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Messages posted by: Martyr
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General Discussion » Llamas » Go to message
Nope thats just wales!
General Discussion » TALONE about the best warriors:) » Go to message
(cough) Martyr
General Discussion » Llamas » Go to message
Old and boldish, how fucking old did you think i was!!!!, yes that is me and yes eveyone looks similar because its england. genetics.... i am not going to get into this because. A) Cant Be arsed, B) I am sure i will confuse you. Stupid Kraut
General Discussion » Llamas » Go to message
... Lamas are the most random camel wannabes, random camel wannabe- BCAY!
General Discussion » The WORST thing about Uniwar.. » Go to message
Worst thing is when u lose against a noob also when you have to play against a full on irritating cocky British hating anonymous players, do my head in, even they are the worst insults, obviously 5!
New Feature Request » zoom ?n and capabilities » Go to message
Hey! Been a while since i posted so thought first post back should be constructive.

Playing big maps like 'planet' its irritating that have to keep scrolling back and forth to get a good view of the battlefield and to create stratagies.

Perhapes a small zoom bar/button or even a sitrep!

Using samsung galaxy s, so its not like my screen is small

Technical Support Questions » Cant log in, stuck on 'logging in screen (android) » Go to message
cant log in, explain to me WHY? I got full signal worked fine during the week, switched on/off many times... Im getting quite frustrated now... Anything to do with updates? martyr
How to make the uniwar.com website better » Chat » Go to message
one's dreams have just come and gone
How to make the uniwar.com website better » Chat » Go to message
A great new addition to the website i think would be the chat to be brought on here aswell from the game or a seperate one

Would be awesome i think.

What do people think and would it be possible?
Khraleans » Khraleans. Youre favorite khralena unit and why » Go to message
Gotta be the garudas for me, get a fleet of them on anything and your screwed.

Not too expensive, unlike the wyrm yeah its powerfull but ya know 3-4 for sap units on it and its dead...
General Discussion » Skipping players » Go to message
I agree ther aswell soli!!!!

However i must admit i have used skipping In the past(Just like to highlight that), when i started to my advantage.

Example: i remember one game i had just started, i had no idea to be honest what was going on, so i was getting owned, however it came round to my turn and i noticed the opposite player had not took his go, s/he had me trapped, skipping s/he would give me a slight advantage.

Looking back on it i think that it was fair on the basis that the person couldnt keep the game going within the time limit.

What you think,
Frequently Asked Questions » Can non iphone players , play against iphone players? » Go to message
Sure can bud, I use a nokia 5800, dont like the i phone, on the basis of 'I aint a sheep, and dont like going with the crowd on things like that.

Guides & Tips » Vision Trick! » Go to message
I agree that it is a good tactic i have used it serveral times and it is useful, however never all the time depeding on your situation
Khraleans » General Khralean Tips (Submit Your Own!) » Go to message
A top tip i feel gives you a uper hand no matter what.

A swarm of underlings underground followed by a good 5-6 garuda's. It's what i do all the time, always seems to make a good dent in the opposition no matter what the race, then from there, depending on the map Kick some ass..

Well that's my version of and ass whooping
General Discussion » Skipping players » Go to message
Personnally skipping players to me is what it is, if you cant make the time to get to the game that is being played in time then understand that your will be skipped, However i am not one of those people who will sit around and look at the clock and wait till exactly 00:00:00 to skip a player.

Yes i have also had people complain and say i was to scared to let them play, my honest awnser is "Dont frikin play a game which you can keep to, your wasting my time and space."

I am quite happy to be skipped, if i deserve it however if people do it for the sake of it they should be slapped
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