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What's New in the Latest Updates » Uniwar Balance Change » Go to message
Ok one other thing. Yes I know it's my rant on sapiens being balanced and all, but I have an argument about the swarmer being UNDERPOWERED. ?????? Ever heard of an infector unit? And covering fire? If a couple of swarmers get damaged, and you have like... 4-5 of them? Put 3 in front as a wall and repair. They are OVERPOWERED. All I ask is they make the swarmer or maybe figure out something with maybe a heavy unit, like the tank doing 2-3 damage to the swarmer each time it attacks. Not changing the swarmer and giving the tank a WEAK aerial capability... This is my reason for the tank aerial capability...
The thing about your addition nfong? Mass them until you have a lot? Or you can take a 3 or 4 garudas, put 3-4 swarmers behind the garudas and you have an OVERPOWERED unit moving forward. Did I mention the Infectors? Yea that is why there needs to be something done about this problem.
What's New in the Latest Updates » Uniwar Balance Change » Go to message
No that is not what I am saying. I play as khraleans and I take out a bunch of swarmers sometimes. The swarmer is very overpowered. He had 3 helis and I had 6 swarmers and 1 Garuda. I took him on with a wave of them and made him take 3 damage for 2. He damaged 3 of my swarmers with I think 5 damage with the 7'a and he damaged another with 8 with the full heli. I know these things are about support but sometimes the marauder cannot help: neither marines. On maps like peninsulas or rocky maps, where they cannot support quickly or you know. A swarmer does 1 maybe 2 damage everytime it hits a heli. It's cheap when u cannot counter a WAVE of them: I have gone up against waves of swarmers and lost. Even with repairing and weakening the swarm as a whole. I say again, they are overpowered. I don't have a problem with it as much because it has not happened to me as much I just think that it's cheap and I would like something changed about the sapiens lack of a 2 range unit. Yes the marauder is good om open maps, but I want something that is all around. I agree the marauder has it's advantages but it's has SEVERE DISADVANTAGES. I mean at least make an Aerial unit? The sapiens are seriously well, lacking support: you cannot just rely on expensive units to try and defeat an enemy. Now i have a different style of play than someone else but I still can win pretty well and effectively win against different players. I mean think about it; try playing with how I am talking about and they are landlocked. They cannot defend, and because of a lack of support on some maps they suck. Those are just my thoughts. YES, I know that is the point of maps, but something needs to be done... Maybe making the tank able to fight against aerial targets? Like an antiswarmer unit?
What's New in the Latest Updates » Uniwar Balance Change » Go to message
What I am trying to say would be that it could effect Titan units from the safe confines of maybe behind a tank or something; and It wouldn't be a straight line its just for the ability to disable those pesky walkers or tanks... AND... IT wouldn't be so powerful that you couldn't do anything about it... after all, its just for 1 turn and the EMP has to charge again for 11 turns I think?
What's New in the Latest Updates » Uniwar Balance Change » Go to message
Yea I WANT THEM TO BRING BACK EMP ON DA GO! no i could imagine those poor Titan players getting owned with that... yea no the other idea sounded pretty good with the armour piercing bullet, only that it might have a 1 range, and give 2 damage to anything: it would have a recharge of 5-6 turns, and that it could be activated on the run but only have the 1 range. Get what I am saying? so the marines wouldn't be an AUTO win but they could counter some things built by other races.

EDIT: however, then that would have an outwardly BAD effect as a bunch of damaged marines could destroy a tank... Yea there seems to be no end to the balance issues... Maybe make engineer EMP a targeted EMP? Make it a 1-6 range, (yes 6 range) for choosing which place to EMP? like so that if u have captured mechas, the emp could reach farther and affect less units but have a farther reach? Get what I am saying? of course this couldn't be on the go; ok it could be on the go, just having only the 1 range like the infector's plague power...

