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New Feature Request » Helo nerf - how do you guys feel about it? » Go to message
I normally detest it when you compare units like people are doing here, because it's a game where you build armies instead of going 1v1, unit vs unit.

However... As diegomclima said, helicopters have hit and run. This is a huge leg up over a garuda. A helicopter can attack a unit and escape from danger (like a pack of marines nearby), or attack a unit and then capture a base, or return to an engineer. A garuda attacks a unit and then it's stuck, and if marines are within walking distance it's toast.

I think lowered defense would be a fair trade-off for the hit and run myself.
New Feature Request » REQ: Can we have a poll about skip turns? » Go to message
Needs to go in 2-player matches. Must go. Please get rid of it. Today. Those ten anonymous guys I stupidly started 1-day games with aren't coming back and I'm going to be skipping them until Wednesday. I have yet to see a single case where I skip someone and they come back to finish the game. It's always them %#^ making four moves and then disappearing forever. Don't even get me started with random games, which are 3 days in length and seem to have a 75% dropout rate. That's 9 days before you can kick someone if they decide to quit 4 turns in.

For 4 or 8 player games, I can see a case for "skip player". Maybe it could remain in the big matches and return "kick player" to the duels. Frankly I'd err on the side of "kicking" because in most cases they aren't coming back, and anyway much of the time if you skip a single turn in this game you're going to be so far behind you may as well surrender.

There's absolutely no need for it in the 2 player games though. None. If you're going to take time to finish a turn use chat and alert the other player(s). If they're cool they'll wait for you, no need to skip. If some unforeseen emergency comes up in real life then maybe you should deal with that and take a 10 point ratings hit and forfeit the game.
General Discussion » Error connecting to server with khralean games » Go to message
  Hachiman wrote: Are you going to revert all my games with skipped turns?

This really isn't very good. I want to take my app store awards vote back.

I do wish they'd get on this faster or at least acknowledge the problem here in the forums, but we should remember this is a small team of developers of an indie game. Stuff like this is bound to come up.

I bet they all went out and get drunk last night after finishing the android release.
Khraleans » Khraleans - Under Powered or Under Played? » Go to message
They're not particularly underpowered. A good Khralean player can rip Titans to shreds on most maps. The real problem is that Sapiens are overpowered, as they have a definite advantage over both Titans (as they have much more mobility and the ability to spam EMP) and Khraleans (as marines and marauders can do substantial damage to Khralean aerial units, while underlings and pinzers can't touch a helicopter). From my experience the toughest match in this game is Sapien vs. Sapien.

All that said the Khralean is just the most fun to play. There's nothing like a successful swarm attack or pulling off a buried unit attack that takes down a few walkers. It's one race where I don't mind if I lose.
General Discussion » Error connecting to server with khralean games » Go to message
Don't know if you guys did something but the server is rejecting all my games that have buried units on the field. It's accepting turns from games where I'm playing the other races or no buried units.

New Feature Request » re-engineering the EMP » Go to message
  Unimarobj wrote:
I usually have no issues with engineers while playing Titans, it doesn't seem too much of an inconvenience. I mean, just deal with it. The Titans have their strengths as does every race. The EMP is to help Sapiens against them, because a tank taking on a plasma tank is toast. Marines vs. Mecha are toast. And the walker has the longest range in the game. And the titan units have great defense.

Yeah but you can't evaluate on single unit vs single unit. You have to look at the big picture.

For example, Mechas are a bit stronger than marines, but marines are hardly "toast" against them. Plus Mechas on sapiens' turf are sitting ducks for EMP+reprogram. Plus marines have to mobility to escape some battles where Mechas can't (though they can teleport back to heal.)

Plasma tanks are stronger than sapien tanks, but that's rarely a 1v1 battle. Most often I see 2 plasma tanks against w sapien tanks and an engineer (both set-ups cost 1000.) The sapien will always win this because they can just sit there and heal 4 pts and ignore the plasma attack.

  Unimarobj wrote:
So, why not just leave it alone?

That's what will probably happen anyway. But I think this is a fair discussion as EMP is a very powerful tool for a race that's already arguably the best in the game, just for sheer mobility and adaptability. It's also a dozen times more effective than the Plague and UV abilities their counterparts get (plague is a mere annoyance, though admittedly cool, and UV is just useless... plus EMP lets engineers freely capture Mechas where infectors and assimilators have to be very cautious.)
New Feature Request » Special unit benefits affecting a teammate » Go to message
I don't like teammate's titans being immune to EMPs. After all if you capture a mecha it's shut down as well when you EMP, and if a khralean captures a sapien it can catch the plague as well.

