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Hey Lion,

Have you played Ismael? He's a dev and very good with Titans vs Khrals. If not I suggest you invite him and talk about it with him in game.

I suggested a similar auto map handicapping system to him and to Kralux before they did the only random rated games thing, but they went with that instead. They might be more receptive now that didn't work (they thought it was an interesting idea back then anyhow).

I've found a much better way to get their attention is invite them to a game and have a friendly, respectful chat. They seem like pretty reasonable fellows if you do that, and willing to consider changes.

I think handicapping the maps with respect to high level results is the most likely way to get the game reasonably balanced too.
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I think there is at least one other somewhat effective build than the one you are using for Khral vs Sap at the moment Solitary.

It's a bit map/build dependent but basically it involves using an Infector to just threaten Marines with capture, reducing their ability to screen Heli's, Underlings to crowd the Heli's escape, and Garuda to wear them down early (and heal via the Infector) rather than one turn double team kill them.
Khraleans » Beating Sapiens » Go to message
So in short (with equal skill and with several maps based exceptions):

Sap > Khral
Titans > Sap

And I think you'll discover the third:

Khral > Titans

When you start with Titans.
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So you've changed your mind about the recent balance change making Khrals too good vs Saps then Solitary?
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Nicko I believe host Saps or Khrals (and probably Titans too) can always be defeated by red Titans on Wildplains.

Or at least I've always won with them, over many games, and I don't know a counter.
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PM Kralux about it...
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  Solitary wrote: Ermmmm, did you read all of that or did you get bored halfway down? I think khral have an edge against titan currently although it's not as drastic as other matchups but if my suggested change of lowered infector cost went through then the matchup would become more imbalanced, unless something went through to offset it.

No, I just think that chains of changes like that are likely to introduce more (unforeseen) problems. It's better to keep balance changes, small, incremental, isolated. Maybe make reduce the Infector cost 50, see what effect it has, THEN worry about flow on effects or reducing the cost further. Or even better, try to fix Khral vs Sap without affecting Titans (which admittedly may not be possible, but improving Khral vs Heli might be an option).

  Solitary wrote:
I also think the whole big map/small map thing is one of the reasons why it's so hard to balance the game.

Hence why individual / automatic starting credit handicapping for each match-up on each map is attractive.
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Saps / Khral - yeah maybe - kinda doubt it though because Heli's will still own. It does take away from the Marines bad-assery to have them nerfed like curently though. And bad ass Marines do feel right.

Saps / Titans. In an ideal world that build is too late IMHO. On small maps Sapiens should be blitzing to stop Titans getting to Walkers safely, and on large maps they should be out using superior speed to defeat in detail. If Titans get to protected, well positioned Walkers Saps SHOULD lose to them.

Khral / Titan - It ain't broke so ...
New Feature Request » A vague ramble about things I find annoying xD. » Go to message
Hi Solitary,

Thanks for starting the discussion. I think some of your suggestions are good, some confusing. I think it would help if you would state what exactly you think the problem is first, then why your solution would help.

  Solitary wrote:

Saps vs khral fix

Infector cost reduced to 200 and marine air attack put back to 4

Yes I know that's going to cause problems with khral vs titan, but the simple fact of the matter is that khrals unit costing is too weighted towards mid priced units and it's too difficult to slow the marine storm. Helis and marauders can both one shot an infector and there's no early units with good enough def to protect it, so 300 credits basically means you can't afford to build them on most maps as that's on average 1-2 turns worth of credits down with one move from one unit (and zero damage to show for it).

I kind of agree about the Infector to improve Khral vs Sap in terrain. Maybe it should be 250 because it is better than the other races equivalents.

I think the Marine air attack was reduced specifically because of the Sapien dominance in heavy terrain maps problem you noted earlier (I was play testing and discussing that with some of the devs around the time it happened). I think the reason they don't necessarily discuss it on the forums is exactly what you say - it gets confusing very quickly with players of very varied skill levels / bias contradicting each other constantly.

Marine nerf wasn't what I suggested (I suggested the extra Infector movement, and that underlings might attack air ONLY when emerging), but I'm not sure what reverting Marines would do except make that problem worse again.

  Solitary wrote:
Titans vs saps fix

I think battery def should be raised to 6 to allow more chances of pushing with batteries without them all dying horribly to walkers + uv. Atm titan only needs two assimilators to trade punches and clean up the survivors with uv in most cases, and it makes pushes impractical. This matchup is not that imbalanced on a lot of maps but I think that small tweak would make a difference in those situations where you know you're just waiting to get walkered to death.

I think the crux of this matchup is that Saps have to win early with fast mobile attacks, whilst Titans have to hold on and desperately defend early then have the advantage later on if they can manage that.

Assuming that is to stay, I’m not sure improving Batteries is the way to go. The main problem with this matchup seems to be what you mentioned before - Saps are OP in (small) heavy terrain maps, Titans are OP in open terrain with a decent defensive position.

The solution isn’t real easy, especially since it seems that the only changes will be made will be tweaking values (no adding special abilities, changing terrain bonuses etc).
  Solitary wrote:

Khral vs titan fix

Probably the hardest one, especially after my fix for sapiens and khral. I thought lowering the eclipse cost to 350 so it's a bit more usable for taking out infectors (and we know it's powerful again swarmers and underlings anyways). Also smash damage to underlings increased to 2, resurface bonus reduced to +4 and UV to affect buried units (as has been discussed in previous threads).

