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  kyle kroeger wrote:
  ChnZero through Unikz wrote:
Sap tank
sap tank defense should +1, price stays, in that case, Plasma or walker can' t take down a tank in 2 shots

I think you are absolutely right. The tank being killed with 2 shots is a big deal and does not match up with with the nature of it's class. We are trying to work on a solution.

Madhouse. Tank with defense like pinzer has. But pinzer costs 450. You guys probably really want to kill this game ....

Have you ever thought about the fact that the race should be different from each other? Light tank - the specificity of the human race. Each race has strengths and weaknesses. You want to mix everything in one pile, make all the units the same. You kill not only a balance but also you are depriving the game of it's diversity.

Balance - is the science, balance - is the work of a goldsmith. But you're behaving like a butcher with an ax
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And the main what i want to say. The balance should be made by true professionals who has huge knowledge, a lot of time for testing and responsibility for their decisions. They must oversee the work on setting up the balance from beginning to end, some months or years if needed. They must know and understand the whole picture
not the only fragments of ideas. There must be a clear understanding of the goals we want to achieve when changing something step by step. But in this changes i see unprofessional and chaotic approach. These changes - one big heap without any purpose.

The balance for strategy is more significant then programming code.

Can you trust to work with programming code to inexperienced amateurs or to professionals? But the work with balance need more professionalism then programing. So if you want to make Uniwar something more then mobile arcade you must use professional approach in the main part of game building - in balance.

Why didn't you use surveys or helping inexperienced amateurs to make program code better? Because you take seriously to work with programming code, but not seriously to work with balance. Surveys and amateurs are not serious if you want to make balance better.
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  kyle kroeger wrote:

To earth: I am very surprised to hear that you use wyrm vs saps.

This phrase say a lot about real qualification of this changes. How can you improve balance if you even don't know the game? How can you make Wyrm better in future if you totally don't know how to use it in present? It is strongly not enough six months playing to make so many changes in balance. Using wyrm against saps is one of the key main khral strategy in many situations. Better dont touch the balance with so low level of UniWar knowledge
General Discussion » Unit BALANCE changes » Go to message
It is hard for me to write in english so only one example. You make tanks cheaper. For WHAT? To use tanks against titan? Do you realy think that more cheaper tanks will help saps against titans? I now that all newbees will think so. To make a lot off cheap tanks with the help of new more mobile artillery and attack titan - this is what i sayed about primitive linear solution that you stimulate. But it will not work against strong titan player. So pro players know that sap use against titans HELICOPTERS and marauders, artilery only help but not the main part of sap antititan strategy. What is the main enemy of helicopters? Eclipse! But you make eclipse cheaper so titan will get aditonal very main edvantage.

And you make marauders not to kill assimilator with one strike. So this two changes will make sap-titan balance worse, not better, you spoil tactically interesting solutions with helicopters, but stimulate more primitive, ugly and boring solutions with tanks. Beauty leaves UniWar. So WHY we should do this? Doing just to do something? Rhetorical question.

I can say a lot about every point but i know that it is useless. The player with the experience of six months - to you more authority.
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  xavi wrote:Talone, I see criticism but no counter proposition. Criticizing is easy but changing things is harder but that's where the real effort is.

The question is not what is harder. The question is what will be better for UniWar balance. You want to make hard work or you want to make balance more better?

If second is main for you then just not make 90% of this changes or better 100%. Without this changes UniWar is better. But if you want harder way and dont want to listen expert then ok, you are the boss and you can do what YOU want. As i said you even can delete my posts not to spoil your celebration.
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The main problems of race imbalances are not solved.

These changes are pushing the game to a more primitive solutions. It is well seen that these changes are made by inexperienced players. Tactic combinations are not counted. Only linear primitive solutions are stimulated.

1. The balance is still no there. In some situations the balance become even worse
2. Gameplay became more primitive
3. In general it will change nothing for UniWar.

It is better not to change anything then make this changes. Most players will not notice anything. For those few who understand the essence of gameplay, these changes are insignificant against the background of a much more serious imbalance. You change a fly, but do not notice the elephant. I know you want to praise you, instead of criticizing. Believe me, I would like to praise you, but not for that. You can delete this post if want, I will not be offended.

What's New in the Latest Updates » Rank Reform - Part 4 » Go to message
You make logical mistake. In old rating I am the number 4, in new rating it will not be problem for me to become number 1 if cheaters like Pipka not find the fast way.

Also after resetting it will be easy to make a big rating in old system too because the custom rating games ARE REMAIN.

If I as you think so want to be the first number, WHY all this time I was only 4th number? Do you really think that it is a problem for me to make my rating more then Pipka's rating in old rating ladder? If I want it, I easy make for me 5000 rating and would be the first in old ladder.