I am trying to figure out how to illustrate...

o o
o O o On the move EMP... Targeted EMP: O o o o o o o
o o

So instead of something like that it could have a BIG reach or, well a close reach... You guys do get what I am saying right?
What's New in the Latest Updates » Bad things about the new update, 1.3.0? i think that is it.. » Go to message
OK. I know I hate cheaters. I know that OTHER people hate cheaters, but taking away the ability to play rated games on different maps and ummm, well making all OTHER games unrated games is BULLcrap. I like playing for points, and improving my score; however my taste isn't in 1 v 1, its in 3 v 3 and other games. Now I have looked at the new system and I think it's CRAP! The reason why I say this is because I like my rated games in other maps that are OTHER than 1 v 1, like on Fullplanet and you know... now I posted something called ADMIN priveledges... they are given to the person who starts the game, so that he can kick the cheaters. Now this "Admin" cannot cheat by kicking everyone else, BECAUSE Admin "kicking" someone will not result in getting points from that guy or guys that are "Admin kicked." I believe that this is how you thwart cheaters and other boosters. Now for the topic on boosting with bots; make the games unrated with bots... because a lot of guys I play with seem to suck even though their level is pretty high... like the number of points is really high. So please, developers, I ask you to go back to the old system of the game and not make this game bad; i mean why would you have a point system for people who don't play 1 on 1 games?

EDIT: To get rid of cheaters, how bout you get rid of the login timeout with the login and stuff... when you first buy the game, you have to make your account and then login when you first enter the app. then that login goes away and you cannot edit it. Even if you delete the game and you reinstall it, it remembers your iPhone or iTouch device "code" or unique number... something like that... and it automatically thwarts those cheaters. You know what I am saying? Get rid of the LOGIN screen; make it a one time thing that LOCKS your account on YOUR iTouch/iPhone. Because not many people run around with 3 different iPhones cheating... Or make the 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 games random too with the "Open" decision but with random things for map choice... I don't know how you will do that kind of thing so just go with my idea. I love how you developers actually listen to us but this has taken it too far.
New Feature Request » Titan favorable balance? » Go to message
In some ways the Titan race is very well "balanced" compared to the other races. I would like to propose something else for the walker; first lower the damage that it can give to other units a tad, but here is the catch, maybe make it cheaper? What do you guys think? The reason I say this is that the range is far, so the power of it could be lowered just a little bit? Plus the price would be lowered a bit, maybe 550 or 650? The damage is still pretty good, it's just a little bit down...
New Feature Request » New Uniwar: Pros and Cons... » Go to message
I think there should be a vote kick feature where, you do not get any points for this kind of kick, and where it calls for a majority vote. Here is why: This guy named Ehud6342 is in the game, and the game runs very slowly. It is a game on Full Planet, and you know... So here is my rage against some things in the game. Slowly, one by one, people get kicked because they don't make their turns. But there was one player, an anonymous player, that had been online an hour ago, and the time on his turn was around the 30 minute mark before a kick. So that made me a Little Suspicious. It was a 12 hour game, yes I did get skipped a couple of times, but when I see something like "last online: 1 hr ago" and his turn is at the 30 minute mark, it is a little fishy... In hindsight I should've taken a screenshot because I never got that kind of proof again in that game at least... I had capped a few bases around the vicinity of mine, but because of the skips, I couldn't capture many. Ehud however, had captured all of the middle bases, and a good majority of the outside bases on Fullplanet, and reviewing the way the players went out, again I wish I had taken screenshots, but I didn't realize this until the last anonymous player went out... that he was deliberately controlling these guys... Or it appeared that way. All I ask is that you put in the new update, and this may be a mandatory update because this will add an option, for a vote kick. THIS WILL NOT AFFECT YOUR SCORE, like you won't get points for THIS kind of kick, but he will be gone... Tell me if you understand what I mean...
Also you might want to review Ehud6342 as well... his record does not show that he cheats, but it looked a lot like he was cheating.
New Feature Request » New Uniwar: Pros and Cons... » Go to message
Ok, I have to say Kudos for some of the new features in Uniwar; I think some things could be improved, or maybe there should be some more options you could turn on or off...

One: Damage Preview- I think this is good and bad; I did see someone say that it should be removed because of the fact that you LEARN as you play... but it definitely makes things easier and the previews are not always correct, so kudos for that.

