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General Discussion » Armor piercing » Go to message
I would also like an explanation about the armor piercing concept. I don't understand it at all.
General Discussion » Tank Buster Unit Assessment Request » Go to message
  The Impaler wrote:borfly and salamander are overpowered compared to their titan and sapien counterparts, but i beleive the marauder and speeder are overpowered compared to the swarmer. consider the entire race matchup not just one unit. if your opponent amasses weak defense borfly, what are you doing while he does that? sitting back and watching? you must be agressive. khral used to be the worst race and every top player still beleives that on average sapiens are the best race, in my opinion due to the marauder. i think the marauder is far more overpowere than the borfly, and think they both need a nerf along with speeder

I have considered the overall picture and still feel the same way. Of course nobody builds only borflys, they would be decimated. But you only need to build a few units in front to block, and then after that just one measly 200 unit that can fly and hit at range effectively negates any heavy unit that is twice its cost and far more lumbering. I like the ideas of tankbusters so that nobody just walls all day, but the borfly is still far too effective and cheap that it essentially makes heavies literally obsolete, which is too far in my opinion. In addition, the tankbusters effectively bust up other units safe from range like light units and air units so they kind of become too useful all the time for their cheap price. Just a slight nerf to heavy damage, and a nerf to ground light damage, and I think borfly is perfect at 200 credits. (That way two of them are more of a heavy counter than just one, which makes more sense with the cost being 400 credits at that point. Still cheaper than the cost of a tank.)

And yes, sapiens are by far the best, definitely because of the maurader. Once you get enough, you can setup gangups, advance retreat and heal, and block expensive units in the rear. I actually think the solution to this is to make tank units increase damage against speeders and marauders. So they are a real counter to them. As of now, tankbusting makes tanks 95% useless and very situational.
General Discussion » Idea to balance unit to make all unit attractive » Go to message
So after playing a lot more with the new units I like them a lot as they are. It's very difficult though, because I never buy plasma tanks anymore at all. I still use pinzers and regular tanks, but ptanks not at all. Here is the only problem with it. Against khraleans, the borfly is so cheap and mobile. Two of them cost less than a ptank, and yet obliterate it. Originally the ptank was created with the idea of keeping the titan back line strong and getting to walkers. Now, your wall is speeders and mechas. I am happier with the new game mechanics and units though, as tank walls were boring. But, I wish there was something to do with the plasma tank. I would dump it completely and give titans a new unit of some sort. For now, though, it is useless.
General Discussion » Tank Buster Unit Assessment Request » Go to message
Main problem with borfly is that all split base map types (where bases are somewhat scattered and there are multiple fronts), titan stand no chance against krhal and it is only a matter of time to be defeated. Borflys are ridiculously cheap and on top of that aerial and can get middle positioning no matter what the terrain, so they can be massed and then they can seige titan bases with no repercussion so titans can't even spawn effective counters. I think the value of all units needs to be considered for the cost. For example, aerial capability is a huge advantage in and of itself. And then ranged attack is HUGE. Giving damage before being able to receive damage is exactly how to overpower your opponent and get their number of fielded units down to less than yours. Borflys are way overpowered for their cheap cost. It would be nice if they were nerfed so that the Khral theme of weak units but overwhelming numbers can work better.
General Discussion » Xavi balance discussion » Go to message
So here are my thoughts. Both borfly and salamander have the typical cost expected for Khrals in terms of cheapness, but offer far too much value for such a little cost. Either nerf the effectiveness or up the cost. For example, nerf salamander heal to +1 per turn, and increase cost to 250. Make borflys do 0 damage to ground light or less damage to tanks. All tank units are almost completely useless in a match now. I never build them at all, especially when borflys are everywhere. I think all tank units either get boost of defense, or perhaps immune to aquatic units and a hard counter for them. That or give them special defense against the walker, battery, and wyrms. Thus being somewhat tough. Plasma tanks, for example, I NEVER build anymore at all.

Also eclipse, yes buff it. I've thought +2 health for a long time!! Even then. meh
General Discussion » Blaster's Impact on the Meta and how to make GH viable again » Go to message
The anti-heavy units have definitely made tank units extremely weak. This really hurts titans most as they out of necessity turtle. I think they should be made weaker against amphibian units in particular. And, to be honest, even a slight nerf to their anti-heavy damage. Rather than a cheap ranged unit being able to almost half an enemy heavy unit, I feel like they should do 2 to 3 damage to a heavy unit like a tank, etc. And I think borflys should do no damage at all to ground light units.
General Discussion » Next Balance Update Discussion April 2016 » Go to message
I agree that map size and layout is related to this issue. In the end, though, Khrals still have an advantage against Titans in the majority of cases. I would love to see new units for each race that allows for equality across large/small maps as well as bare/heavy terrain maps. Also, regarding scouting, the system is basically broken as multiple account logins allows for almost limitless scouting free.
General Discussion » Next Balance Update Discussion April 2016 » Go to message
I highly disagree. Against titans, khraleans are still way overpowered. The Eclipse is really a very weak unit that is easily damaged and thus made more useless. The recent buff to GH attack for it was "ok," but not what I think it needs to make it useful. That does nothing against khrals.

If you look at the ant vs the mecha in terms of khral vs. titan, the ant is WAY stronger. Their only weakness, the inability to attack air, doesn't help titans at all. They have WAY better mobility. Popup out of the ground makes it have an attack potentially even BETTER than the standard fast heavy units of all races. On top of this huge damage advantage, being able to popup wherever they desire gives HUGE gangup bonuses with all their other units, in all kinds of situations, allowing them to take out very expensive titan units. Whereas Titan mecha warp, which is somewhat useful, is still highly situational.