So try to be logic. I like logic and sense in everything. To make reset old rating and continue to have possibility to make rating custom games with clones or even without clones is not logical because it changes nothing but even makes old rating worse: new cheaters like Pipkas will be first again, but fair great players like Alon will disappear from old ladder.

NEW rating will be in the new ladder: PRO ladder. So there is no logical sense to reset old rating.

Just try to make logical steps then write nonsense that TALONE cares about his rating. If TALONE wants he will make ANY rating for him as in old ladder as in PRO ladder.
What's New in the Latest Updates » Rank Reform - Part 4 » Go to message
  stylepro wrote:TALONE, high-rating players must be dropped down too. If they were able to get that high before, this does not mean they will be able to get that high now. Player must be out of top, if he doesn't play random games.
Players' skill grove up, and current ladder does not show us true players' level.

You're mixed in your head two different problems:

1. Reset the old rating
2. New PRO rating

Now i talk ONLY about point 1: old rating.

The main reason for dishonesty old rating - is the ability to play custom rated games. This feature will be saved.

So what's the sense of doing reset rating today, if not corrected the main reason of it dishonesty - custom rated games with clones?

You do rating reset, but very soon all happen again: the players will quickly make the rating due to custom games with clones and TOP will again be all with cheaters.

It seems that some people just can not think about the consequences of their actions. It is easy to shout: "Give reset!" But to answer the simple question: what's the meaning of it, if nothing will change - it is more difficult. It needs a brain.

What's New in the Latest Updates » Rank Reform - Part 4 » Go to message
  EVR1022 wrote:Very much looking forward to these new changes Xavi!!

A couple thoughts:

If a player is 2600+ in standard rating but does not have a high score in the new categories then we can assume that his standard rating is inflated.

Strange logic. I know a lot of strong players who now do not play random. But their rating - honest.

After many years of playing random becomes bored, that's fine. It becomes fun to play only interesting maps with interesting players. But this does not mean that those veterans who fought for many years honestly do not deserve their place in the ranking.

Newcomers come into the game and quickly go. A veteran - is the backbone of the game. We have to learn to respect them, and not to impose a duty to play. Game - it is not an obligation.
What's New in the Latest Updates » Rank Reform - Part 4 » Go to message
  herompolbu wrote:Talon cares for his rating more than others )) Nothing surprising.. All his uniwar business is based on his place in Rating Ladder.

Post edited. Be constructive, stay on topic and refrain from peronal attacks.

For five years I have played many rating games.

Now I only play unrated games with my students. Today, I'm bored to play hundreds of rating games only to someone to prove something.

But if someone wants to challenge me, if someone thinks that he plays better than me, it is easy to check: do bet $ 200 and play single mirror fight on any map you want and any race you want.

I am ready to put $ 200 on that no one can win me. Are you ready?

What's New in the Latest Updates » Rank Reform - Part 4 » Go to message
  simsverd wrote:This will be good

Talone: Time to play ? Your status as "grandmaster" will diminish in time unless you are "up there" in the relevant ladders

Get rating - not a problem for me. I'm not talking about myself. I'm talking about UniWar. Take away players earned rating - this is not the best solution, which can lead to the fact that some players will not be happy. Not everyone who has a rating above 2400 - get it dishonestly If a player now has an honest rating of 2600 or 2700, it would be disrespect to the player to deprive him of this rating

For those who wish to sport - there is a new PRO rating. For those who are just having fun - there is the old rating.

Afflict players and do not respect them - it's not a wise way to go.

Wise path for UniWar - satisfy all the players and respect them.
What's New in the Latest Updates » Rank Reform - Part 4 » Go to message
  dougman4 wrote:

Are you still planning to wipe/reduce current ratings? If so, to what level?

I think that to wipe/reduce current ratings is not the correct measure. We can gradually reform the system, but we have no right to deprive a person of his rating if we respect the players
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Real cybersport -2015.
Registration has begun!
What's New in the Latest Updates » Rank Reform - Part 2 & 3 » Go to message
My position has long been known. I have five years achieve that only randomly games would be rating. So i voted for random rating only

But we need to be objective. For very beginners cancellation ranking in custom games will be uninteresting, we run the risk of beginners lose interest for the game.

I remember when I played a lot on the map Jungle and improve ranking on it. They were fair fights, beautiful victorys. Yes, it was wrong from the point of view of the nature of the rating, but it was damn interesting)
General Discussion » UNFAIR MODERATION and commerce in Russian chat » Go to message
The usual slander and lies.

Over the past two days, you and your clones regularly insulted people with dirty words, they wrote want people to die, they wrote about the grave, about abnormal sex and other obscene things. Therefore, you and your clones banned.

If developers are translated into English all that you and your clones wrote in the chat, you would get a permanent ban, rather than 48 hours.

You dirtied chat, and now you come to spoil forum and make scandal to amuse your self-esteem
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