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General Discussion » Ethics in a multiplayer game » Go to message
Why yes, I am a lawyer.
General Discussion » Ethics in a multiplayer game » Go to message
Lately I have been getting a guilt trip for teaming up on someone. This strikes me as strange. So I have a few game-ethics questions. Please help me find out if I'm the only one or if this is how everyone plays. I assume everyone is using the same strategies as me, and it's just the victims bitching about their luck, but if I'm the only one I will stop.

1. Is it acceptable to team up, right from the start, against the player with the highest rating? This makes sense for everyone except the highest rated. I figure it does discourage higher-rated players from joining multiplayer games if they know this is going to happen.

2. If you use the chat to talk about who to team up with, does that make it better or worse? I assume it makes it better since they at least know the attack/team-up is coming. But I get yelled at in chat for suggesting it. Some of the victims seem to think it's only appropriate to team up where it happens "naturally."

3. Doesn't it make sense to team up when it is down to 3 players left? I get yelled at for suggesting it sometimes. But of course you want to team up, right? Is there anyone who thinks we all just have a moral obligation to fight a two-front war once it's down to 3 players left?
Khraleans » Defeated opponent has buried unit » Go to message
Well, that answers my question. Thanks. He must have resurfaced during the turn I was taking the base knowing that was the only way for him to survive.
Khraleans » Defeated opponent has buried unit » Go to message
I had a game recently that kind of scared me. I was playing a real wanker who wouldn't surrender in Hurtgen Forest. I captured his base and killed all above-ground units. But he had one captured underling that was buried. After I killed his above-ground units and took his base, the buried unit popped up on opponent's next turn. Was he forced to do this? Is this the game's defense against keeping one buried unit and never losing?
Khraleans » Anyone use plague? » Go to message
I have never used plague even once. I always prefer to infect Marines rather than plague. Does anyone use plague? What's the best way to do it?
Khraleans » Khraleans. Youre favorite khralena unit and why » Go to message
My favorite is Wyrm because it's so cheap AND can move/attack AND can fight back at range 1. Second favorite is underling.
General Discussion » 1500 spam » Go to message
No, they're not spammers. Actually they can be quite helpful. I got into a game with one of them and started a conversation on chat, and it turned out he was a deposed king of a country in Africa and he needed my help. I am giving him $5,000 to help him transfer money into the USA and then he's going to give me over $5 million. Pretty sweet deal!
Tournaments » Tournament........64 slots...CANCELLED...SEE NEW TOURNEY » Go to message
T2-LawHawk. I'm in.
Tournaments » Quick tournament discussion » Go to message
  nfong wrote: Lawhawk I know that you're already in the 16 person tourney, so I was wondering if you'd like to join the 64 person one?

Yes, definitely. I'm a little worried about being able to keep track of logging in with three different usernames/passwords but I will give it a shot.
Tournaments » Map Choice for Round One » Go to message
Gotta go Dead Monk for round 1!
Tournaments » Quick tournament discussion » Go to message
Thank you to whoever thought of using the new usernames to prove wins rather than screenshots. The screenshots thing was going to be a big problem for me and my non-root Android phone.
Tournaments » Quick tournament! CANCELED!!! » Go to message
Username T1-LawHawk.

forest walk
gold rush
Tournaments » New tournament anytime soon? » Go to message
My vote for the six would be:
1. Dead Monk
2. Marshes
3. Chato Hill
4. The Bog
5. Jungle
6. Forest Walk

No naval in there, not sure if it would be a priority to work that in. Maybe replace Marshes with Piriapolis.
Tournaments » New tournament anytime soon? » Go to message
Hey folks. A few questions and comments:

1. Are all welcome to join, even with low rating? I'm hovering around 1600 which I know is lame but I'd love to participate.

2. Screenshots? I don't even know how to do that. Maybe that's an iPhone versus Android thing (I'm using Android). Is that a feature in the game?

General Discussion » No single-player games other than 1v1? » Go to message
Stupid question - is there no way to have a single-player game that's anything other than 1v1? I started out on the campaign, then played more single-player to get good, then moved to multiplayer. I love multiplayer but I do miss being able to play constantly for 10 minutes, put down the phone for 10 hours, then play constantly for 10 minutes again whenever I want. But single player has gotten too easy! Isn't there a way to do free for all or 2v1 single player so I don't have to wait for other players?
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