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General Discussion » Uniwar Clan Thread: The Half-Sockers » Go to message
You forgot my sock haiku

Ode to missing sock
Sock monster demands tribute
One for each one dried
Guides & Tips » How to play uniwar on a PC » Go to message
lol just before the pc version comes out you tell us this
New Feature Request » War fund » Go to message
ShrimpontheBarbie or HungerGames are maps where lots of low budget bases where the choice is do you sacrifice a 100 pt unit for a 25pt base or defend the few you have. (first 2 player, second 6 player) a very different game and lots of fun
General Discussion » Uniwar coins? » Go to message
Turn undo has been arround for a long time. The undo button is just a faster more convienient version of it. The free method is to log into an alternate account then back to your main.

It's not a serious advantage (those with patience will scout as much as possible into the fog or repeat attack sequences until the optimal attack series is reached.

Us cassual gamers use it when we fumble finger a move by accident.
New Feature Request » Add setting to only start games with players in same country » Go to message
Better off putting your active timezones in game setup)

i.e. Map(x)
Name: active 7-10pmEST

You should also note not everyone is a 9-5 type so even folks in your own timezone may not be active when you are but a nocternal chinese person could be
General Discussion » recent games list cut from 5 to 2 » Go to message
  simsverd wrote:yes.. its a fun topic...

especially for those that thinks that the game is free to develop and maintain...

perhaps start with yourself - have you supported the development? or is it only free free free

On a serious note: add your good ideas to how the game can continue to develop if you think of a better business model than the current

...And please don't give me the talk about features you think the developer have stolen from you... the online part of the game have always been a free service and thus subject to change (not talking about the items explicitly purchased)

But Xavi just said in general chat that he gets all his good ideas from us players (and to paraphrase) such progress wouldn't be possible without such plagerism

[spoiler](sarcasm tags needed so that some folks don't take that the wrong way) [/spoiler]

[edit] dam no spoiler tags on this forum (yet???)
General Discussion » Uniwar Player Chart » Go to message
Also most of the back data for this is probably already gone.

I'd be far more interested in seeing how often a player is skipped for being gone from a game and such. I'd rather loose to a good active player than be facing crickets for a win.
General Discussion » New Rated Map system suggestions » Go to message
  Abie wrote:
  atest wrote:I agree that KvS is different from SvK.... but I don't understand how a map can be balanced for KvS and not for SvK

I think a that there should be 6 different "badges" a map could get for the 6 different combinations, so a map could for example get the KvS and the SvS map meaning it is rated for thouse match ups and unrated for all others.

I do however agree that there should be a sufficient amount of votes from both SvK and KvS as humans prone to blame losses on maps and victories on their own skill

I would however prefere to use the accuall win/loss ratio of the map or update the ELO formular so winning on an unfair map gives more points and loosing on on an unfair map looses you less (See http://forum.uniwar.com/posts/list/2272.page)

I think maps should be rated only for certain matchups, maybe it is fair for KvS, but not equal for SvT. This idea isn't so bad.

There are some rated maps where certain combos are not ballanced. I was on one last month where titan first was a garanteed win (vs any others) but T second (and any other first was ballanced.

There's another rated game where if K is first it's a garanteed win (see folks starting rated versions of this one all the time as K) but if K was second it's a ballanced map.

So you do need all 9 catagories.
How to make the uniwar.com website better » How can we make this forum more user friendly? » Go to message
I've been a member of various gaming forums well since the old bullitin boards. Some are very user friendly (v bulitin for example, many use that) others not so.

What can we do to make this forum more user friendly?

I know I'd love to be able to pick up conversations where I left off (currently you need to remember last page of a conversation then scroll to pick up where you last were)

Searchable by not only key word, but poster would be nice

Be able to link our game account(s) in profile so we know who we all are in game

What other features here on the forum would make it easier for the general populace to navigate and return? Please add your suggestions.

General Discussion » Pay system items » Go to message
Yup, not sure why support is disabled as well. Unless they are working on some 'badge' icon to go with the names of those that support the game (hint hint)
General Discussion » 8v8 Challenge - good versus evil , join team evil today? » Go to message
So are you going to post the TOC for the 8v8 where those on the forums can see???

*Twidles his mushtash* (you do know one of my alter egos in WildWest is SnidelyWhiplash)
General Discussion » How hard to set up a group chat box » Go to message
hmm just noticed an interesting bug I think

Set up chat with 4 slots and 4 closed yet it is looking for 6 to join. Not sure whats going on here, could also be an issue with players attempting to set up partially full 8 player maps as well.

General Discussion » How hard to set up a group chat box » Go to message
Actually waiting on you to join the chat

A few things that would make it more effective

* Map area (and bases) not really needed (saves server memory space). Should be a minor coding tweek of existing code
* No need for the lag of having everyone 'join in' before conversation starts (if possible) again a minor (I think) coding tweek of existing code, treat as 'game started' instead of 'game pending'
* Make it similar to, but different from game slots (each player gets X chat slots) and can purchase more if they think they need it (yet again should be a minor tweek of current game code)

* Make it possible to 'add player' to conversation
* Make it possible to 'leave chat' and if chat goes empty to auto erase it
* Make it open to X number of folks chatting (not infinate like general chats but I could see some of our more talkitive groups forming dedicated chat rooms for certain subjects
These last 3 could be 'phased in or in a new version down the road but the first 3 should be easy enough to empliment as most of the coding is already there.

Not actually sure what 'inspired' this very simple solution but your response to the my question with 'just one' got me thinking, hey, we already have it already, many players set up games, just so they can set up a game (redundant and if folks joining the setup don't realize its just to organize a different one confusing)

So I created GroupChat and shortly chatting with cheese in a test version I thought of the rest above.

BTW can I edit a description after I upload a map. I forget that you can add blank spots and not just bots to fill current GroupChat map
General Discussion » How hard to set up a group chat box » Go to message
Xavi. I'm not sure why it's difficult to set up a group chat box for setting up games. Hell I did the 'map equivilant' version. I created a map labled GroupChat so that up to 8 players can discuss setting up a game. Sadly it takes up a game slot but why can't we have 'chat slots' similar to 'game slots' We wouldn't even need the extra memory of the map and units just the general chat section. We could even start players with 4 'chat slots' with option of adding more if we wish.

What do you other players think
General Discussion » Next Balance Update Discussion February 2016 » Go to message
  simsverd wrote:i love the idea of reducing the walker and speeder vision.

I also support the idea of giving extra vision from a mountain if that is doable... with different vision for terrain it would also be natural to consider less vision in forest

But while more realistic, from a coding point it gets far more complex

do mountains (and hills) shadow whats behind them (forrests as well)? How to code it (you now need to calculate each units vision based on it's environment) and on some maps that could be lots of units with lots of factors)

A simpler would be GL on mountains get +1, units in forrest get -1 but do they get visual cover as well? (invisable at a units extreme visual range for GH, maybe only visable at range 2 for GL) and even with these simple things there are far more calculations than just X unit sees Y hexes.

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