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New Feature Request » OLD POST - Six New Units To Be Created. We Need Your Ideas! » Go to message
Hm... 8 good unit ideas came to mind

1-3: All Races get 1 AQUATIC or AERIAL Transport unit, which can transport (maybe) up to 2 ground light units OR 1 ground heavy unit. Of course if the transport dies then all the units that are being carried die too. Also, maybe if the transport is carrying a support unit, it could heal nearby boats faster (pretty much an aquatic engineer). I think 200-400cc is a good price for these types of units

4: (Titan) Aerial unit: I would suggest something moderate (Maybe the same strength as a guardia) I think 300-450cc would be good for this unit.

5: (Sapien) Sniper: A ground light unit that has 1-2 range. Is stronger than the common marine, but is less mobile. (300-350cc)
----------------- ------OR---------------------

5: (Sapien) Jets: Very Mobile aerial unit (13-17 mobiltility), that is very effective against other aerial, aquatic and ground heavy units. However, it is weak against ground light units. (600-800cc)

6: (Khraleans) Quiller: Ground Light, very powerful against aerial units, but is ineffective against other unit types. (250-450cc)
----------------- -----OR-----------------------
6: (Khraleans) : Some sort of aerial unit that is somewhat effective against normal units, but is mainly ment for taking out boats (200-500cc)

7: (ALL) Or.. Maybe each race could have some sort of highly mobile special unit that can bound any targeted unit for 1 turn (Example, a khral unit could net a helicopter for 1 turn, this unit would become inmobile for 1 turn, but can still return attacks if attacked. Also, maybe if the ability is used on aerial units, they can be attacked as if they were ground units)

Here's my Ideas...
Sapiens » How to defeat Kharlean air? » Go to message
Is it just me, or did Marines use to have 4 attack vs air and now have 3?
Sapiens » Helicopters Vs Titans » Go to message
I've noticed on the forum that people keep on saying that helicopters are ineffective against titans, and to never use them. I disagree with what people have been saying, I use helicopters all the time vs. Titans and win frequently. Tips on how to use helicopters.

Tip 1: GANGUP BONUS!!: The best use for a helicopter is for the gang up bonus, bring the helicopter around and hit the plasma tank with it, then retreat it back. From the other side, nail that plasma tank with a tank, using this strategy generally inflicts 6-4 damage on a plasma tank, while only taking 1-3 on the helicopter and 2-3 on the tank.

Tip 2: "Jumping the Helicopter": This is best used on heavy forest maps, if the enemy has a walker set in the back and the area is blocked off by land, use the helicopter. If all possible, try to fly to the side and attack an enemy that wont do much damage to the helicopter, use then use the helicopter's ability to move even closer to the walkers. Generally this puts you 1-3 spaces within a walker if you do it right (don't be afraid to have you helicopter get hit by 1 walker, it only does 5-4 damage)

Tip 3: Provide Cover: After you attack an enemy titan on the frontline, you can retreat 2 spaces. Sadly, even if you move your helicopter behind a tank, eclipses can still hit them. Do NOT attack an enemy titan when eclipses are near by if you are not going to kill an enemy unit and fill the gap.

Tip 4: Engineers are your friend: Retreat helicopters and mass 3-4 engineers to repair them, this puts pressure on titan players.

Tip 5: Don't Overdo it!: NEVER NEVER NEVER helicopter spam, you need a balance between Engineers, Helicopters, Tanks, and Batteries.
New Feature Request » Defense units + superweopans + new units » Go to message
I do like the idea of new units and defense turrets, that would definantly improve gameplay if it can be added in a balanced mannor. Turrets would be good for that extra base support, while new units could definantly spice up the gameplay. However, I do disagree with the superweapons, it just seems unfair to me. Good thinking though
New Feature Request » If a new race had to be added... » Go to message
Lets just say, that a new race had be added into the game and you got the option to choose. The addition of this new race will not affect the game's balance, but will alter the assimilating style. Which would you choose?

Some Detail on the Races:
Rouge/Thug Humans (Rouges): Outlaws/Gangsters, tend to use stolen, makeshift, rundown vehicles and weapons. Special ability: Smokescreen (activates an unremovable fog in a 3 hex radius for 2 turns, units in the "smoke" can still move and attack, but cannot see more than 1 hex through the "smoke")

Infected Sapien/Khralean Alliance (Earth Alliance): A mix of infected sapiens and Khraleans, uses organic/mechanical hybrid "vehicles".
Special ability: Infectious bile (A friendly healing ability that is used like plauge, but it spreads and heals friendly units by 1 every turn, however it's removed if the unit is attacked)

Intelligent, Industrialized organic Aliens: Use high tech war machines and hybrid infantry
Special ability: Improvision (when used on an enemy, it steals 1 hitpoint from that unit. Then the "engineer" can use the stolen hitpoint to heal any friendly unit by 3)

I know its a bit far fetched, but lets just say one of these races can be put into the game without any balancing problems, which would you choose? If you have your own idea for a race please say so!

New Feature Request » Objective Towers » Go to message
Since the map editor is going to be added into the game with the new update, the Uniwar team should add objective towers to the map maker's options of hexes. I was thinking that the towers could be customized to do multiple things like having over 10 hp, attack enemies, give credits, capturing one or more could trigger a win/loss, etc. Of course all of these things could be customized to the map maker's will.
General Discussion » What would be your most wanted new unit type? » Go to message
What type of unit would you want to see in the next Uniwar?
New Feature Request » Uniwar2? » Go to message
Just wondering when or even IF Uniwar 2 is coming out. Can't wait to buy it when it (or even if) it comes out.
Sapiens » The strongest Sapien unit » Go to message
Choose the unit you think is the most useful (excluding aquatic of course)
New Feature Request » Uniwar2? » Go to message
Wait... they said they were going to stick with the 3 race system, could that mean instead of saps, tans, and bugs they will have entirly different races? O.o
New Feature Request » Another race poll » Go to message
Personally I think like a group of bandits or mabey humaniod aliens (by humaniod I mean they walk on 2 feet) I dunno, mabey they will do that for uniwar 3
Sapiens » Helis strategy » Go to message
When I use the helos, I tend to attack weakened units, clearing up enemies and taking no damage. I tend to use marines against the khraleans and then kill any weakened swarmers and guardias with the helo. Usually a swarmer with 7 or less heath does not damage a helo. The dumbest thing you could do with a helicopter is to attack a guardia directly. Guardias tend to lose 5-6 health while the helicopter loses 5-4, its not worth it. When im playing against Titan players, I attack a plasma tank with a normal tank first, and then use the helicopter to attack the plasma tank with a gangup bonus. The tank can lose up to 3hp while the helicopter loses 1. I hope this helps you
New Feature Request » Another race poll » Go to message
who thinks that uniwar should add another race?
General Discussion » Create you're ultimate army (Just for fun) » Go to message
Dude what if this was a game mode for uniwar? Like normal mode and this. That would be awesome!
(oh btw my army would probably be)
Maur ader
Batt ery

Best army ever!
General Discussion » Attack and Defend calculatoins » Go to message
Alright this one thing has been bugging me for a long time. Lets say that a sapien tank attacks a plasma tank, both tanks being on normal dirt (so they lose no defense or attack). I just dont get how a tank with 9 attack can do (usually 2)damage to a plasma tank with 14 defense. I just dont get the calculation behind that. Please respond!
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