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Khraleans » Why does our navy suck so bad » Go to message
Because, like most Khralean units, they are designed to be used en masse.

Garuda can't hold its own against Helicopters. But get a swarm of Garudas versus some Helis of the same cost, and you got yourself a pretty interesting battle there.

Swarmers can barely scratch most of the units in the game. But get two, and, in one turn without any counterdamage, you can take down infantry trying to capture a base or walkers/batteries that are trying to outrange you.

It's the same thing with Leviathans. Hydronauts and Destroyers destroy Leviathans in 1v1 duels, but a group of Leviathans should have the advantage (more hp because more units, and sheer damage) of a group of Hydros/Destroyers of the same cost.
General Discussion » Why capture bases in 1st turn? » Go to message
Wow, this reminds me of the White-black imbalance in Chess. Except here, there's a concrete credit advantage. I like all the ideas of rebalancing it. Due to the messed up random-game-matchmaking, I always go first when I play random games, so I'm incredibly used to playing as blue. On close maps, it really sucks. (I tend to lose quite a bit on these ones, especially if it's me playing as Khral vs. Saps or Khral vs. Khral) On larger maps, the credit advantage is less noticeable, as the turn advantage does balance it out a bit.
General Discussion » What is accepted behaviour when one half of team is removed? » Go to message
Well, seeing as how all team games are unrated now, you might as well resign if you don't feel like being roflstomped by a team with an obvious advantage. On the other hand, there's no real point for your opponents not to be a good sportsman and just offer peace. If you haven't already talked to them, you should do it, and if they don't resign, well, let them boost their own inflated self-ego. It might not look like good sportsman conduct, but there's no rule that says "Thou shalt accept peace in a team game if one of your opponents resign in Uniwar."
Titans » A Uniwarrior's Guide to the Titans...or something like that. » Go to message
I might start picking up Titans to enrich my Uniwarrior experience, but I'm most concerned about facing Khraleans. I usually play Khraleans, and Underling/Swarmer spam with some Pinzers (+2 heal allows it to blockade any Titan advance while the Khral player gets Underlings ready. Oh, and I forgot to mention that Underlings can damage every single Titan unit within range) can kill Titans on most non-aquatic games. On Aquatic maps, Hydronauts pose a real threat, but Khraleans should still have a decent advantage.
Khraleans » Khraleans Unite! » Go to message
What rank are you, lol? Sapiens are very hard on small maps with close bases - Marine spam + some Maruders (if the Sap player sees you build nothing but Garudas) or Helis. Infectors are good against Marines, but it's only safe to build them later in the game, while Saps can roflstomp you early game. Pinzers are too expensive to build early game as well (helics can come in to seriously harass them), though they are sometimes useful if you get them out at the right time.

I've had success against Saps mostly on large, less land-based maps, where I can Garuda spam effectively without Marines poking at me everywhere. In these larger maps, you can also build some Infectors and Pinzers safely. (Stingers and Underlings can also be used to probe enemy Batteries)
Khraleans » Swarmers » Go to message
I know that, but sometimes the gang-up bonus can add an extra point of damage if you're lucky, which helps given that Swarmers only deal more than decent damage on Ground Lights. However, it's usually better to use Swarmers melee with flanking on both sides against opposing Swarmers/Wyrms/Leviathans/Dest royers/Eclipses.
General Discussion » Push notifications working!!! » Go to message
Heh, now I don't have to go in and open up the app just to see if I have new games. I sincerely hope Uniwar gets better ratings/review and more people come back to the game. (right now, its rating makes it look like like a bad free app)
Khraleans » Swarmers » Go to message
After playing a few dozen random rated games these past weeks (and boosting my rating a few hundred points so I don't look like a complete noob), I'm finding that I'm building Swarmers against all three races, which is rather ironic given that I never used Swarmers (instead I saved up for Garudas and Wyrms) before I created this thread. Against Saps, I can harass their marines and helicopters a bit, although if I'm not careful my Swarmers can get hurt really bad. Against Khrals, it's pretty obvious - Swarmer rush usually wins, although I tend to mix a couple of Garudas in there to counter an opposing Garuda-spammer. Against Titans, the Swarmer is great to peek at their bases and harass Walkers as much as possible. It's also a great way to elicit the building of eclipses - I can simply move my Swarmers back a bit and build Pinzers/Wyrms/Underling spam.

Most importantly though, the Swarmer is freakin' cheap. It can harass units (with gang-up for potentially greater damage) without them attacking back (at least on our turn), it can scout while saving the 100 extra needed for a Garuda, and it can finish off low-health units without getting hurt. Swarmer is usually what I build when I need a unit for a battle ASAP but don't have enough for anything past a Garuda.

Thanks for your support in helping me find the use of Swarmers, everyone!
Khraleans » Khrals vs Titans in DeadMonk » Go to message
Huh, I personally try to plop down a pinzer ASAP while fitting underlings in between (to at least try to screw with any Walkers they build). As long as you position your buried underlings correctly to beat the crap out of their walkers, your Pinzers should be able to hold off any land units easily.

Still, I have to try a non-Pinzer Wyrm/Swarmer spam, because Walkers are just a pain the general arse on this map.
Khraleans » Khral vs. Saps large airial battles » Go to message
Marine spam is by far the main reason Khrals can't rely on Garuda spam against Saps. Recently, my best try against Saps is mixing in some Swarmers with my Garudas - they can repel a few marines here and there and deal a bit of damage to helis. The main issue is that both helis and marines (espeically on mountains) cripple a Swarmer, and the Swarmer just can't repair back up like the Garuda.

However, on maps with lots of water, Khrals stand a chance due to Marines' inability to help much. I just make sure my Garudas can double team as much as possible. Destroyers are something to watch out for though on some maps, though I tend to focus fire on those things as long as I don't lose more than 2 whole garudas (retreating weak Garudas and plopping 10h Garudas in front of the weak ones works great to bring those garudas back up).
General Discussion » Making a balanced 4vs4. » Go to message
Yeah, as I said, there is indeed a correlation between rating and playing strength. Again, good luck!
General Discussion » Push notifications working!!! » Go to message
Somehow, it happened. I have 15-20 games running on a daily basis, so when my phone started vibrating every once in a while, I knew something was up. Then, I saw he uniwar app had badges, even though I ended turn on all ges before I quit the app! I have alerts turned off for all of my apps, so those vibrations could only mean one thing - uniwar has push notifications again. Anyone else have similar experiences?
General Discussion » Making a balanced 4vs4. » Go to message
Unfortunately, rating =/= playing strength. Sure, there is a correlation (which shouldn't be surprising), but using rating as a way to balance games doesn't mean the game will be balanced. Of course, it's really hard to balance games in uniwar, so best of luck with your idea.
Bug Reports » Push notifications not working on iPhone 4 / Uniwar 1.3.0 » Go to message
Same here. I now have to manually check the app every now and then to see if it's my turn. However, if you open the app, refresh the current games, and have at least game where it's your turn, the badge pops up.
What's New in the Latest Updates » v1.2.1 for Android and iPhone (waiting AppStore approval) » Go to message
No replies?? This is, in my opinion, the best graphical update as of yet, and it enticed me to come and play Uniwar again. I mean seriously, it adds some spice to the previously bland blue menus!
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