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Technical Support Questions » Upgraded to 1.03 on my iPod Touch and now it doesn't load » Go to message
Same happened to me- is this going to be a problem for a lot of people?
Guides & Tips » unfair advantage for second player? » Go to message
Its intentional that the second player gets a little more credits. This was done to help that fact that player one usually has an advantage over player two in being able to move first. As for Khralean units being able to move far and capture bases faster, that's part of the advantage of their race and is factored into game balance.
General Discussion » Uniwar Anonymous Meets Tuesday at 8:00 » Go to message
I have a problem. Now let's play.
General Discussion » Attack calculations » Go to message
The actual math behind it is crazy complex and the random factor makes it impossible to predict the damage output exactly. I'll try to summarize it as I understand it...

The defending unit's defense modified by the terrain is subtracted from the attacking unit's raw attack modified by the terrain. (raw attack + terrain modifier) - (raw defense + terrain modifier)

Then bonuses are added to this number (GangUp bonus, resurfacing bonus)

This gives you sort of a base value. Then comes the random factor. At this point, starting with 0, a chance to deal +1 damage is rolled. The aforementioned base value determines how likely it is that you'll get this damage from the roll. The number of times this chance is rolled depends on the health of the attacking unit.

In short, the greater the health of the attacking unit, the more chances it gets to inflict damage.

So that's how it works... there are other minor variables as well, but this is the basic idea.

Hope that helps.
General Discussion » Attack calculations » Go to message
There is quite a lot of random factor involved. I don't believe that the defender or attacker has any inherent bonus.
How to make the uniwar.com website better » Forum problems » Go to message
I'm using Firefox as a browser. Long threads in this forum are getting cut off at what appears to be a consistent length.

Also, the forum avatar isn't actually limited to the size it claims (130 pixels). I saw a user with a full size UniWar screenshot as his Avatar. 320 * 480.

Sapiens » my way of the sapiens <xavier2free> » Go to message
Clamato, thanks for pointing that out. I have to admit, before the nerf I didn't know what to do with the tank. Never seemed worth it, but that's good info.
Khraleans » What is +attack bonus for buried units? » Go to message
Sorry, I've been corrected. The bonus is 6.
Khraleans » Countering Helicopter » Go to message
This change also means PLAGUE will work well against a helicopter swarm. It will effectively nullify healing ability.
Khraleans » Countering Helicopter » Go to message
Mass Helicopters are the bane of my existence as a Khralean player. Has anyone found a technique that can consistently defeat this strategy?
Khraleans » What is +attack bonus for buried units? » Go to message
I believe you are correct, sir.
Khraleans » Khralean Healing Ability » Go to message
I feel like a lot of people overlook this advantage... no race heals like Khralean. For those who don't know, an Infector boosts the healing of adjacent units by X3. This means your Pinzers, Leviathans, and Garuda can go straight from the brink of death to at least 7 health. Garuda in particular can take advantage of this, as they are able to escape from most battles before they are killed. Pinzers backed by an Infector are unstoppable- just protect your Infector at all costs. They are very easy to take down. Try to control healing bases early as Khralean for the same benefits. And remember, when you need to retreat to heal up and fight another day, Pinzers are great blockers, even against air units which they can't hit (getting in the way is often sufficient) Underlings can be put to the same use. They are useful as blockers as they are not only expendable, but can bury themselves to buy time to heal up before they are destroyed.

The offensive capabilities of Khraleans are obvious- but don't forget about their defensive abilities!
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