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  blight111 wrote:
  talone wrote:
If you get unfair game, write in chat "unfair! " and offer to draw peace. If your opponent don't want to draw, write his name here. We should know this shameful heroes

got random game on Wildplains. I play blue Khraleans. FOREFALL play red Sapiens.
I say unfair and ask for peace. FOREFALL refuses twice.

Now when did you ask? I often have players asked late into the game when I've already beaten them and they had the game in their favor. If you ask within the first 3 turns I'll give you peace, but any later I probably wont.
Khraleans » Garudas » Go to message
Personally, I think its balanced. If you can get a +2 or +3 gang up they are most likely to die, and 1 Helicopter + 2 Marines = 2 Garudas. In price and in actual usefulness. That fight really just depends on who gets the initial attack and the terrain. The garuda air attack used to be higher, but was lowered because of balance issues.
Technical Support Questions » Rated Games: No points added » Go to message
If there is a 400+ point difference you may not gain points, if there is a 500+ point difference you will not gain points. It also depends on how many times you've played that player.
Khraleans » How to fight burrowed underlings » Go to message
Now here is where the real skill comes in, you have to be good enough to stop them from popping up and destroying the blocking units. Swarmers often come in, kill the mecha by a walker, and then you can get it down to almost no health. Its rather simple and quite effective. Make sure to watch for any possible attacks similar to it.
Guides & Tips » cheat! players can see buried units! » Go to message
They can get attack bonuses once they pop up, and they can't be damaged. They are some 1337 pro ninjas. The little yellow number is the number of buried units adjacent to the unit. So if you learn to play minesweeper, you can no almost all their locations.
General Discussion » Three islands loophole » Go to message
No, I've played this before too. This match is about the skill. He only uses the bot so that he can get points and play a wider variety of players. If there were only 3 players that you could play rated against what would you do? Prestige is one of the most skilled players in the game, don't bish about it when you lose.

Prestige isn't Rainbow, I promise.
Khraleans » How to fight burrowed underlings » Go to message
If you want to kill them, you can use speeders to do quite a bit of damage by rotating them through. While that is an interesting strategy, its not useful. I recommend a bit of weak unit spams, some heavy units, and if your Titans get in a few Assimilators.
If your smart, you can learn to play Minesweeper and know their exact location.
General Discussion » Blackberry Bold 9700 » Go to message
As long as you have arrow keys and a select button this game could definitely work. I thought it did...
General Discussion » NEEDS A BLOCK LIST, NOW. » Go to message
I don't want a block list, I want a mute option... Bcay for example...
General Discussion » Mafia » Go to message
A random number generator is used to assign roles, not all are used, but thats what makes it interesting. I usually post what roles have been assigned, but not to who. The naming comes from elementsthegame.com. Pretty fun game once you actually understand it.
General Discussion » Mafia » Go to message
The first part of my post was cut off, but the way the game works:

Mafia is a game. It is played in real life, and from that, we have derived an internet-friendly version that is playable here on the forums. That's right, here's the game you all know and hate. Except now the rules have been changed, so you can hate it even more!

The Rules:

Objectives: There are two sides: the false gods (FG's) and the innocents. The innocents win by lynching the FG's and the FG's win by killing the innocents.

Process: This game consists of rounds. Each round lasts two days. There are two parts to a round: the day phase and the night phase. The day phase lasts the entirety of the round in the online version. The night phase is instant and consists of the host declaring who was lynched and who was killed, along with any other events that need mentioning. During the day phase, players vote on who will be lynched that round. There will always be someone chosen for lynching. Ties will be broken by a random number generator. Also, if a player has a special ability that requires them to PM the host in order to use it, they do this during the day phase (seeing as the night phase is instant and all).

PMing: Players are free to PM whoever they want. However, quoting another player's PM is not allowed (unless you are sending it to the host), nor can you ask another player about what the host PMed them (you can ask them what their identity is, but nothing about the PM sent to them). Also, when you are killed in the game, you may no longer PM or post in the thread. The only exception to this is the ghost's ability, which will be described shortly.

NOTE: Zalcore and I will most likely be hosting this. Thesethread if you want to play.

Mod-Killing: Any player in violation of the rules will be mod-killed. Also, any player inactive for two rounds in a row will be mod-killed.

Players: These players each have a primary role and a secondary role. Both roles are only known to you at the start of the game (except for the FG's, who know each other's primary roles).
General Discussion » Mafia » Go to message
Primary Roles: The game has four primary roles: Civilians (x), False Gods (x (number of people signed up divided by 5 rounded down)), a Seer, and a Doctor.

