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General Discussion » Titan race need help!!! » Go to message
I don't think hitting buried units with the UV would really be that much of a help. I do like the idea of giving assimilators better defense, but what I think would really do it would be to have teleported mechas available the turn after teleporting. Right now, teleport rushing isn't a very viable strategy as it allows your opponents two turns to respond. If the teleported units became active at the beginning of your next turn, you would be able to use them much more aggressively.
New Feature Request » Canceling and/or redoing an entire turn » Go to message
It's true that if you have not yet submitted your turn with the end turn button that you can "reset" your turn and do everything over again. One of the advantages to doing this is that you can send units far out to scout the enemy, then retract the moves and put them in proper fighting positions.
I can't speak for Android, but on iOS it is possible (with some small difficulty) on all devices and very easy on jailbroken devices.

Yes, a possible solution to this kind of cheating is to remove the advantage it offers by giving that ability to everyone. However, I don't think that's the best solution in this case. The best thing to do, IMO, is to combat the cheating. For example, you could have the game synchronize it's state with the server every minute or so, or after every time the user moves a piece. This would reliably stop the cheating as long as they play while connected to the internet. If they get the game's state from the server and then disconnect themselves (even unintentionally) from the internet, the game state would only be saved on the device and could easily be reset. This is easily solved by requiring an internet connection just to move a piece, and having the game wait for confirmation from the server before revealing the new line of sight or assigning damage. A constant connection isn't that much to require for a mobile game which needs internet to load anyway.

TLDR: In this case, it is better and easier to combat the cheating than to remove the opportunity for cheating. You are right, however, that it isn't fair for some players to be able to do this and not others. So, if the devs don't fix this soon (or tell us that it's coming in an update) I'll post here again with instructions on how to reset your turn.
Sapiens » Tank Air power » Go to message
I agree with you about giving pinzers and tanks air damage, and about the battery's range.
My point about the heli was that it was more comparable in price and power to the pinzer and plasma than the tank was, and that we shouldn't assign unit strengths based on what they look like they should do.

Also, it's Lantry, I just stupidly forgot to capitalize it when I made my account
Sapiens » Tank Air power » Go to message
Don't compare the tank to the plasma and pinzer, compare the heli to the pinzer and plasma. I see the tank as being in the same tier as the eclipse.
I group the units in tiers based more on cost and comparable power/useage, and I counter pinzers with helis and eclipses with tanks.
General Discussion » The Random Damage Factor » Go to message
I agree with curmudgeon, the luck adds a little flavor. If I wanted to play chess, I would play chess.
General Discussion » Units leveling up to 11/12 HP? » Go to message
You guys are spot on in how the extra health affects damage and defence. As for acquiring this extra hp, each unit has it's own kill count, and it gets a certain amount of "experience" for killing enemy units. The amount of experience gained for each kill is directly proportional to the cost of the unit being killed, iirc, so a plasma tank killing a marine gets 100 xp, and a marine killing a plasma tank gets 500 xp. Note that only the unit which actually deals the final blow gets the xp. Once a unit has enough xp, it will "level up". The amount of xp needed to level up is proportional to the cost of the unit. For example, a marine (cost of 100) only requires a few hundred xp to level up, whereas a plasma tank (cost of 500) needs much more xp before it will level up. I am not sure of the exact values, but I believe the amount needed to level up is somewhere between 3 and 5 times the unit's cost.

Short answer: the amount of xp awarded for a kill is the cost of the unit that was killed. the amount of xp needed to level up is proportional (around 3 to 5 times) to the cost of the leveling unit.
New Feature Request » Project Evolve-A Community Driven Evolution » Go to message
  simsverd wrote: On the bright side .. there will probably come a browser version (PC) not so long in the future

I forgot to mention that in my ideas, but that is like my number one top request. A PC version of Uniwar would open up so much possibility!
What's New in the Latest Updates » HD version 1.5 with map editor released » Go to message
As I understand it, it is much easier to release and update apps on the android market. The app store, on the other hand, has a lengthy approval process where you have to submit it to apple for testing and such, which means updates and new releases will always come first for non-apple customers :\
User Generated Maps » ABYSS2 » Go to message
that looks intense :D good idea forcing the players to keep their ships within striking range.
General Discussion » Why do WYRMS have same attack range as my WALKERS? » Go to message
  TonyJ wrote: Could that race be anymore overpowered?... God. Massive mobility, can bury, swarmers (250) require eclipses(400), which can't scratch pincers. Build Plasma Tanks only to get boned by Wyrms. Sapiens stand even less of a chance.

