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Frequently Asked Questions » Random Games and magnifier » Go to message
Hello there. Just two questions:

1. I recently invited a friend to an unrated game on Fortresses, which is a massive map. He says he has a magnifier - but I do not. Is there a reason 2nd Gen iPod Touches don't have it? I know we used to when the game first came out.

2. I believe I asked you about this one in game, Xavi. I asked about why I was being put into random games when I wasn't available to them, and you told me it happens when you set up a random game. That, I understand. However, recently I set up a random game and was then put into 3 random games I had no hand in. I'm just curious why I was put into 3 when I only made 1. A 1:1 ratio would make sense, but 1:3...?

Please and thank you ^_^
General Discussion » Units leveling up to 11/12 HP? » Go to message
  Wrath Of Sid wrote: That's one thing I don't quite get either. What are the effects of the level up bonus? Is it just health or damage and defence as well?

The amount of HP your unit has determines how much damage they deal. 10 = 100% of your attack score, for example (no, I'm not sure if that means that 5hp = 50%...but I imagine so). So if a unit is able to exceed 100% hp to 11 or 12, they can deal much more damage. Kralux explained it to me when I first saw it close to when the game first came out. I'd just invite the dev to a game to ask them a question specifically.

But I'll set up a game with a friend and experiment.
New Feature Request » Fixing Titan-Sapien balance » Go to message
Well, this is coming from a pretty old member of Uniwar lol.

But I agree that Sapiens, at least vs. Titans, could use some kind of adjustment.

I've made suggestions...a lot of them, through the times, but none have really been implemented. I like some of your ideas man, and you'd probably enjoy some of the ones I have given in the forums, but the devs are pretty staunch in their decisions.

It kinda broke my heart when the heli's and engineers were nerfed. I loved having those abilities, and playing against them. But you could lump me in the group of people who find titans as a race, overpowered.

But -shrug- such is life.

If they ever revisit the idea of Uniwar2, though...I'd love to see some of my ideas implemented (carrier units, etc...there's a thread somewhere).

Enough random rambling though
General Discussion » Developer Support? » Go to message
Hey, I've not been on the forums for awhile but I'm still playing daily. I'm just curious what is up with the developers...it seems like they're a lot more reserved from the community than they used to be =/ If Kralux or Xavi would be willing to let me know...that'd be awesome.

General Discussion » @Kralux, rolando, & xavi » Go to message
Hey guys, I'm finally on again after close to a broken 6/7 month break (iPod issues).

First: I dig the most recent update, very nice indeed, especially the damage previews.

Second: I was just wondering if there were any updates to be heard on Uniwar 2. I remember chatting with Kralux in a game about an idea I had on Uniwar earlier this year (like...January? I think). So I was just curious where it stood at as of now, if we uniwarriors were allowed to know.

General Discussion » Surrendering Etiquette » Go to message
I don't know about others, but I surrender when they've got me down to a base and are probably getting annoyed that I'm still fighting, so I say "Good game." etc. and go. Other than that, I fight to the the finish usually.

As for the scenarios, I don't blame you at all for the first one, I only do team matches with reliable friends I make through 1v1 games, (revZloco, Insignia, Nixflix, Fortunato are a few if you'd like to play with them) because people I don't really know might suck as a team mate with working together, or just neglect the game.

As for the other one, I disagree. You should've fought it out. But I don't blame ya, I've had the same happen. But I managed to win one of those games
Guides & Tips » Vision Trick! » Go to message
I don't like that trick, it's cheap.
I try to play fairly.
New Feature Request » Quintus Map Change » Go to message
iPods's still broken...but I wanted to publish this request I made awhile back in a game with Kralux.

Quintus is probably my favorite map, but the white player has no starting unit to capture a base with while everyone else has 1. Can we change this please? It's really unfair, and might help offset the ability of the red player to win so easily. Personally, I've never seen a game where red didn't win, or come extremely close to it without everyone teaming up against him.

