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Live sync every move with confirm button before damage is displayed or fog is dissolved. Every honest player should accept this.
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I dont receive email notification when replies are posted. Anyway, I think that healing should be able one same race only. Not because of aesthetics but because when tou have same teams you have some disadvantage on versatility. This can be balanced a little bit with healing over the other team without same races. My idea is that it is the same army with two generals. If you ally with different race you are two armies and two generals. Does this make sense?
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I voted for separate ladder. No need to stop custom rank if some people like it. My idea for the higher ranked campers is that all the ranks should drop by time. That means that for ranks above 1900, a drop every week around 10 ELO will be a solution. Players that left uniwar or does not play will get out of the top ranks by time. Players who play constantly without fear have nothing to fear and will balance their games to this drop. I think that the points of every win should raise in correspondence how large is the decrease. I propose small point decrease every week so that the measure affect more the abandon or campers and not the active players.
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One more idea

1) Allied healing units should heal ally units (same race)
Healing units can capture allied units assimilate etc. but they cannot heal units of the same race that are allied
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I will add ideas to the list from time to time.

?) When artillery is firing all together it is unfair to have the same attacking power. New ability is needed and could be named Artillery Barrage. When the player fires artillery on a row the same unit (2 or more shots) it should gain an advantage. It can be similar to the attacking from opposit directions the same unit.

?) When attacking from close and then from distance the same unit (or from opposite directions), the attacker has an attacking benefit. This feature is not explained at all in the Uniwar campaign or instructions within the game.
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Dear Xavi,

If you have any questions about my points we can create a game but I think all my points are clear.
I may add here that Blitz uniwar could also be a free dowload game on app store in order to expand the gamers base and attract more players to buy the "full" game.
One small bug also is that for the Heli and Battery the info page does not display how many hexes can move after attack.
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Hello Uniwarriors,

I play the game for more than 4 years, I love it and I would like to request some new features that I believe will make the game (much?) better.

Requests with random order of importance:
?) Game observers (by game host's choice on unrated games)
?) Host can change the turn of play between players before start
?) Capture friendly bases (ally can reject)
?) Hexes can display their unique code number (With a button next to magnifier. This can make team chat strategy easier)
?) See buried units numbers from allied units (how many units the ally "sees")
??) Greek letters to be compatible on chat (greek numbering on the left of this post is not visible as well)
?) Faster replay ( replay now has normal speed and skip. It will be better to have a much faster speed with the ability to see what is happening though - normal speed is way to slow)
?) Replays can be watched at any time and from the start of the game (Now replay of only one round can be watched before player moves).
?) Game replay with all the moves can be watched and saved at the end of the game. That way teams and players can improve upon discussion of game animation. This is called 'chess notation' for chess games.
?) Blitz uniwar. Otherwise, super fast game with only 20-30 sec per move and you lose the game if your time ends. This type of game is played on chess as well and is called Blitz chess. This type of game should give the players a chance to play uniwar on the fly while they are both online at the same time. The ability for - let say - 10 minute game that can be played during a break is possible to attract more players to uniwar.

?) Gap hexes should not be allowed on the main body of the map. It should be used only on the perimeter or the edge. Range units should not be allowed to fire like there no gap over those hexes. There are maps that have gaps between map areas. There is no reason for that and titans have unltimate advantage. Furthermore, when a team conquers one area is impossible for titans to massive teleport mechas and eclipses to conquer this area. Even if there is no rated map like that, it should not be allowed.

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Simsverd, which players advance to the next round? Could you please tell me the current match up?
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I didnt read all the posts but if you want to complex the game, it is better to add a new race with six units. That is a fair addition without any risks.
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