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New Feature Request » I love to play the Titans... » Go to message
I am logged in, why was the post done with "Anonymous"?

New Feature Request » Scoring algorithm? » Go to message
Will this algorithm be extended in future versions? I think the count of units destroyed/lost (depending on the kind of unit) and bases captured/lost should also be considered.
New Feature Request » LordErtz's Comprehensive Feature List: Essentials Only » Go to message

2. Dedicated "games button" so I dont have to hit menu --> main menu --> my current games --> choose game, when I'm in a game already and want to view another game that's not my turn.

-> Great idea, I also would like this one

6. Ability to view the map before joining a game

-> this makes life definitive easier before joining a game without knowing how the particular map is looking like.

7. Search for games with certain characteristics

-> some filters would really be helpful, like map and time per round
New Feature Request » Search filters for the open games listing » Go to message
A filter per map would also be very helpful.
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