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Tournaments » dan1's tourney number 2 » Go to message
Oh, Celeber is also here... Now i'm confused, don't know who i wish to win more
Let the strongest win!
Tournaments » dan1's tourney number 2 » Go to message
Vincent is already in semifinal! Go, go Soli, i wish you to pass to the final match and beyond
Tournaments » TP Semi Final Match1Game 1 The Wall vs Sdrawde(Finished) » Go to message
Wow! Such a ridiculous thing: Soli, do you really public this screenshots before they make their next move??
And they can see our thinks and suggestions before they moved?
Then we do bad deal to them - they see at our suggestions and have to do smth else to not look like they follow our advises.

I thought you always show us previous before latest screenshot and that u r so great actor to be seemed like you don't know how they will move )
But you really didn't!
Tournaments » TP Semi Final Match1Game 1 The Wall vs Sdrawde(Finished) » Go to message
As red i should cover red base with my battery to prevent Walker. Will be good to hit walker with battery because it is cheaper. Tank will protect battery and take all green's aggression.

If red deside to do it he should hit speeder with marauder. So green won't be able to use 5hp speeder for gaining gang up against red tank.

And i see necessity to build engineer, it will heal red tank and battery after it hit walker. But engineer needs 3 rounds to come up to commotion place, so it should be built asap.

There are two options where to move battery:
1) ordinar - to move battery where tank sits now, tank move forward

"+" battery and tank will be rather far and safe.

"-" Green can withdraw damaged walker to the safe place behind his base

2) aggressive - move battery and tank two titles towards green base.

"+" green won't have any safe titles for walker

"-" i don't see well defined addition threat compareing with ordinar option, but feel it is more dangerous.

However, second option seems to me more interesting.

So, marauder hit speeder and goes back to cover engineer, tank and battery go two titles forward, marine climbs to mountan and then he will be able to cover battery from desert (blue line).
Yellow lines is a track for engineer.

" target="_new" rel="nofollow">[URL=http://photomonster.ru]
Tournaments » TP Semi Final Match1Game 1 The Wall vs Sdrawde(Finished) » Go to message
I know Sdrawde and TheWall very well, they are my friends, but to not confuse newcomers i'll name them as "red" and "green" here.

This plan is still actual for green. If he'll build walcker then units on "A" and "C" titles will be protected from battery. Also green will control blue base and 6hp marine won't be able to cap it.

Tournaments » TP Semi Final Match1Game 1 The Wall vs Sdrawde(Finished) » Go to message
you just broke all my suggestions for green
I had such a good plan to build Walker and threaten red!
But i'll post it to think what red should do to prevent it:

Tank move to "A" to protect walker from marauda (it can reach green base in one round on left road)

Speeder moves to "B" out of battery's range and to prevent marauda attack on the right road

Mecha on "C" can protect both roads as far as he can be placed in front of p-tank next round or hit from mountain

" target="_new" rel="nofollow">[URL=http://photomonster.ru]

Tournaments » TOP PLAYERS TOURNAMENT » Go to message
3) Choosing maps
Here is a list of rated maps for tourney:
Dead Monk
Wild Plaints
Chato hill
The Great Wall
Starv ation
The Bog
Jungle – undesirable, too small (Thewall)
Hurtgen Forest
Green Isle
Forest Walk
A River Runs - undesirable, too big (Rainbow)
Rubicon Crossing
Land Bridge
Scramble – undesirable, too small (Thewall)
Gold Rush

Map shouldn't be too tiny or too huge. We should discard maps, in which we don't want to be invited.

For example: deadmonk unbalanced map at my opinion, but i'll be glad if someone will invite me to it during tourney. So no need to discard it. Someone may like this map : )
Tournaments » TOP PLAYERS TOURNAMENT » Go to message
3) Choosing maps:

In every tourney it is the most disputable issue. There two ways to resolve it:
1-st one – we choose one map, competitors can play only this map two times with the same race but different colors.
I think battles with the same races (especially khr vs khr) can be quite boring. So here is

2-nd way – I suggest not to fix special map for tourney.
Player1 inv Player2 to any rated map, which he thinks will give him advantage as blue
Then Player2 choose his favorite rated map and inv Player1.
This system gives tourney more variability and obliges competitors think more about map/race choose, not only about gameplay.

Tournaments » TOP PLAYERS TOURNAMENT » Go to message
2) Basic rule:

I think this tournament should be unrated. I don’t want hurt somebody’s 2700+ score with my poor 2500+ if I’ll win game (I hope I can)

Every round consists of two games:
1-st game – player1 invites player2
2-nd game – player2 invites player1
If they both get victory one after another, then who achieve victory in less numbers of rounds will win round of tourney.
Tournaments » TOP PLAYERS TOURNAMENT » Go to message
1) List of players on 11.10.2011:

1. Blight111 - confirmed
2. Johnalei - confirmed
3. Kuanren - confirmed
4. Rainbow - confirmed
5. Elroyomj
6. Thewall - confirmed
7. Vincent0923 - confirmed

Pairs of players:
Pairs can be chosen alphabetically, players with two closest first letters in nicknames will fight each other. Or smth else.

Tournaments » TOP PLAYERS TOURNAMENT » Go to message
There are three issues which we have to decide:

1) Who will participate? Pairs of players
2) Rules. Conditions of victory.
3) What map/maps shall we play

If you have something to say about this issues, write its’ number and then show us your suggestion.

General Discussion » 30+ pages of open rated games » Go to message
I'm for limit too. My opinion is that time limit for open game should depends on game type:

- open 3 and 10 min games should be deleted immediately after host player goes offline (or may be after very short period of time)

- open 1v1 and 1v1v1 games should exist not more than 10 days

- open games for 4 and more players should exist much longer. Me and my friend Unisolitudes recently joined to one team game, which was created 28 days before. After about 4 days it began and i'm enjoying it now.
I didn't list all those pages to search it, I just sorted games from closest to my rank.
General Discussion » 302,583 registered players » Go to message
Yes, i generally agree with Sphink. I have current game with guy who wasn't online about 300 days. i don't skip him coze i want to see will be he deleted for his passivity at all, or not.
I think time limit for not using account shouldn't be so severe - we don't know the reason why smbdy stopped to play. I think it should be half of a year.
Time limit is necessary.
Tournaments » drdrew tourney. » Go to message
ethankm and nfong, looks like you've passed to the final round.
According to the first rules ethankm should invite nfong
Tournaments » drdrew tourney. » Go to message
drdrew, where are results?
Who is the Winner?
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