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New Feature Request » Sick of players bailing out » Go to message
Well if the opponent bails out of a 2 player game, at least just auto-delete it so I don't have to waste my time hitting like 6 buttons times 3 games.
New Feature Request » Deliver Plague / Infect.... I'm confused! » Go to message
Today in a game I went to Infect a Sapien to take him over (or was it Deliver Plague?)..only to find out I didn't take control of the enemy, I infected him (or gave him the plague??).

Every time I go to choose one of the two options, I can't remember which is which, since essentially they're grammatically the same thing.

You guys should definitely rename one of the two options to make it clear. Please!
New Feature Request » UV blasts should hurt buried underlings » Go to message
I wouldn't call the UV blast useless. I've definitely used it to off a couple enemies with 1 or 2 hit points. It also works well to reduce the attack power of an entire army if you have 2 or 3.
Bug Reports » Error Connecting To Network on just one single game only » Go to message
GOLDRUSHv2 R41449 keeps saying "Error Connecting To Network" every time I try to end my turn. I'm playing all my other current games just fine and ending my turn just fine, but every time I try with this one game, I can't freakin end my turn!

Uniwar team, can you look into it?
New Feature Request » Sick of players bailing out » Go to message
Nearly 90% of the time I join 2-3 consecutive random games by clicking "Join Random Game", I waste my time taking the first turn, then backing out of the game to join a new random game, taking my turn, etc, only to find out 5 mins later that the other player has surrendered all 3 matches, then I have to go in and delete them all. From memory, it's mostly against anonymous players.

This is very time consuming and a huge pain in the butt for me. I propose an update where only players who have registered can be opted into random games, or that there's a penalty for bailing out of that many games.

I'm almost beginning to think that joining a random game is completely useless.
Bug Reports » Network error: Could not connect » Go to message
I'm getting this message almost every time I turn my phone back on and hit refresh, or try to see my current games. I have to hit the refresh button after seeing this message, then I can play normally. But it happens every single time I turn my phone off (meaning, just hit the button at the top of my phone). It has nothing to do with my cellular service or WiFi
New Feature Request » Combatting Loopholes - Improving Speeder abilities... » Go to message
Making units next to an assimilator immune to EMP is a great idea. But making the Speeders hover over water is not a very good idea. That essentially makes them ships, giving the Titans 2 ships. The Speeder could then pop onto land, attack, then retreat back onto the water, immune to attacks from most enemies.
Bug Reports » Can't start a new random game » Go to message
I just logged in to post the same thing. I'm in 13 games but it's saying I've hit my max. I have the new version of the iPhone update and Uniwar.
Bug Reports » "Error Connecting to Server", then crashes » Go to message
It's all games. I have 25 active games going, so I have to restart the app every time I take a turn, and I got kicked out of some 10 minute games b/c I gave up on doing that. Now I'm unfairly penalized for it.
Bug Reports » "Error Connecting to Server", then crashes » Go to message
Whenever I try to end my turn, it says "error connecting to server", then it crashes back to the desktop. I just joined bunch of 10 minute games and now I have to keep loading the program over and over to keep playing so I don't get kicked. Very annoying!
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