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didn't thought about Garudas. But you have to navigate very well with them Hydros have a greater range, and if they shoot first the garudas are also toast But it should work.

i'm playing random, so i can't really stay away from them. And did you play Rocky once? Small map, low income. Just defend against opponent capping and build something aquatic first. You have pretty much won. so when both players wait for the income, this is the most boring map out there.

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Hi guys,

I have a (complaint?) question about naval maps or better the aquatic units.
They hit like range units, take Damage like tanks, move like flying units and the move kill ability of the wyrm...

First of all, I'm still kinda newbish and currently hitting the 1900 ranks so... not famous at all
But I have played now around ~5 rounds on naval maps and currently playing another 4(which is not much i know) but the pattern is every time the same. Get your marine going and kill opponent.

The problem i have with this tactics is, i can't see any counter to it, beside build your own marine and kill opponent (and this is pretty boring)...
The only strat. i can think of, is a very early rush but there is the problem.
Titans can't rush, when you are at the opponents base he will have at least 1-2 naval units, so your ground units are dead.
Saps might have a chance with the copter but they aren't cheap further one copter deals ~2-3 dmg to a naval unit. in the next turn it will suffer a lot more.
Khrals and a swarmer rush is the only possibility i can think of which might be possible - but too less exp with it ^^ (but why build swarmer when you can have a lot of levis)

Any ideas or did i miss anything?
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i thought so also thats why i waited a little bit with this post.

currently 1693. 3 days ago a 1800 was removed and today again two ~1650 were removed... so...

So these two games were really annoying cause it was a quite a big elo loss

edith says: i got a flash of inspiration: put the command of units and the bases of the kicked player under the control of the next member (money can be lost or also transfered). and to prevent abusing this feature the kicked player should get a loss & the opponent should get the elo calculation as a surrendered player.

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im relatively new to this game bought it 1month ago. and i just love it. The only thing which is very annoying is the leaver rate (double skipped). Its like every 6th game or so there is a leaver in my or in the opponents field...

I know this leaverproblem is in some games, but some of them "prevent" this. So one way i think of to deal with this is a very simple one. Just put next to the elo of a player a "skipped out" count or something like that.
Additional there should also be a "backup" lets say pc version for those who crush their phone.

Cheers and happy destroying
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