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New Feature Request » Three ideas I had... » Go to message
  5200 wrote: I was thinking about the UV and you're right, it could really be improved. Titans are just pretty weak right now. If they can set up a solid wall with a walker or two, great, or if they can spam mechas on an exploit map, great too, but when it comes to straight-up battles they're strangely the weakest race.

So what if the UV took did one point of damage to all as now, but also lowered attack, defense and movement for all enemy units for one turn as well? That could be a good tactical advantage on par with the plague and EMP (and it would be temporary, but could stack with multiple assimilators, so you could really weaken them temporarily for one turn)

This idea isn't bad, you could even rename the ability to "Scream" or something else more evocative of damage that could make you more vulnerable to attack as well as weaker on retaliation.
General Discussion » How you start your games » Go to message
  digimmortal wrote: I think, and i think it will a little controversial, but all the ranked games should be random..... i mean, if some people (and please don't take any offense) are only good at one or two maps with a specific army... then how good are they really are?? And how fair the is the rank up points for beating some one on that map.
Most 'good' online - ranked games eg, Gears of War or Halo have random games (albeit with a veto option)
Food for thought.
As you might have guessed, i only play random games! lol

While my competitive side agrees with you whole-heartedly, there are going to be people out there who could not care any less about their rating, only playing good, fun games. We can figure out who the specialists are and who plays random games easily enough.
Don't get me wrong, I play pretty much 100% random games (with the occasional multiplayer action thrown in) but I will always defend someones right to play a customizable game in the way that is most fun for them.

New Feature Request » Pics to talk » Go to message
It would be nice to be able to upload pics onto posts as that would make illustrating points easier or open up the possibiliy to do play-by-plays of our games on here for others to see and critique.
General Discussion » "Refresh" button and timing out » Go to message
1) If you have a game active you will automatically see when the opponent makes a move if you are in that game when the move is made. You will also be prompted when you are in one game and have a move available in another game.
2) I've had this one go both ways. Sometimes you will encounter people who play sporadically taking hours or days between turns. Other people (like myself right now) are on pretty much all the time and will take their turn within 15 minutes of you. On average games will take 3-5 days to complete, as long as players are actively checking turns every now and then.
3) This answer can vary. When you create a game you can set the time allowed per turn for each player. Also when you go to join a game it will tell you in the description how long you have for your turn. If you join random games the time limit is 72 hours - aka 3 days.
4) You can concede from a game by going to the in-game menu, selecting game options and selecting surrender. Most players will concede when their is a clear winner but others will make you play it all the way out.
General Discussion » How you start your games » Go to message
Mere curiosity here, how do you start your games? By that I mean, through using the "start random game" button or by creating or joining games.
For myself it's near completely random games. After creating/joining some games - and a few times against opponents with a with a high degree of familiarity with the map, i.e. Exile and Land Bridge - I decided to stick with random games as there is more enjoyment in getting to play on all the maps. Some of them I don't like as well as others, some I don't like with certain races, and none have I mastered yet but I feel like I've been able to see how certain things work on a bunch of different maps, which leads to been more comfortable with situations that can come up even on unfamiliar maps.
For the people who predominantly create/join games, how long did it take you to master the map? Or do you also create/join using a variety of maps? If so, do you have favorite maps and least favorites? What about favorite combinations and ones you never want to use again?
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