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What's New in the Latest Updates » v1.0.3 iPhone » Go to message
weird thing is that black screen has just happened to me as well.. 15 minutes ago game would load ok, and I did not download any new apps before it stopped working. re-starting the phone did not fix this. uninstalling and re-downloading fixed it though.
General Discussion » Cheating in multi player games » Go to message
_jnc_, pretty good idea regarding player recommendations. However, cheaters will probably find a way around this as well (i.e. creating multiple accounts and "recommending" their other accounts...).

I no longer play rated FFA or team games with people I don't know. It's much more fun to play with players you know well.
General Discussion » Dial 1-800-UNIWAR to make a donation » Go to message
You are not alone as I thought about this too. For me this game was not only best 1$ game ever bought, but the best iphone game period (Galcon being close 2nd). However, not sure if uniwar team would be open to discussing their monetization plans on the forums.

They mentioned that the game is getting ported to other platforms, so number of players would greatly increase once this is done. Also, PSP/DS/etc users are used to a much higher price tag compared to iphone crowd. Also, opening it up as a flash game online could be a good move too. With the new in-app micro transaction system, Uniwar might consider charging for some add-on features (like game filter/search which many hardcore players would probably get).

How can we support uniwar to make sure that development continues and the game thrives?

- tell all your friends about uniwar. one of my friends is online chess junkie who stopped playing chess in favor of uniwar.
- buy other javaground games. when Pocket Gold came out, I bought it right away without even looking what it was about.
- yes i would also donate some extra money to support uniwar development
Bug Reports » Uniwar won't load » Go to message
Yep re-installing Uniwar resolves this upgrade issue.
New Feature Request » View the map/game/messages before responding to a peace offr » Go to message
good idea. it's very annoying getting peace pop up dialog before you can see what's going on and who is offering peace.
Titans » How do I see burried underlings? » Go to message
The only thing you can do is click on your unit and see the message on top of the screen. If there are any buried underlings next to your unit, then the scrolling message will tell you how many. Keep in mind that if you have an underling right under your unit, it's not included in the count shown. It's not really possible to calculate exactly where all enemy's underlings are, but you can estimate it pretty well if you click on your every unit and see buried unit count.. It's somewhat time consuming to do this upon every turn, but it's necessary if you want to beat bugs.

1.0.3 update will supposedly make it much easier to see # of buried units next to your units. This update should go live any day now.

Hope this helps.
What's New in the Latest Updates » v1.0.3 iPhone » Go to message
  sandymac wrote: Maybe re-submit to Apple?

maybe developers can ping apple and see what's going on with the update review. (June 5th - July 1st) is way too long.

if a sacrificial lamb is all it takes, i'll send one
Titans » Fighting buried underlings » Go to message
  trogdor wrote: Pictures aren't showing up for me

Try going to picasa web album at:

Titans » Fighting buried underlings » Go to message
Let me try to explain why I failed..

First thing, I started out by creating 6 or so underlings before creating any other unit. However, you can only create one underling per turn even though you get 200 credits per turn from one base on HF. So you accumulate extra credits fast in a long game..

My opponent recalled his two initial mechas back to the base right away, since his strategy was going to be defense from the very beginning. So he did the same thing I did, i.e. create meat shields only for the first few turns, then create a plasma tank and assimilator when he had too many credits accumulated. By the time I had my underlings by his base, he did very smart moves every single turn to keep my underlings covered. I also had to constantly reposition underlings trying to set up a chain attack, but was getting 'em covered virtually every time. He read my strategy well and kept me moving my units.. Maybe there was some minor luck involved, but imho this was strategy implied by aLoN.. There was one chance for me to take his plasma tank down to 1-2 health but not kill it, and one of my underlings would get assimilated..
Khraleans » Underling Spam » Go to message
You create as many underlings as possible and focus on taking out heavy and healer units.

3 buried underlings kill one plasma tank, and since tank is 200 credits more expensive than 3 underlings, so it's always a good exchange. If plasma tank is on bad terrain (forest), it only takes two underlings to take out a tank.

Try to maximize gang up bonus and terrain bonuses when resurfacing and attacking.

When opponent is using meat shields to protect their heavy/support units, you need to set up a chain attack, i.e. you often have to kill 3 mechas in one turn to be able to trigger underlings next to assimilators.

You will still need a few heavy/support units to build defense - just keep it as light as possible and crank out as many underlings as possible.

Of course this strategy is useless against sapiens who spam copters.
Titans » Fighting buried underlings » Go to message
  trogdor wrote:
  rebelxt wrote: I could post a mid game screen shot if anyone is interested..


Here you go.

Titans » Fighting buried underlings » Go to message
Well, a quick update on titans vs buried underling spam strategy..

I was pretty much invincible on Hurtgen Forest but Ismael managed to prove me wrong by beating me with titans. His strategy was the same as other top player's (slow defensive build-up with mechas as meat shields, and always keeping my underlings covered and in danger of getting assimilated), but noone managed to actually execute this plan perfectly before. I could post a mid game screen shot if anyone is interested..
Titans » Fighting buried underlings » Go to message
drquicksilve, just saw this thread after we played a game. i've also tried surrounding my support and heavy units with mechas, and playing defensively, but it still doesn't work well against underling spam. 2 or 3 buried underlings with terrain bonus take out a plasma tank easily.. once there are 10+ underlings all over enemy units, it becomes too hard for titans to figure out where exactly the buried units are and try to cover them.
General Discussion » Where is the new update? » Go to message
It's not developer's fault. They sent 1.0.3 update to the app store on June 4th. It's Apple who is taking weeks to approve new applications and even updates to existing apps.
Sapiens » vs. Plasma tanks » Go to message
  aLoN wrote:
glad you learned something from me :p
but i could more easly get a win with sapiens vs titans on small maps, if you do it smart sapiens really pown titans.

aLoN, do you rely on EMP? i never had any luck utilizing it multiple turns in a row. guess i'm still a noob at this game..
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