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New Feature Request » Let's bring back the 1000credits/base option! :) » Go to message
Been making new maps and just thinking about this again. Maybe not the 1000cred/base option, how about upping it to 300?
There are default maps that have 250cred bases, and I think in some maps/cases that could be an interesting strategy to have.

What does everyone think?
New Feature Request » limit teleport ability that currently ruins many map layouts » Go to message
Oh man I'm so glad someone brought this up. I completely agree, this ruins/limits many interesting map layouts and restricts creativity.

#3 sounds like a good solution. I'm opened to better ideas also.
General Discussion » Late to the party? » Go to message
  StarryBlink wrote:About Personal Massage. It may create conspiracy in Free For All games.
Or in team game, sometimes it may create hidden teams within the whole team.
Thus I don't agree with this idea.

But I agree it should have an easier way to add friends.

This is a great point.
New Feature Request » Let's bring back the 1000credits/base option! :) » Go to message
Agreed. A better map rating system is much needed...especially for 1v1 ladder maps.
New Feature Request » Let's bring back the 1000credits/base option! :) » Go to message
I know some of you hate the idea but I really think we shouldn't restrict our map making ability too much...or the game itself for that matter, instead I think expanding it will draw more audiences.

Take StarCraft for example, it's got a HUGE user base and why? Because it has games for both the hard core competitor gamer with its ladder games AND it's got capabilities to make 'silly' games as well to appeal to the casual players due to its dynamic map creator. Imagine the appeal of SC if all it's got are the ladder/competitive games/maps, it would have an a lot smaller user base...and it isn't something that we want for Uniwar I believe.

We definitely need a system to categorize the ladder maps vs the non-competitive maps, but I don't think we should strip down the map editor's capabilities.

Just my 2 cents.
New Feature Request » dream teams » Go to message
Infantry class: Underling
Close between underling and marine...but underling wins out for the mobility and burrowing.

Light class: Marauder
Its mobility is unmatched.

Special class: Engineer
Cuz Mecha-IIs are badass.

Air/anti-air class: Garuda
Garuda for actual air(unlike eclipse) and cheaper to build than chopper.

Heavy class: Plasma tank
Toss up between this and Pincer. But the sheer power of the plasma tank wins out.

Artillery class: Wyrm
You can't beat movement plus long range attack on this one. Plus only $550!

Naval class: Destroyer
The king of the sea. Hydro has better range but suffers from 1 less sight and inability to melee.
General Discussion » Sept 10 changes... » Go to message
Like others have mentioned, having played some games with the new and improved battery, I can honestly say that it's a much better unit than before. However, I'm also in agreement that the 650 price tag is still a bit too steep for what it's worth. So I'd vouch for a 600credit new and improved battery also.
New Feature Request » Let's bring back the 1000credits/base option! :) » Go to message
  simsverd wrote: Why do you think it was changed?

...because so many players thought they would make crazy and "cool" maps... that possibly is fun to play once or twice but is hopeless when it comes to balance.

Well it's hopeless if you look at these maps that way, but that's not the point of them anyway. They're just for fun, not balance. I'm playing quite a few maps with 1000/bases with my other 7 friends and we are loving the hell out of them! It's a brawl.

  simsverd wrote:There is actually an issue with map overflow that is not finally solved yet.

Well, as long as there are ways to categorize them, I'm not a believer in deleting/removing maps. We just need to find a way to sort them...ie. ways to show only maps that's been played more than 10 times and rated 50-75% or above, etc. A more powerful sorting system would solve this.
New Feature Request » Different base credits within a single map » Go to message
I've been thinking about this for a while now. How about an update to the editor so that we can assign how much credits a base yields.

For example, I'd like to make maps where the starting bases yield more credits then say the ones that you capture. Or vise versa, what not.

I think it will make interesting maps if we can do this.

What do you guys think?
New Feature Request » Let's bring back the 1000credits/base option! :) » Go to message
First of all, I'm all for sophisticated and balanced ladder maps. Heck, I even made a few myself.
But once every so often, I'd like to make some massive/crazy maps with unlimited resources just for fun.

