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Bug Reports » Unrated random game? » Go to message
Oh, never mind. I have had a similar random game now where I was matched up with a player of 1483, while I have 1943. There seems to be something screwy there too.
(CHATOHILL R66153 against gergmacm if that helps)
Bug Reports » Unrated random game? » Go to message
That wasn't really what my bug report was about. I was only noting the fact that a random game could be unrated.

The problem of being matched to a player way out of my league hasn't occurred to me yet though. I must say that my score fluctuates heavily between 1800 and 2000 though, due to the fact that I play a lot of rated 1v1v1v1 maps.
That wouldn't explain your match-up with a 1450 player though. That seems to be a separate bug.
Bug Reports » Unrated random game? » Go to message
Something weird just happened. I just won a random game, but I didn't receive any points for it and the victory screen says it was an unrated game. I was under the impression that random games are always rated, so this might be a bug.
The game was called RUBICONCRO R28647 against rromania.
I hope this information helps you.
General Discussion » Complaint about Permitting Random Games » Go to message
  zwitek wrote: Moving up the ladder was fun, but falling so fast all because of a poor attempt to thwart cheaters, has sapped my will to make the climb. I'm done. I'll play friends now and then, but this will no longer be my tactical battleground of choice.

I agree the change was way to disruptive and I also was about to quit Uniwar because of it. Losing every aspect of control of what games I played were a real let down. However, they did reinstate the old game play now, so you can play exactly as you used to and forced random games have been turned off. I was under the impression that you now could select your race in random games as well, although I can't confirm, since this is not the case on Symbian.

I'm already up to the maximum amount of allowed games. Is there any reason to quit Uniwar now that the restored the fun? It seems to me that they addressed all the annoyances you mentioned in your post?
General Discussion » Thank you » Go to message
Thanks for reinstating the ratings on custom games. I think you picked a good compromise too by making random games worth double points. It doesn't annoy the players that want to pick their own games and don't really care about the ladder, while still discouraging cheaters by 'forcing' random games for the people who do care about the ladder.

Nicely done and just in time for me too, I only had two games running, which were nearing the end. After that I probably wouldn't have come back.
General Discussion » Do you hate 1.3.0? Rant here. » Go to message
I doesn't sound like the problems I have with this update will be temporary. Like you, lantry, I play for personal enjoyment, but I do like to get points for it to advance (or decrease) my ranking. That way I can be reasonably sure the the people I play against are sort of in my league. I prefer to play games against multiple players, i.e. 1v1v1v1 games and such. That is now impossible with this "update".
The fact that maybe bothers me the most is that they removed any influence I had. I mean, I used to be able to choose which map I played, how long the turns would be, which race I would like to play, against how many players I play, etc. Now I am being forced these choices upon me, which severely decrease my enjoyment of the game. I like to play against certain players and when I see a game open by them, I would join those games. (I understand that you should now be able to choose one's race, but not in the Symbian version though...)

I'm curious though. How would an extra monthly ladder help? Would that mean that players have two different ranking scores, one of which gets reseted monthly?

Although I appreciate that they will implement a ladder for team games again, it is still a bit sour that they just came in an invalidated all the current team games. Leaving no option to play team games in the mean time. Well, not without rating anyway. It does seem to make this whole move like a knee jerk reaction to some problem I didn't even know (or care, I must admit) about. I would probably have been better if they would have announced some sort of poll through their in-game message system or something. Then this whole mess might have been avoided. The players I talked to in-game either don't like the update or don't care about it. Of course I have no idea about the sentiment of the community as a whole, but as for myself: I'm not starting new games and just play out the old ones. After that I will most likely quit.
General Discussion » Do you hate 1.3.0? Rant here. » Go to message
I also very much dislike this update. I play for fun, so I don't really care that much about being in the top-100. I do like to play the rated games, though, since the score will tell me if a player is in my league or not. Also I prefer playing rated games with multiple players in them, since it has a more dynamic game evolution in my opinion.
With this update I no longer have any control over which maps to play, which players to play against, etc., etc. No control over my enjoyment of the game at all. Just to thwart a group of cheaters, whose artificially inflated score is meaningless anyway.
I feel that the fun has been sucked out of the game as well.
Once my current games are over, I'll probably stop playing altogether, unless the old scoring system is reinstated.
Bug Reports » Null Pointer » Go to message
I think I found a rather rare bug. I'm using the Symbian version of Uniwar and I am getting the following error message:
Unhandled exception:
Null Pointer

The error occurs when I try to enter a game in which I am defeated, but the game is still ongoing.
If it matters: I did perform a hard reset of my phone and reinstalled the game, erasing any trace of the previous data. After that I could still join the game when it was in play, but not anymore now that I am defeated.
Maybe it'll work again once the game is completely over, but I thought I would let you know anyway.

edit: Well, that did indeed work. Once the game was finished I could delete it.
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