The friendly fire aspect means you have to use some caution, and that's always good (besides EMP is too powerful as it is)

Healing friendly units though, I do like that.
New Feature Request » Combatting Loopholes - Improving Speeder abilities... » Go to message
I like the idea of a Mecha under the influence of EMP not being reprogrammable. Doubt it that make it into the game but I like it. It's far too easy for engineers to shut down and grab mechas compared to how much caution has to be used for assimilators and infectors to capture enemy units. Let's put some strategy back into that...

Teleport cool down seems like fair game to me- if you're dumb enough to teleport near engineers that's what you get. But I can see where an EMP'd mecha's systems are completely shut down, how can you re-program it when it's off?
New Feature Request » re-engineering the EMP » Go to message
A suggestion might be for the EMP to shut the Titans down for the Sapien's round, but not the additional Titan's round.

The Sapien would still get a free attack on the Titans with no counterattack and be able to reposition units. The Titan, however, would be able to move and attack normally in their round.

This would still make it quite effective and useful but wouldn't be further crippling the least mobile race in the game.
New Feature Request » Combatting Loopholes - Improving Speeder abilities... » Go to message
No, it would just mean you have to protect your engineers more than you do now (like the other two "special" units from the other races, which have weaker special powers and can't use them and move in the same turn)

Believe me there would still be plenty of opportunity to use engineers.
New Feature Request » Getting rid of games in the list that were started weeks ago » Go to message
In the "join games" list there are quite a few that show up as being set up as much as 30 days ago. This obviously comes from games that were never started by the host, that the person who joined eventually dropped out of, then they went back to the list.

So, to keep other people from joining games that are never going to start I think either when the person who joined drops out they should be cancelled, or the list should automatically delete games more than (say) 3 days old.
New Feature Request » Combatting Loopholes - Improving Speeder abilities... » Go to message
Everything else you said aside, I have to point out that the speeder resembles an advanced hovercraft. Which is a vehicle that would easily be able to travel over water, even with our primitive technology.

New Feature Request » Team match problem with new rules » Go to message
I agree anonymous shouldn't be able to play rated games. If they should be allowed at all.

However I don't think the vast majority of dropouts could give less of a @#$ about ratings. They aren't the ones who are sticking around to try to climb the ladder, they're the ones who are just sightseeing and trying out the game and then disappearing never to return. Almost every dropout I get is from an anonymous person or from a name I never see again.

I'm not against penalizing dropouts but I doubt it will make much difference. Mostly I want it to be painless to clear the games they dropped out of (as in, get rid of Skip Turn..!)
New Feature Request » Combatting Loopholes - Improving Speeder abilities... » Go to message
Personally I like the idea of making the EMP disabled units immobile but able to return fire if attacked. That would go a long way towards evening things out. The sapien would get a tactical advantage as far as positioning units goes but they wouldn't get to go wail on the Titans without taking damage themselves. That's always seemed like the most unfair part of it all to me.

Speeders being immune is fine with me, but I like Titan-units-can-return-fire idea better if there's any room to consider it.

I love the idea of speeders over water. I'd actually suggest allowing them over water but NOT mountains just to shake things up a bit.

I also suggested somewhere else that assimilators be able to reveal the location of hidden underlings for one turn (and one turn only!) with their UV blast. Since it has such a long recharge time I think this could be a really nice addition and make them just a bit more useful.
New Feature Request » Most under powered / under used units » Go to message
Decent ideas. I think speeder needs a little love. I'd like to see it be able to travel on water as well as ground, actually, though I have no idea if that would screw things up balance wise. It would give Titans a little edge and mobility they don't have now.

The battery is fine in my opinion. Letting it move after attacking would be way too powerful, considering the sapiens already have two units that do that. It's a good unit vs Titans especially backed by engineers and tanks and it's 200 cheaper than a walker which is fair considering it's weaker with less range. It's not used often, but I think that's just because it's a really situational unit that doesn't fit the standard (highly mobile) sapien playstyle-- but it's great to have when you need it, to demonstrate their adaptability.

Swarmers getting a bigger gang-up bonus against all units is a good idea too. I also think they should be dropped to 200. Encourage their ability to "swarm" and make them more viable against hordes of marines and mechas.

Oh, and one other idea I was thinking was for assimilators to identify all buried underlings (within range) for one turn with their UV burst.
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