One of the huge advantages of khrals against titans is that all they need are a few ants underground, they can easily come forward with any other units and get popup gangup bonuses all day long to destroy expensive titan units. I feel like if the ants take more damage from enemies, popups may turn into sacrifices, lessening the advantage somewhat. As it is now, they can popup for the gangup win and then bury again. Then popup again if necessary and finally die having contributed in taking out potentially 1000 credits (in the way of two plasmas) in some cases, only sacrificing 100 credits to do so.

I feel this change would help with the racial difference as well. Since ants are so much more mobile than any other race and at the same time can deal out more damage than any other race, they should also be weaker defensively. Another idea would be that their defense rating goes wayyyy down only when popping up. Like considerably. Perhaps allowing them to die in some cases after popup. The advantage of gangup is understated. All advanced players use gangup properly, especially against titans.
General Discussion » Next Balance Update Discussion April 2016 » Go to message
I actually think underlings defense should be nerfed, they should be easier to kill. I think it would be the final step to equalizing titans with them. Perhaps even nerf their heavy attack slightly.
New Feature Request » UPDATE - New units ! » Go to message
Hmm, actually that's not a bad idea to remove the numbers of buried units. The new strategy of having invisible detecting units costs credits. And, if you destroy the detectors, you can potentially setup a new attack. I actually like the idea of having that tradeoff.
Titans » are protoss..i mean... titans underpowered? » Go to message
The last thing is nerfing khrals in some way. Buried underlings is the only element in the game where strategy can be left to guessing. Moving forward into uncharted areas could place you next to a buried underling. Even in your own space behind your front defensive lines. So it gives khrals a huge advantage in that way. Of course, they need the capability to be able to get behind enemy lines and pressure. Also, I wouldn't nerf them and affect the current sapien vs. khral balance.

So I think the thing that would make me happy is allowing assimilators to assimilate an ant, and then let you move the ant on the same turn. Again, this makes countering the technique much more effective. You could do 2 things with that capability: 1, rebury the ant or retreat it to save it and use it against the khral opponent without letting them destroy it first. Remember, burying your own assimilated ants turns the buried underling game around on the khral player and also blocks his underlings. 2, Immediately counterattack the khral player's units for immediate gangup or damage.

Those are my thoughts!
Titans » are protoss..i mean... titans underpowered? » Go to message
I'll add my thoughts here, too. I'm a top titan player (I'll just brag haha) and I for sure think they need a boost as well. The real critical thing about titans is that they are a turtling race. That's the only way to win in an evenly skilled, high level match. (aside from very few instances where you can quick rush and cover bases, but generally speaking that's not typical at all)

Since they depend on turtling and out-ranging with siege, their strategy becomes calculated zone control and pacing to begin to turn that point where long range assaults are too damaging to defeat. Speeders are critical early for various things like setting up gang ups and preventing penetration as well. The secret to beating a good titan player is to simply rush, pressure, and penetrate the front lines as much as possible. All that said, I think the most glaring unbalance is khral vs. titan. Currently, khral mobility plus buried underlings really makes it a lopsided battle.

Waxoid's discussion of UV tactics is an area I've explored and been quite pleased with, but it is difficult and requires a map that makes having enough assimilators available and protectable.

Anyway, here's where I think the solutions may be:

- I totally agree about buffing the assimilator movement to 7 or even 8. This is my most hoped for change. This would do 2 major things for Titans. It will make reacting to underling popups much more doable, and help lessen that threat. It will also allow the assimilator to get to areas quickly to emergency heal. For titans, keeping front lines up is imperative. A mobile assimilator or two could jump to a plasma tank about to fall and save it for another turn, which could be the difference in a match.

- Another idea, in line with making UV more useable, is to allow the assimilator to move and UV in one turn. THAT would be interesting. I would love to test that. Please devs?

- Buff the eclipse mobility to 12. Or buff it's heal rate to +2. Or Buff its infantry attack to 11 (12 would allow it to snipe engineers off of bases, so that may be too much). But PLEASE buff ANYTHING about it lol. The problem with it is that it's very expensive and gets damaged by any unit easily. Once it's damaged, it heals slowly and is practically useless.

General Discussion » Desert Tiles are anti-Titan tiles » Go to message
Desert tiles mainly make it tough for titans and not as much for anyone else.

1. Infantry pushes through deserts are tougher for all races, but only titans infantry can't even jump one desert tile into a clear spot.
2. Heavy units of other races aren't affected as much but plasma tanks are stalled severely.
3. Other races have aerial units that ignore desert as well.

I believe you can take any map, add desert tiles, and see how titans suffer more than other races because of it. (Forest and mountain tiles give a boost to titan infantry defense that outweighs the movement penalty, so I have no problem with those tiles)

Titans » Very few titans on top of the leaderboard? » Go to message
...And Captain Hawaiian. haha

And by the way everybody, I'm still thinking of ways to improve titans. The eclipse. IMPROVE it. lol.

I think we need to make it be able to warp and attack once before going into cooldown mode. That would be AWESOME.
General Discussion » Cpt Hawaiian's Balance/Unit Ideas - Khraleans » Go to message
Yes, those are great ideas to test. As you saw in our recent matches I attempted to fit pinzers in, but in khral vs. Saps or khral they are mostly uncalled for. Only against titans are they most profoundly usefull.

Yes, your ideas would help take all the focus away from sole air battles, helping terrain to be important again.

Anyway, good ideas!
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