Civilian: The ordinary person. This primary role brings no special ability or benefit. You simply get to vote.

False God: The "evil" person. These players begin the game knowing each other so that they can communicate through PM's. Each round, they agree upon who to target and PM this information to the host. Their target will be killed during that round's night phase (unless somehow saved). PM's should have a primary and a backup target, in case the primary target is lynched. The FGs may not oust eachother under any circumstances. If an FG is found to be doing this, they should be reported to either myself,or the host, and they well be banned from the game, and the following game of Mafia.

Oracle: The "seer." This player may discover the identity of a player every other round. The seer PM's the name of the target player to the host and the host will reveal the information to the seer. The information includes both the primary and secondary roles.

Guardian Angel: The "doctor." This player may select a person every other round. If the target player is targeted by the FG's that same round, that player is not killed. The doctor should PM the target's name to the host. It is also asked that you include a backup target in case your primary target is lynched.

Secondary Roles: The game has fifteen secondary roles. These are randomly distributed between each player at the start of the game.

Purple Nymph: Chooses a player each round. That player's voting power is inverted. This ability is used by PMing the host the name of the target player. Not permanent.

Gambler - Chooses two players every other round. One player‘s role is revealed to the other (it‘s random). The gambler does not get this information. This ability MUST be used when available. This ability is used by PMing the host the names of the two target players.

Chimera - You get a different secondary ability between {Gambler, Purple Nymph, Priest, Con Artist, Wyrm, Mind Flayer, Crusader} each round. This will be PM'd you by the host. If you get crusader and you use it, you will give Chimera to the other player.

Priest - May choose a player every other day. If the targeted player is ever targeted by the FG's, the one that used the priest ability on that player knows. This ability is used by PMing the host the name of the target player.

Con Artist - May switch one player’s vote every other round. This ability is used by PMing the host the name of the target player.

Wyrm - Target player's vote counts twice. Not permanent. This ability is activated by sending a PM to the host.

The "Witness" - May save one person from being lynched during the game. Your role is revealed when you do this. You can’t use this power on yourself. This ability is used by PMing the host the name of the target player. You may include more than one player's name.

Mind Flayer - Negates one player’s ability every other turn. This ability is used by PMing the host the name of the target player.

Crusader - Endows the target player's secondary ability. Target player's secondary ability becomes Endow. This ability is used by PMing the host the name of the target player.

Fallen Elf - Randomly reassigns a person’s secondary ability. This ability is used by PMing the host the name of the target player. This ability may be used every round.

Immortal - Automatically saved from death once per game.

Vulture - Vote power starts at 0 and increases by a half each time a person dies.

Armagio - Can sacrifice self to save another person from death. Does target a player, you simply say if you want to save the lynched person or the mafia hit person. If the targeted player was also targeted by the doctor, the armagio still becomes the intended target and dies. If the doctor targeted the armagio instead, the armagio is saved, as well as the person the FG's targeted. However, this ability can not be turned off. You can change your target.

Shrieker - Can burrow, halving his vote power. When burrowed, it can't be targeted by secondary abilities. This ability is used by PMing the host. Can see the identity of other burrowed players.

Virus - Can sacrifice self, killing target player. This ability is activated by sending a PM to the host.

Remember, secondary roles have nothing to do with primary roles.

Some secondary activated skills notes: This does not apply to primary roles. You may only use one activated skill per round. If you use your activated skill and your skill is changed later during that round into another skill that requires activation, you may not activate that skill until the next round. If your activated skill is changed before you used it, you may use the new one that round. If your activated ability was used in the previous round and you can only use it every other round and your ability is changed, you can use the new ability this round (even if it happens to be the same ability). If you used the priest's ability in a previous round, you still get the information that you would get even if your ability is changed. If you used the armagio's ability and your ability is changed, you still have the "gravity pull" status, because it can not be turned off. By saying "no lynch" you cast a vote for yourself, and it will be treated as two.So vote or die.
Hopefully I covered everything...

That should be everything you need to know in order to play the game.
Khraleans » Swarmers » Go to message
The gang up for aerial units is exactly the same as land units. If you attack with swarmers from a range, no matter what you will only get +1. If you get right up on them you can get +2 and +3 for gang up bonus.
Khraleans » Khraleans Unite! » Go to message
It was antimatter, but it got changed. Sapiens have become rather simple to beat. Garudas, Infector, and a couple Pinzers.
Tournaments » Uniwar Unofficial 2v2 Single Elimination 2011 Tournament » Go to message
Me and Nixflix are in as one team. Do you need me to setup a bracket? Also, we really should do best of three. It wouldn't be hard if all the players are just semi-active.
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