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General Discussion » Players with no honor » Go to message
I think someone owes an apology, a walker can sometimes only do 1 damage to a tank!
General Discussion » What the fuck? » Go to message

It’s a simple rule, if you play against an opponent more than once, then you win less points each game in custom.

Its now irrelevant of the ranking differences. If you play a new opponent with the same ranking differences you get more points for your win, than a player you have already beat.
What's New in the Latest Updates » v1.2.1 for Android and iPhone (waiting AppStore approval) » Go to message
  lion3 wrote: Another nice feature would be this: I choose my race when I set up a game, but the other player does not see my choice until he also chooses a race. Again, maybe 2 hours of work.

Sounds like a great idea
Bug Reports » Unrated random game? » Go to message
Well, I have just been put in a random rated game with a 1533 player, I am 2490... his blue Khrals and I am red Titans on jungle...

I can lose up to 38 pts, yet win zero!!!

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  Solitary wrote: Jungle is unbalanced in lots of ways though, even down to being host favoured when playing same race matchups.

Disagree on that statement.... invite me if you want, and I attempt to show you... Agree Titans no good, although in my opinion both host and joiner have same chance, all depends on your strategy, and counter strategies.
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