Just a thought...
Guides & Tips » Uniwar Pop Quiz » Go to message
Ok, hold on, if there's a buried underling that's under any terrain other than mountains and not surrounded by other units, then the marauder feature will work. If it's under a mountain, it won't.
The UV thing would work regardless as long as it DOES affect buried underlings.
Unfortunately, I can't check, because my iPod broke.
Guides & Tips » Uniwar Pop Quiz » Go to message
Yes, just use the UV feature of the Assimilator.
Or does it not affect buried underlings?
Or, you could use marauders to move on top of it, move off, then repeat with another or more in the same turn.
Unless it's surrounded by pinzers or something XD

But yeah, it's possible.
General Discussion » My apologies » Go to message
Hey guys, this is directed at anyone who I was in a game with, especially revzloco who was my partner in a few. A few days ago my iPod broke and I've yet to get it repaired or get a new one. That's why I haven't been on.
I'm sorry if it seemed like I just bailed, but I didn't. I'll be back once I get the issue resolved.
Sorry again
General Discussion » Ranking Poll: Separate Ranking for 1 vs. 1 and Team matches? » Go to message
Yo, anonym, I don't cheat man. My rating is like...1820 I wanna say? But I've lost as many games as I've won. I don't know how to cheat, nor do I care for it. It's just dumb.
I do like the highest ranking feature though! Good suggestion!
New Feature Request » UniWar 2 Suggestions » Go to message
I meant to say that the Infector could naturally produce an acid.
The bog thing was another idea to give the support units another quality...building defenses of a sort. Marines - mines, infector - poisonous bog, Titans - umm....walls?.
See...I'm not clear on the idea yet lol, just ignore it.

Kralux! How often do you guys read these things?
New Feature Request » UniWar 2 Suggestions » Go to message
Or...you could just retain the engineer and infector.
Give the engineer an insecticide of sorts.
The infector could produce bog spaces on the field perhaps...like turn the plain space into a bog of sorts from it's...juices?
The assimilator already affects both races lol

I REALLY hope the put submarines in it like Kralux mentioned in a match with me. That'd just be wicked.

Hmm...what about...different types of bases on land? Like...ones that had to be fought for? I mean, like one with fortified walls, that the enemy would have to tear down to capture. Or ones with the availability of a self-defense? Like, perhapsfor the Titans, some of their bases could utilize a shockwave of sorts that affected any units within range and would damage them slightly. This would help with the Marauder not being the only unit to take out a capturing unit.
Krhaleans...hmm...like, maybe tentacles underlying the ground near the base? They just seem to be more biologically based...so something like that.
But have a cooldown for all of them.

Or...just something to get the bases not just be something to be captured, but something to fight (in a sense) with.
OOOOH!!! Why not have a "Mobile Fortress"? A unit that could transport other units? Or not even that, just a transport unit! A truck for the sapiens that could hold...4? Marines? An organism that could "house" Underlings, or even give birth to them. And then...a dropship or something for the Titans? OH!
The titans transporter could utilize their teleport abilities to deploy them within a "range" of it's own location (and maybe not have a stunned penalty? Or a shortened one (enemies turn, but not yours?), while the Marines had to deal with a 1 tile option.
The Khralean's unit could bury underground and deploy them as such!
And they could both have a limit on how many they could carry! Like...not 4, but 2 or 3. That'd be a way to make them different, but have their benefits and such.

...sorry...I got going with my ideas again. lol
I'll have more as the release date gets closer...but I know that isn't for awhile lol
Just saying!
New Feature Request » Interesting balance suggestion » Go to message
Then it would be useless against the Khraleans air units. Unless you had a good amount of them.
Which...wouldn't happen lol. I think it's fine where it is, good suggestion though. I still have an issue taking on Khralean players using Garudas and Swarmers with my helis...I can't figure out a way to take them on. I usually use marines to damage them, then bring in the helis, then heal, etc.
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