terraform? Sure thing. Could the infector merge with any other Khralean unit creating a super-bug with increased attack? Why not, let’s see what happens! Should the bases themselves actually have powers, like the Titan bases can deal damage to adjacent enemies with a defensive pulse? Cool!

Next Steps
To be totally honest I think that a FUN board game of Uniwar would have to be significantly different than the app. Without the computer making the damage and movement calculations there are too many numbers to deal with. I have a rough draft started but as I had to make major simplifications (adjusting number of HP per unit and simplifying the damage table even more) it’ll take a lot of playtesting to regain the balance.

Thanks for reading and thanks for improving on this design!
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