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Tournaments » TP Semi Final Match1Game 1 The Wall vs Sdrawde(Finished) » Go to message
Thanks for the posts. Great fun watching the strategy as two great players square off.
General Discussion » Race selection: an important part of the strategy » Go to message
Thanks for a great strategy game.

One of the key strategy elements is selecting the right race for a given map, or the right set of races on a multi-player map.
Random games remove this element of strategy from the game. Sadly, this often leads to pairings where one side cannot lose, and the other cannot win. These battles are not interesting to either player. Lion's post on balancing racial disadvantages on maps with credit differentials is a good idea (See "No balance at all" post).

Additionally, please consider making the selection of race the first turn in a random game, or creating a more strategic version of random games, in addition to the current implementation, where selection of race is your first move. This approach could also be applied to random multi-player games. The best aspects of random games, random opponents and random maps, are retained while adding an important strategy decision, the selection of race.

While in some maps, it is an advantage to know which race blue will play. On most maps, it is more important to have races that can take advantage of the terrain. This should lead to fewer battles with a guaranteed outcome given reasonable play.

Thanks again for a great game. I hope the best strategy game continues to improve.
General Discussion » No balance at all » Go to message
Lion's suggestion to use credits to compensate for racial disadvantages on map is a good idea.

Map pairings where one side cannot lose and the other cannot win is a weakness in an otherwise great strategy game. Lion, thanks for a suggestion to address the issue.
What's New in the Latest Updates » New Race Balancing Proposal - Sept 2010 » Go to message
Boosting assimilated ants to that extent will have a significant impact on team games. It will give titans, krahl teams a big advantage.

To address the buried ant concern, consider giving the speeder an ability to move after crushing an ant, just as it can move after an attack.

Is the buried ant bonus really 6? I thought it was 3.
Frequently Asked Questions » Draw game ? » Go to message
You can have a draw if the players accept peace.
Bug Reports » Eclipse Not Given Option to Fire » Go to message
A helicopter retreated to the shadows against the edge of the map, my eclipse moved toward the shadow to finish off the copter. The eclipse was not given the option to fire. The haze of war cleared revealing the copter in range, but unscathed despite being in range of the eclipses fire.

Is this the intended behavior? Once the eclipse moves and the copter is in range, shouldn't it be able to fire?

With this bug or intended behavior, the range of an eclipse is two hexes only within the area outside the fog of war. Units in the fog are invulnerable to the eclipse, forcing a port or another move to create visibility prior to moving the eclipse. Isn't it reasonable to expect the eclipses move should create visibility for the eclipse?

Uniwar is a great game, many thanks for your efforts. Thanks in advance for clarifying or fixing this behavior.

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