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Messages posted by: Cx-CA
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Bug Reports » War Report in 1.0.3 » Go to message
When viewing the War Report from a game... scroll down to view the player names... the touch pad coordinates and the names at the bottom are mis-aligned. When I tap on a name close to the bottom of the list I get the name above. This is true for the last 3 names on the list.

I do not think this happens all the time, but it is happening now.
Bug Reports » 1.0.3 » Go to message
Doing just the app delete on the iPhone was the first thing I tried - and it did not work - next step was the re-download, which did work...
Bug Reports » 1.0.3 » Go to message
I had same problem - followed solution from the other bug report "Subject: updated uniwar won't open on ipod touch OS 3.0"

Deleted the app in iTunes - then re-download and reinstall fixed the problem. When you re-download you basically buy the app again. iTunes remembers that you already paid for the app and allows you to download again at no charge.

Just make sure you remember your login name and password as that will have to be re-entered.

Note that both your user name and password can be read in the program (at least the prior version)... I don't remember how to access them - but they are there.
Bug Reports » OS 3.0 - Enter Chat editor - then tap cancel - NOTHING » Go to message
Hitting cancel in the Chat editor with no message results in an exit to a blank screen with nowhere to go.
I hit the menu button to exit the app and then was able to go back in.
Bug Reports » OS 3.0 - Chat editor does not rotate the keyboard » Go to message
It did not do so before - but with 3.0 should be able to do so.
Bug Reports » OS 3.0 - Chat messages do not go through » Go to message
Chat messages worked before the 3.0 update... now they do not go through. They act like they do, but do not show up in the chat message window after they are sent.
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