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If you look at a map, you can usually tell if it's a good one for either race. Mechas are slow but can tele, so they're good for maps such as penninsulas but you can't grab nearby bases early in the game. They have no aerial units, but good antiaircraft. I think that in each map any race has atleast a fighting chance. It's hard to say which map would be good, because any side could be argued at length. Fortunately, they do just that in the 'map specific strategy' section. Also, have you tried doing quicker games?
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Well, seeing as the mecha has only one less attack vs aerial and one more defense, along with it's tele ability it isn't that much of an advantage. Swarmers are low defense, so you are supposed to have some extra defense(hence, swarming) against capture units. Swarmers are they only thing they have a chance against, and that is with the swarmed trapped, alone, and unable to utilize it's range. If you let 3 marines get within attacking range of a swarmer without a comeback then that swarmer is in trouble.
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Thanks nicko.
Thought about infector, best I could come up with:
Mecha infector- good defense and movement, buries, can move well and have good vision underground. No attack, but can use biobomb, 1-3 range and deals plague/light damage. Can infect all adjacent marines and overtake enemy infected marines as well. Devour, leeches decent hp off enemy ground lights. Adjacent units receive +1 defense.
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Something I try once in a while is to block with tanks(more defense and healing than choppers), and building battery units.
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Submerged units-
Titan-submarine, range 2-4, can submerge/resurface, when submerged can attack only aquatic andreceives no retaliation from surface aquatic, can attack all surfaced. Sonar- increases aquatic vision from 4 to 7 and attack range to 5 for one turn. Strong against aquatic, ground heavy.
Sapien- minelayer, range 1-2 similiar to submarine. Releases submerged mine unseen by surface units, does decent damage and stops unit on that space. Aquatic units can detect similiar to buried ground units, submerged units simply see them, submarines must go around them, one turn cooldown. Not very powerful.
Krahlean-kraken, range 1, attack bonus +3 when resurfacing. High mobilty, can bypass mines but cannot stop on without taking damage. Constrict, can hold aquatic unit above it, dealing damage every turn and preventing mobility, when constricted unit or kraken are attacked, hold is released. Can attack ground light without surfacing. Strong against aquatic, ground units, cannot attack aerial.

Further tranformations-
Assimilator can turn infected marine into android, sacrifices assimilator. Android is a biomech in be general shape of a human, good attack/defense, can teleport and UV.
Engineer can turn cyberunderling into cyberengineer, uses engineer, new unit appears on Eng.'s area. Good attack/defense, heals by 3. Keeps EMP and reprogram ability, increased movement.
Kind of stuck on infector/mecha II. Comments
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