This race lacks "Ariel attacks" on it's ground units? Helicopter only non Khral ariel unit and it can be thwarted by 3 different units on Bug race. So sick of this disgustingly strong race

I can only laugh at this, no offense. I have felt the same way many times, with each race equally in turns. It usually looks that way when you are playing someone much better than yourself, as each race has certain strategies it works best with, as well as strategies effective against the strategy the enemy race works best with. It's just a matter of learning what works and what doesn't.
New Feature Request » Project Evolve-A Community Driven Evolution » Go to message
Another Idea I had: more game modes.
currently we just have Deathmatch/Team Deathmatch, where you fight it out towards the end. The game would greatly benefit from some additional modes to play.
-Survival: players start with a certain amount of credits, and bases don't produce credits. The winner is the one with the most efficient army.
-King: each team has a "king" unit, which the other team must kill.
more suggestions for gamemodes welcome!
New Feature Request » Project Evolve-A Community Driven Evolution » Go to message
- Dynamic visibility (see farther when standing on mountains, etc.)
Further explanation: a ground unit standing on a plains would not be able to see past adjacent mountains, a ground unit standing on a mountain would be able to see a bit farther, basically making the lines of sight more realistic. This would add a lot more depth to the strategy in this game by allowing players to sneak units around, and by making certain ground even more valuable. Ofc, air units would be (mostly?) exempt from these visibility rules, as they can simply fly over things.

- Chat to players team/global before a game starts
allow the players to chat with each other, so that teams can set up plans, hosts can establish unofficial rules, and much more.

- Possibility to reject invitations
Currently the only way to reject an invite is to accept the invite, then drop out of the game right away.

- Separate ladder for team and 1v1 games
pretty straightforward. Different people are good at different things, and it should be charted this way.

- Show in chatlog who skipped who, who asked for peace, who rejected, etc.

- Categorize players as "trustworthy" the same way as you add "friends". Then show this in profile (number of recommendations)

- Ability to save recordings of online matches
after the match is saved, one of the options will be to save a recording of the game. This would be very useful in discussing strategy and evaluating the balance of the races/units, especially if there is a way to share it online so that everyone can look at them. Perhaps a simple web applet that could load and run recordings?
New Feature Request » OLD POST - Six New Units To Be Created. We Need Your Ideas! » Go to message
Bah Humbug!

I don't think any new air units should be added. I like the "flavor" that having no air units gives to the titans, and I think that the air units are all good with the other races (except heli - they need like one less defence so two garudas can get em instead of three).

I think a new sea unit could be added, because sea battles are usually just slugfests where the winner is whoever pours more credits into sea units. However, I don't think that this new unit should be some sort of submarine thing with all sorts of special abilities. The new unit should be some sort of "cruiser", i.e. a small, fast ship with range of 1 or 2 that can quickly jump in and out of the fray. With the addition of a new unit, the existing ones would also have to be modified.

I know that adding units is exciting and all, but that buzz will quickly wear off if units are hastily added and fit the game poorly as a result. Also, uniwar, as a mobile game, deals with severely limited screen space and should strive to be fairly simple and clean. That said, The area I trust these devs the most is in gameplay, so they should do a pretty good job ;)
Guides & Tips » General tip: Counterattacks are OP » Go to message
I don't think swarmers are as broken as most people think. I have had good results by countering them with mostly garudas and a handful of swarmers.
New Feature Request » Map Editor allows neutral bases. » Go to message
I didn't pick a single one, because they should all be added. Cmon, you can't add neutral bases? wth were the devs thinking? This should be common sense stuff, it makes it look like they don't test this stuff at all.
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