So how about it? Let's bring back the 1000credits/base feature!
General Discussion » Sept 10 changes... » Go to message
I too agree that the added movement after attack is very interesting...I actually like it. But like everyone else is saying also, the 100credit bump is just a tad too much. Keeping it at 550 would be perfect, but bumping it to 600 is ok too...there's a fine line.
General Discussion » Sept 10 changes... » Go to message
  talone wrote: ?????? ????? ?????? ????. ?????? ??????? - ????? ????? ???????? ????????????. ?????? ????, ????? ???????? ??????, ?? ??? ???????? ? ???????? ?????? ??????????. ? ????? ???????, ???? ?????? ???????.

Tomorrow will be a bad day. Balance sapiens - titan will be destroyed completely. Instead of improving the balance you destroy it. You need not listen to advice amateurs.
I am very disappointed, the game loses interest.

Indeed it will be for all us Uniwarriors.
While I agree, the sapiens - titans balance will be tilted, the change will mostly affect the balance between sapiens - khrals.

Even tho I'm a heavy Khrals player myself, nerfing the Sapiens this way will upset the balance a bit too much I think.

I'm for your idea of buffing the battery but keeping the price at 550credits.
As for the plague buff, either keep it 1 hex, or like the engineers, buffing it to 2 hexes but cannot deliver after movement.
General Discussion » Sept 10 changes... » Go to message
Hi All,
I'm all for balancing and the upcoming changes have me concerned for a few things:

1) Battery -
While buffing it with movement afterwards is perfect for a unit that doesn't get much use in the first place due to the lack of benefits that the other 2 race's long range units have, bumping the price of it to 650 would just render the unit that's not worth the price yet again. I'd be for the buff and keep the price at 550 as I do not think the buff is worth another 100 credits....even a 600 price would be ok.

2) Plague -
Buffing this to 2 hexes could mean death for the Sapiens. Now, with the ease to plague the Sapiens, just think about air battles with choppers that are unable to heal unless you've got engineers. Maybe if we buff the Engineers' movement to 7 that might make it better balanced.

What do you all think?

Also, I'd be for buffing the Plasma Tanks to a 7 movement as well.
New Feature Request » Burrowed Underlings - Cross Ocean. » Go to message
  stormtrooper wrote: Or let sapien Infantry have ability to swim, but only one or two squares.

I actually just detailed my thoughts on this and other new unit ideas on the new units sticky thread.
New Feature Request » OLD POST - Six New Units To Be Created. We Need Your Ideas! » Go to message
Going off on my other thread on burrowed Underlings being able to cross oceans, here are some new units and modified existing units that I came up with:

Modified Underling:
-Able to cross oceans. Movement should be much faster while crossing ocean.
-Able to attack air while on mountains and/or attack air units that use melee attacks(although might not be possible due to limitations of the game?).
The Queen(as in the Alien movies):
-Weaker defense than the Pincer, but fast movement.
-Attack can be a strong hit with it's tail, or acid attack that's weaker but attacks 3 tiles adjacent to it.
Kharl sea unit:
-Attacks with a strong whirlpool 2 hexes surrounding the unit(as in an EMP range). Heavy damage to sea units.

Modified Marine:
-Jet pack enabling marine to cross oceans with cool down. Once activated, can stay in air until you land. The catch is you can't do anything while flying.
-Ground unit able to plant 'bombs' on other units. Bombs can explode right away(killing yourself), or a timer(giving the receiving unit a turn to run from friendly units). Explosion will have splash damage.
Sapiens sea unit:
-Cannot be detected without air units. Heavy damage to other sea units. Slower movement. Once detected, can be sunk easily due to its weak defense.

Hunter Killer(much like the ones from the Terminator movies):
-Air unit; this is mainly to give the Titans an air unit. It is an anti-ground/sea unit with thin to medium armor. Weak vs air. Basically an attack unit with weak defense.
Titan sea unit:
The Goliath:
-Can attack 2 or multiple times/units in 1 turn. Medium damage. Heavy armor but slow movement.
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