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General Discussion » maximum online games » Go to message
I find inviting people for 5-6 of my games, selecting 10-12 of my games and team games (mix of invite/non) keeps me with plenty of turns to make.
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Whoops, double post.
Guides & Tips » Help for mission 18? » Go to message
What difficulty level? The trick on that mission is to use teleport to get the corner bases. (that's the huge square one with three bases in each corner, right?) From there, you have 9+ bases while they only have <7 bases. A combo of assimilators and speeders can make a great wall, behind which you put as many walkers as you can. A few mechas can teleport to cut off their corner for a turn as well, buying you a bit of time. If they start building swarmers, you'll need eclipses or they might kill all your assimilators. Don't worry about garudas.

Hope this helps.
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  Anonymous wrote: I've been "gotten" this way a few times too. Really annoying. Though telling everyone how to do it on the forum probably doesn't help matters.

Actually, it does. The devs check here quite often, while only a few hundred of us check the forums. Plus, most of the forum users are the less cheating users (just in general, not 100% rule).

Personally, i think it's the addition of android that is causing all this. It's a much easier OS to break an app in than the iphone.

Also, why have 3 min turns at all? 10 minutes is already ungodly short of a turn, and the whole point of the game is to have fun and use skill to win, not just skip people.
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Actually, that's not karma. That's the rating system. On the upper right of a post other posters can rate your posts, from 1-5 stars. I have three atm, because i have enough posts that i have gotten a whopping 2 votes. Anyone with 5 starts likely has only one vote. (i pissed some guy off and he gave me a one a while back)

Karma is only for people with 50+ posts. You can only give or get it with 50+ posts.
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  Sweetleaf wrote: Thanks guys, much appreciated and reciprocated.

Unimarobj, mistacrabs, and Gargoyle are the three guys I play most frequently with. We seem to have a losing streak on Full Planet, though.

Was just introduced to mrdirtybones, and he's a solid guy, too.

I think it would be great to see Clans implemented. If not actually in an update, then at least a section of the website for it.

Just a tip- don't play me, twentyt, smelly death and _jnc_ teamed up against you. I think there were three games of that that we won.

Anyways, those listed above play well, so does anyone whose posted above this.
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And remember, if the 'post reply' button isn't there, then you are posting as anonymous, not yourself.
General Discussion » What to do if teammates are playing terribly » Go to message
The idea for a list of players who cannot join (or even see) games you make would be awesome.
General Discussion » Cheating in multi player games » Go to message
I find that some of the best games i play are 8 player FFAs, as long as no one drops out. Even if not as part of a plan to cheat, it causes major issues.

One way to prevent this is to only do FFAs by invite. One of my favorite matches was actually a 'team captain' match, where a buddy of mine picked three of his buddies and i picked 3 people and we faced off in a team game and a FFA.

One thing i find annoying though is when a person carries over a grudge from game to game. I might beat someone in another game, fair and square, but then they might join a multi-player game i join and then just attack me, and only me. Still, as long as they don't cheat, it's within their rights.
General Discussion » Skip Turns » Go to message
Or, the random game function could take into account more than just your points. It could pair new players with new players, and people likely to miss turns with others likely to miss turns. I almost never take random games, so i don't know much about them, but the 1 day rather than 3 days sounds a lot better, as very few premade games are more than 24 hours.
General Discussion » This is really small but.. » Go to message
I don't play that map much, so i don't know if it's true, but if it is true, then it should be fixed fast. Hard enough going last.
General Discussion » Dial 1-800-UNIWAR to make a donation » Go to message
However, a donations system couldn't hurt. I doubt it would take too long to set up.
What's New in the Latest Updates » v1.0.3 iPhone » Go to message
Black screen, no music, not a crash.

This just happened again, after about a week of good use. (i had to delete/re-sync the game to get it to work after update). I think that the issue is with memory clearing from downloading games. The itouch may have a memory usage limit on an app; once you download a turn for your game, uniwar may not be clearing it properly afterwards, causing a backup. After a while, the itouch OS might bitch out and not let the game load. That's my theory, based upon the fact that it just happened again. It is fixed by re-loading because deletion clears all the data forcefully.
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Don't play, but i'm on the forums.
General Discussion » Starting money » Go to message
Anon is rolando, he has logging in issues.

I don't think the increasing idea is that great, but maybe the final four to go (in 8 layer games) get more. This is one of the biggest balancing issues with turn based strat games, the first turn balancing.

Fullplanet does need some looking at to balance it for the final four to start though.
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