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Fog of War:
I had to get rid of this. I can’t think of a way to even recreate this; I’m sure that there are some board games that have an element that serves a similar function but I couldn’t see this being worth the hassle. You could I suppose have three different versions of the map, one that is “public” and one for each player that is hidden, but that’s a bit much.

Buried Underlings
This is the one necessary element of the game that I can’t think of a solution. Unless you go with three maps, two of which are hidden, how can you possibly have hidden pieces? Also, buried ant minesweeper is one of the things about the game I hate the most. So frustrating!

My friend (username, Attorney but he hasn’t played in years) came up with the idea to tweak the buried ants a bit. Basically the ant is present on the board but the piece is flipped to represent that it’s buried. And a buried ant is allowed to move only one space per turn and may resurface and attack. Obviously this is a completely different mechanic than exists currently and it’s hard to say how this would play out. Is it too strong, or too weak? Hard to say, but I think it could work quite well!

Playing Pieces and Board:
I went with a few of the simplest two player maps I could find. Just a screencap and then print, onto at an A3 (aka 11 x 17) paper.

For credits, I have a core set of Android Netrunner and the credit chips from that game work quite nicely and really fit the theme well.

For units right now I’m just using circular paper cutouts from a screencap, annoying to move but until I have a good working model I don’t think it’s worth the hassle of spending more time on it. And in order to represent damage I place a d12 next to each unit on the board. That’s a clunky and inelegant solution, and I’m really not sure of a way around it. Maybe there could be a rotating wheel on each unit that would display the hit points? But that’s tough to make.

To make the pieces actually nice:
1) mounted on foil so they stick to the board (idea from Osram III)
2) use the plastic pieces from Starcraft board game
3) design and print out units using the 3D printer at work, or maybe buy a 3Doodler and make pieces myself (my top choice but would take a long time)

To represent base capture, I think that a cool and simple solution is to have the reverse side of the light infantry unit represent the base. So after capturing a base, you flip the unit and there you go, the base is present.

One more on this item...
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This is definitely a draft, and right now like most paper prototypes of games it’s not actually “fun” to play. Just putting it out here to see if anyone can suggest improvements!

Damage Calculations
This was the hardest part of the board game version to figure out. Right now it’s much more random than the app, but I really like the way that I’ve got it down to one table and one d20 per hit point. It’s fun to roll lots of dice, and consulting a table before every move and attack gets tiresome. So I tried to get it down to something manageable.

Here’s the whole thing:

I’m not really much of a math guy but I do like patterns and figuring things out so I spent an afternoon looking at the expected damage of each matchup and was able to reverse engineer what I feel is an acceptable approximation of the damage formula. I checked my work using an android damage calculator app. This gets you close but again much more variation than in the app. The target number (T) is out of 20 and you roll one d20 for every hit point you have. If your roll is equal or less than the target number, it’s a hit.

T = 9 + attack strength - defence strength +- terrain and gangup modifiers.

So for example a Marine attacking a Marine, the typical result will be five damage given when at full strength. Attack strength is 6 and the defence is 5. Put that into the formula and the target number is 10, that is, a fifty percent chance of dealing damage for every hit point, or a predicted 5 hit points of damage when rolling 10 d20s.

I have another version in which I built a much more simplified table of target numbers based on the unit type, but this one still requires many adjustments depending on the individual unit.

Simplified Table

Continued in forum...
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Illuminaughty as Sims said it's known. But the other issue is that it's a bit of a pain to always replay turns until you get the result you want... There isn't that much randomness in the damage given. It's much more time efficient to learn the details of the gang up bonus I think than replay turns.
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Great! Next question... Modding. Any chance we can have access to units? Make our own races? Try out new units? I've built a Uniwar board game so I can try those out but it's just not as fun having to do all the damage calculations on your own...
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I would really love it if there was a way I could view finished games. Maybe just for the final few rounds of a tournament? Because without that the only way I can improve is by playing more. But watching replays would be great.
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Sims great ideas. My only thought is that while those three units will open up all sea maps to all races, and totally changes maps, it could be unfair to Titans on land as they don't get a new land unit. That being said, if the new sap and khral units are light, they would be easily countered by titan speeders eclipse and plasma. Thanks!!

Wondering, before a beta test, do the developers use paper prototypes? That seems to me to be the ideal way to test out new units that could unbalance races. Could also let you try crazy ideas like spawning units or other new abilities.
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What if you only know the username but not the password, and there was never an email associated with the username? Not sure when registered emails were added but I am pretty sure that an old username of mine disappeared. Is there any way to get this account back? Name was "TheSituation". I guess I thought that Jersey Shore was hilarious five years ago...
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I enjoyed it. However the naval turret is only useful in defense as you can't reach the middle with it.

For whatever reason (could be the players) the game was over very quickly. Could be an imbalance in turn order?
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