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I'm experiencing this now on several maps. The move after attack is of little use against titans. The titans just don't have to be in your range to destroy you.

Walkers and speeders are the dynamic duo against sapien. They both sit safely out of range of the battery AND the slow moving sapien armor. The helicopters do little damage against armor while the walkers do massive damage against air.

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Ok here is another example of Sapien armor:

I am Titans on this map. I have walker, two speeders an assimilator and a tank. My enemy has the same basically, I think he is saving for another battery.

He has his armor in front on a heal pad with an engineer behind it. He assumes that healing will keep it alive (what a joke)

I hit the UV, tank is a 9 life. Walker - 4 damage (5 left), speeder - 2 damage (3 left, speeder takes 3 damage), plasma kills tank, taking 0. My other speeder kills his engineer. I expect him to surrender now.

Needless to say , if it can't take punishment it's not a "tank"

Both a Titan and khralean armor would have survived that and healed back to full on the next turn. Only sapien armor is this weak.
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It's try that they are cheaper, and sapien do have EMP, but you are missing the point. All of those take time to set up and you will lose bases trying to do so. Remember these bases are close.

His turn, summon plasma tank.
Your turn, summon tank.
His turn, move up and get another tank.

Let's take your scenario of getting a marine to block, you lose because he summons walker on his turn, safe behind his tanks.
Engineer, same thing.
Marauders, well, it was a map with mountains so I couldn't get behind his tanks.
General Discussion » Sapien armor » Go to message
I guess my point is, it takes like 5 hits to kill plasma tanks or kralean armor but only 2 for sapien
General Discussion » Sapien armor » Go to message
Seriously, something should be done about the useless sapien armor. These new maps give out money but start you in close proximity with your Titan enemies. I went first and used my money to but armor, so did he. I moved in between the bases to give myself a chance to gang up, and let's be honest, you can't give titans time to build walkers. I also summoned another tank.
His turn, he moves up and attacks. HIs plasma takes one damage to my four. He summons another plasma.
My turn I summon an engineer and heal my tank to full (yay)
His turn, he moves his other plasma and attacks, doing 5!!! And takes one. His other tank kills my tank!

Sapien armor stand up to plasma tanks about as well as the Titan speeders.
That, and let's be honest, the tank has two barrels while the kralean armor has pincers, so how does the kralean have an air attack and not sapien armor?
New Feature Request » Burrowed Underlings - Cross Ocean. » Go to message
Or let sapien Infantry have ability to swim, but only one or two squares.
Sapiens » Sapien Help » Go to message
After walker is made, game becomes slow buildup that sapien will eventually lose.

But no worries. I am titans on several maps and I punished their marauders too, killing two so far with no losses. I understand the pattern now. Sapien forces MUST fight recklessly against titans. There is no hope for my sapien enemies, we will see how my own sapien armies fare, and who knows? Maybe my Titan enemies will lose. It's certainly their game to win or lose.
Sapiens » Sapien Help » Go to message
In several more Titan / sapien games now. They all go the same. First turn as sapien I build marauders to attack quickly. The field is big so armor is too slow. My Titan enemy builds speeders to counter, and they are tougher than marauders so I must pull back. Now I make a helicopter, and he counters with a plasma tank. He plants the tank between my copter and his base. Next turn his tank steps forward, but it's a big map and my bases are not threatened. Speeders up to flank, and walker is made.

New Feature Request » Ultimate Units » Go to message
Maybe the introduction of a single "ultimate" unit will help break up some of the long, build up games. Here are some suggestions:

for the Sapiens make an ultimate unit with a range of 6. Yes, give the sapiens a longer range unit. To give it to the titans is to obvious since they already have the range advantage. the sapiens would have one unit which could pick off the titans, forcing them to act. The titans would still have a huge range advantage comparably since the sapiens only get this one unit compared to their many walkers.

For the titans, I recommend something that flies but has little range. weapon does damage spash damage which even hits buried units.

New Feature Request » OLD POST - Six New Units To Be Created. We Need Your Ideas! » Go to message
I have some ideas for new units. How about for this for example?

Sapien Shield Generator: When unit is stationary, it generates a protective shield over itself and the 6 adjoining tiles. While it does not protect against underground attacks, or direct fire, it does protect units from long range (or ranged) fire from outside the shield.

Titan Sonic Disrupter. When unit is stationary, it will generate a sonic distortion, for two (or three) hex in each direction, which will slow units which must travel through the area. Also, the sonic vibration will damage subteranean units.

Khralean Spitter. Cheap light armor unit, which can tunnel underground. While it does not do very much damage against light armored units, and no damage against heavy units, it's unique "spit" will damage flying units considerably.
General Discussion » The Random Damage Factor » Go to message
I believe that people, especially higher up in ranks, are able to manipulate the random factor. For example, I am playing as Titans vs his Sapiens. The first shot fired in the game, by him, was his Sapien Long Range Battery, with no bonus to attack strength against my Titan Plasma Tank, which was on normal ground. There was no minus to my plasma tank's defense at all. There was no veterancy either, this was the first shot fired in the game. he did four damage to my plasma tank (4).

I have another game where I have four long range batteries against an enemy Titan. I fired three of the Batteries at his tank (same day) The damage was as follows: First shot, 2 damage. Second shot (this has a damage bonus, right?) 2 damage again. Third shot, 2 damage.

After this, I went back to the game where I am Titans, and saw that my enemy fired his battery again, but only hit me for three damage. THREE! Seriously, what are the odds on this? Even with damage bonus from multiple attacks I didn't hit for three damage. So, his (lucky random) shots are making his one battery nearly as good as 2 of mine in my other game. Making units maximize their damage is the key to winning, and if you can control the damage randomness somehow, then you would always win.

But how?

Well, I have found that when I am at work, in some places in the building I lose signal. I have stumbled across this annoyance while playing my uniwar turn a few times, and guess what? It said the game was (out of sync) and I had to reload. After the reload, I saw that my turn was undone and I basically got a do-over. This was annoying to me because it was not planned, and I do not plan on trying to do this on purpose. I work for a living and have far more important things to worry about than trying to cheat in some game. But, I can easily see how somebody who wanted to control their connection in order to ensure they could keep re-taking turns until they got the maximum (random) damage than I can see it being done.

Please kill the randomness, it can be manipulated.
General Discussion » Kicking Players » Go to message
Good evening

I have been in many games where my oponnent will just stop playing. after days of inactivity I am forced to kick them. Today I kicked 8 players just to free up my slots. So, why is it that when I kick somebody I get no points for the victory? I certainly lose points when I am kicked.

I am at a point where I am thinking of quitting because half the games where I am winning, they simply stop playing and take no loss. If all my oponnents figure this out then I will never get another ranking point because if I am kicked or lose I lose points, but if my enemy just stops playing he loses nothing and I gain nothing. eventually I will reach 0 points.

it is frustrating. right now I have 4 people who stopped and I am winning all four games. when I kick them I will gain nothing from the victory. just like many others.

games are set up as rated.
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