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General Discussion » underling resurface bonus 6->4 » Go to message
This is such a noob balance update xD.
General Discussion » Hydronauts vs. Garuda » Go to message
To all you people saying how the hydros won't get overrun by garuda I'd like to ask them how many shots your hydronauts have? Mine have one per turn when I load the game up. It is possible to build 2.3 garuda for every hydro and you only need one hit from a garuda to nullify the hydro's effectiveness and it's easy to advance garuda so titan can only get first strike against one or two of them.

Once you have a few garuda and some sort of counter to eclipse then it's easy to put pressure on the titan bases which is a very difficult position for titan to play out of. I don't know what level of players you've been going up against asdf but I kind of doubt they're my level or the level of most other people posting here tbh xD.
General Discussion » Hydronauts vs. Garuda » Go to message
Montevideo you just need garuda. Make garuda at front first turn and then see what comes out of titan bases and react accordinling xD. If you see hydronauts just mass up some garuda, if you see a single eclipse make a wyrm, if you see dual eclipse make a pinzer, if you see tank make a squid for def before you do anything else. The only part you have to worry about as khral vs titan on this map is to not let titan get too much of a foothold on the land so you need to make sure you've got flying units if they go for ground units (this will force them to make extra def for walkers and slow them down).

If you go for squids and the titan goes for fast walkers or something like that you'll probably find yourself in a bit of trouble.
New Feature Request » Ranking System » Go to message
The current system forces me to be rude annd decline virtually every game invite because even 1900 players now would take over twice as many points off me as I take off them. It's just too much of a difference which makes it pointless playing low ranked players and detracts a lot from community play, whilst not actually preventing people from rating inflation in any way (iluvkim and ichiro as shining examples).
New Feature Request » Ranking System » Go to message
New Feature Request » Quitting before 3 Turns » Go to message
Apart from that it doesn't work in 3 minute games, lol.
General Discussion » List of Playable Maps » Go to message
Yea, basically any map where saps can't just make a heli then spam marines to beat you :o.
General Discussion » List of Playable Maps » Go to message
Any thoughts on gold rush now nfong? I know sapiens aren't really your specialty race but I'm hoping that game made my point about the map being pretty good for khral against saps xD.
Khraleans » Wyrm +Aerial Buff » Go to message
Not in the slightest xD. What's a latent attack?
Khraleans » Beating Sapiens » Go to message
Another useful trick... "the fishing pole". Place a slightly forward garuda off to one side where it is in range of only one enemy helicopter and see if they get tempted to hit it and then follow in with the rest of their helis :o. Critical to this again is underling placement as often they'll hit the heli when they're in a position to reinforce and start trading punches but if you have a sneaky underling then you can often screen off reinforcements and kill off at least one heli for the cost of a garuda.

With good positioning as well then you can repair the damaged garuda mid combat which will leave it worst case scenario at 6hp and shielded off from the helis going into the enemy turn xD.
New Feature Request » Titan favorable balance? » Go to message
Will you and your speeders get a room already nfong :p. They've got their uses in a lot of matchups and they're pretty dangerous to mix in against khral, I do tend to feel like if you're getting enough to take out a pinzer with them that your opponent is kind of doing something wrong though >.<.
General Discussion » Critical Flaw in Uniwars Undo Button Mechanics » Go to message
Yea, I'd prefer it if this wasn't fixed tbh as it would add a huge luck element with what you build if it was fixed (especially on close maps xD).
General Discussion » Too much luck involved in small maps? » Go to message
He didn't really argue but we didn't reach a concrete conclusion either! And yea, being forced to adapt is fine if you have units on the map to adapt with but if you only have four units in play then you can't really adjust your plan xD. Will see how things work out once the level editor is added and I can adjust the maps myself and proprose them as changes :o.
Khraleans » Beating Sapiens » Go to message
Back on topic, infectors and pinzers!

They do have uses which I'm slowly getting together although oddly enough only when you've established an advantage already or are trying to provoke a mistake when you're losing. I built my first pinzer vs sapiens on gold rush a day or so ago against camwolf and it amazed me that he was the right man for the job :o.

So when should you build these units? Often when trading punches with helis you'll find yourself with many weakened garuda all at the same time and if you're not ahead it's critical to keep producing more of them and repairing the odd stray one here and there as you're fighting. In those cases giving the enemy that breathing room of making non combat units will allow them back into the game and khral creates a far less static advantage than the other two races (it's hard to explain). If you manage to come out ahead on the exchange though and have multiple weakened garuda up against only 1-2 high hp helis and several marines then a fast retreat and then producing an infector to put everything back up to at least 7hp is pretty decisive. I've also got a game still ongoing from the very first ones I created as khral which is currently on move 92 where I think I've finally managed to claw back my awful awful start against this guy with several plague bombs, as he has given me two infected marines so far. I built the infector to try and look for a mistake and he gave me several windows for devastating plagues xD. In summary... healing garudas AFTER you've established an advantage is the time to build infectors, or to try and set traps when you're losing.

Pinzer shut down the game on gold rush as I'd just managed to take out most of wolf's helis which were around the top bases and he had a single heli with marine spam to try and catch me with my pants down at the bottom of the map. So yea, basically I'd beaten him on the top half of the map and my units were out of position and weakened but I'd saved for pinzer to allow me healing time. I'd summarise that again with if you're ahead on units but your bases are under attack and everything is damaged or too far away, then pinzer is great for converting your advantage.
Khraleans » Beating Sapiens » Go to message
My last post I was signed in on the wrong account, lol.

I'm trying to keep my khral and sapien accounts seperate but failing badly >.<. In any case, I'll be temporarily over the 2100 mark for the first time as khral in a few turns time so if I could get a quick cheer then I'd appreciate it :o.
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