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The whole point of unrated games is so that those who don't want to play certain maps or match-ups have the option to play ANY race/map combo they want. Just because random games force you to play losing battles doesn't mean that you have to losing battles. You just won't be getting any points for the more fun match-ups that you want to play.

Common Sense 101
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Great job devs, great job. So apparently bot farming still exists, surprise surprise.
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I'm about to post a basic test run mafia game, after that we can move onto more advanced stuff.
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I can definitely see it working, BUT large problem, the maps aren't anywhere close to big enough to support that, and the max number of people in a game is 8. For alliances to work you'd need maps 4 times the size of Full Planet that allow 12 or more people to play on them simultaneously.
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If you enjoy the game then what's the problem with playing unrated game? The only difference is that you won't be increasing or decreasing your score on a not well known game ladder that no one aside from you and a small group of people are going to care about.

I apologize for the double post but there's this damned word limit.
General Discussion » Unfair players » Go to message
None of the maps can ever be perfectly balanced. The races will never be perfectly balanced. This is fact, even the supposedly balanced race/map combos are still unbalanced, their just slightly less noticeable. There are two reasons for this, one is that this is a Turn Based Strategy game focused around smaller maps. The terrain is different on all of the maps allowing for some races to succeed while other fail. (Think of Titans on Green valley). The second is that there aren't enough units in the game for there to be a counter-strategy for every strategy. The devs wanted to make three very different races, which they succeeded on, but because of this they aren't balanced. If you look at the two games that Uniwar was based off of you can see why they're balanced. Advance Wars had pre-made maps with pre-made unit selection. The scenarios were engineered to be perfectly balanced. Starcraft had 3 VERY different races, and Blizzard was able to balance it because they made enough diverse units for there to always be a counter strategy. (And also because maps where terrain doesn't benefit units won't vary as much.) Uniwar doesn't do either of these. (The second one it does badly.) I'm not saying that Uniwar is a bad game, it's the best strategy game on the appstore, but it will never be balanced until the devs actually sit down and brainstorm on how to fix it instead of adding minor aesthetic changes every six months.

Another thing, a few months ago the devs actually did make an attempt at fixing the imbalances and remove unfair players, they didn't do it well, but they tried. They made only random games rated. But of course the community bitched and moaned until the devs changed it back. Blizzard made the Ranked ladder based only off of random games and their community have never complained, so I have absolutely no idea why the Uniwar community has issues with it. And realistically random games are the most balanced form of gameplay. Yes, sometimes you do get a bad matchup. Sometimes because of the race/map combo you are going to lose. But then there's also that chance that you'll get the advantageous race and you'll win, so it balances out. But the better players are the ones who are going to come out on top, even when the race combo favors the enemy player. One of the complaints about the "forced random games" was that they couldn't play the race they wanted to. That's been adressed, so now there's no problem with having only rated randoms.
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Umm, that does not sound like random games. After you hit accept you need to go back to the current games menu and scroll down until you see the game. (It'll have 2/2 people in it) Select the game and you will have the option of Abandoning it.
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Did the devs not make all games with bots unrated?
Or am I just hopelessly confused and my memory is dying in my "old" age.
Tournaments » Uniwar Unofficial 2v2 Single Elimination 2011 Tournament » Go to message
Eh, as far as I can tell this tournament is dead and not happening. Maybe if Tournament has time during the summer.... or someone takes it over... but it doesn't look like it's happening, it's been months since this was started.
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Jesus Christ, wall of text much?
This explains it all, Owners names of the roles are more fantasy style, but you should be able to see the connection.
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Fail comeback is fail xD
And awesome minecraft sculpture... which reminds me... BUY MINECRAFT
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When I posted it all I could see was the part that said "A dead bunny" but not the actual picture due to forum glitches. xD
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You really should stop taking pictures from your family album, your mom might get mad and spit on you xD
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Heh, that actually worked for once xD
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Because talone is twice as good as you o.O
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