I don’t think this is right at all. It seems to suggest Khrals are OP vs Titans and need to be nerfed, which actually isn’t true IMHO.

I used to think buried underlings were OP vs Titans, but I have been shown by a much better player that they don’t seem to be. This matchup is actually pretty balanced if you know how to play Titans well (if terrain dependant). I can demonstrate (or you can prove me wrong) if you’d like to challenge me.

  Solitary wrote:
As well as altering the hundreds of maps with awful choke points… // … offer right now to redesign dead monk, wild plains, chato hill, scramble and laguna niguel and others to follow if there's a chance the adjustments would ever make it into the game (assuming they were voted more balanced by the community).

I think you have to accept that with three races that are so different in playstyle, largely affected by terrain, that it is very difficult to also have a large variety of maps that are perfectly balanced. It’s actually very complex, and I’d suggest you become an expert with all three races before you come to any firm conclusions.

I suggested that the maps be made auto self balancing – so if results in a particular matchup on a particular map are lopsided, then the advantaged player automatically gets a handicap of starting credits, until the results even up. They seemed to like the idea, but also have their own, so we’ll see what happens…

Also I will say that I've found the devs very approachable about balance, as long as you are respectful and demonstrate you know what you are talking about in game. It is easy for even very good players to be misguided about some balance issues though, so it takes a careful approach.
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I'll tell you what Solitary,

How about we both dial down the animosity and in future discuss things like gentlemen? Deal? Apologies if I was harsh with you.

Much as I enjoy a good argument, I'm not really interested in personal spats.

General Discussion » Solitary changes race!!! » Go to message
I shouldn't bite again, but I will.

  Solitary wrote: If that helicopter had taken two damage from the wyrm as statistically it was likely to then you would have been behind when the garuda finished it off.

It wouldn't have changed the result. That Helicopter didn't deal any further damage in the game. If it died, you still would have been down 1000 to 600, at best.

  Solitary wrote: Wyrm rush is a borderline build but it's required on dead monk because it's a sapien map and you need something offbeat to create winning chances, rather than gradual defeat. Nicko said he went up to 2000 ranked as khral without winning a single game on dead monk against saps and I believe he's better with khral than I am. I certainly believe there's not enough of a difference between us as players to justify the horrific defeats he had on that map when I was only ranked 1700 and something with less than 50 games played.

It's not "a sapien map". It just has a little bit of forest in the middle. If that's enough to unbalance a map, then the match up is unbalanced. Up until now Sapiens have been OP vs Khrals. That's what the recent patch (that you are arguing against!) is aimed at addressing. How well we'll see, but your example just makes my point.

  Solitary wrote:Trialing moves multiple times before I make them is what makes me a better player than you are, and is the reason I've been posting up strategy guides and specific builds and generally trying out set strategies to gauge objective strengths and weaknesses of each race. If you don't test things out then you're just guessing, which I suppose is why you don't tend to make any sense when you post your opinions xD.

The ability to calculate the likely outcome of various attacks in my head is what allows me to trounce you, easily. Say whatever you like, in practice you're proved wrong, and an inferior player. Regardless of any lame little tactics you use to try to gain an unfair advantage, you still lose. Does that make sense?

Dial down the arrogance, stop insulting people and accept defeats graciously, and perhaps you won't get beat down quite so bad.
General Discussion » Solitary changes race!!! » Go to message
Solitary, it's possible the recent balance changes will turn out to be ill informed. It's certain your opinion on them is.

If you had have killed that Helicopter, you just would have lost by a less hilarious margin.

And trialing your moves multiple times before you make them is a bit pathetic.

I don't have anything else to say here, so expect no further responses.
General Discussion » Solitary changes race!!! » Go to message
P.S. For the record, the reason I use an alt account is because originally I was going to have one serious account where I cared about rating, and one where I played just for fun, even if I knew it was an unfair setup and I'd lose for sure.

Then I realised I don't really care about rating, so I stopped using this 'serious' account, and don't really use it to play at the moment.
General Discussion » Solitary changes race!!! » Go to message
In the attempt to put his theories into practice Solitary just got owned on Dead Monk by yours truly, suffering 10:1 losses before surrendering in round 8.

Cue litany of excuses (map wasn't fair, it was 'close' therefore he's right, he doesn't know how to play Khrals 'yet', apparently the patch doesn't help Khrals on small maps, the weather pattern was wrong, dog ate his homework etc). All pretty comical.

My advice is not to presume to lecture the devs of a great game on race balance, until you know how to play the race you are lecturing about. Which (by his own admission) Solitary doesn't with Khrals 'yet'.

General Discussion » Solitary changes race!!! » Go to message
I make an occasional observation on your many pronouncements.

It's funny aLoN never said to me he thought Khrals were stronger. I know he enjoys playing them. Perhaps he does think that, you'd have to ask him.

Are you as confident in practice as you are 'in theory'? How about you accept my challenge then? I'm playing with an alt account 'Gilgamesh' at the moment, which you already declined to play once.

As I said, happy to be corrected in game.

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