Two, there should be a way to "speed" up the game; because it lags a little on mine. Mainly, the current games menu; I don't like how it is on that; the icons are fine for it, but I think you should be able to revert back to the old menu screen? I don't know if that is possible, but it should be considered? I don't know, just talking. If you cannot add an option to go to old menu screen, its fine; another thing is when it is not your turn on the game when you are "in" the game. When you touch a unit, it gives you a lot of possible attacks, I think this should be able to be turned off because it gets a little annoying. It was great at first, but then it just got in the way. So good and bad for this feature.

Here is also another thing i noticed; yes I am not a developer, yes I sometimes don't know what I am talking about, but I do know what I am talking about here. Maybe it is a result of the "press on an enemy unit to look at all possible attacks." Look, I think it is lagging the game a bit, with this, although it isn't always laggy, which goes back to my "option" to turn off this feature. Because it happens as I press a unit accidently, then when I move around or do anything for a few seconds after this. Just saying my thoughts on these things.
Sapiens » Marines: Underated? » Go to message
Yea? Well I think before the update, Marines were underrated; didn't they take one point away from their aerial attack? So they not as good now? Either I think they should put that point back, and downgrade the Khralean Swarmer; weaken its attack against things like um, battleships? I believe they are destroyers, but 5 of them can kill one battleship, which I think is a little cheap; yes I had more visiblility than them but I couldn't get into range to kill them, even with helis guarding them, because THIS GUY SWARMED ME. yea. Marines used to be underrated, now they just kind of plain out suck; give back their AA point and weaken the swarm's atttack just a tad bit. Because 5 Swarmers won't kill an air unit, but it will kill a battleship? Don't make any sense if you know what I mean.
General Discussion » Trustworthy Uniwarriors. » Go to message
I have a couple of people to add; One is M-27; he is great to talk to, not only about Uni-War, but about other things during your fights. Another person, eVIL R, he is a good guy to play with. While he is not the best, he hosts these fun unrated parties ( No, not what you are thinking lol ) that are on 5-8 maps, or he will play you by himself. Or if you ever want to play me...
What's New in the Latest Updates » Balance Changes... And The Topic of BALANCING THE SAPIENS. » Go to message
I know that nfong, not trying to offend you, but sometimes, the swarm hangs back too far away that I cannot attack it; so then you say, oh get more helis, well M-27 isn't stupid, he had i think 3-4 wyrms to stop me from charging him; because i did thwart an earlier attack by him; yes i used the attack first delio... But it was too the point of something like the American Revolution; Brits were able to win most of their battles when they had the support of their navy/rivers/coast etc. But when they moved just 20 miles away from their navy, and pushed inland, they were always owned. Of course, their advantage my navy was able to win almost any battle within 3 spaces of the river, but once you went outside the radius of 3 spaces from the river, I would always get owned. Kind of like that.
Sapiens » Map Strategy:Sapien Winning strategy on Full Plnet/ F.P Orig » Go to message
kk. I don't know what you guys think of this, but I have seen that having your army fight on the outside instead of commiting forces on the inside circle might help? Cause even though I lost a bunch of credits trying to defend a base in the middle, I still might be victorious, there are 3 guys left... What do you think? Is my Strategy stupid? Or good?

I think the Sapiens have an advantage on the outside: Khraleans and Titans kind of dominate the inside area, whilst you are able to move around the outside and own... Is it a player's strategy or is it the races advantages and disadvantages at work? What do you think?
Sapiens » Beating Titans » Go to message
Oh and the map i was playing on was starvation
Sapiens » Beating Titans » Go to message
I have actually found tanks to be effective- either this 1900 rated guy was a noob or he just sucked with Titans, i don't know, but he created a wall of plasmas, and had 3 walkers, but I picked a point in his wall, and killed 3 of his tanks with a mass of helis and tanks, and broke through with a couple of marauders and damaged his walkers- he had a few speeders and eclipses as backup, but i was able to just break through and i guess overpower? I don't know. Maybe out build? Cause he was killing me as i advanced.... I don't know. It was just funny because I won... And... I did have engineers move up with me. And yes, I used the EMP to kill the 3 tanks, although it took me a while since they kept on getting killed when I moved up, hehe getting mowed down by an MG anyway, thoughts about this kind of strategy?
What's New in the Latest Updates » Balance Changes... And The Topic of BALANCING THE SAPIENS. » Go to message
Never mind i found it. they do 2 damage while taking 8.
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