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Messages posted by: Nicko
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Guides & Tips » Chess Proverbs for Uniwar Players » Go to message
I enjoyed reading this
Guides & Tips » Gangup bonus » Go to message
I'm just going to save that diagram for now...
General Discussion » Skipping my own turn!! » Go to message
One's on the right and the other is on the left. I really don't know what you expect people to say to you...?
New Feature Request » Let's bring back the 1000credits/base option! :) » Go to message
I don't want it because some idiots are bound to vote it up and I'm going to end up as sapiens against titans on it..
New Feature Request » Our Balancing Salvation! » Go to message
After finally getting some games as titans I understand all the complaining about buried underlings. So yes, while I can't decide on what buff to do, titans DEFINITIVELY need something to counter these.
I'm still very much opposed to titan eclipses buff though. Like someone said use the fact mechas have much higher defense than most infantry units, use them as meatshield (and they do quite a bit of damage to swarmers on good terrain).
General Discussion » Random games reform » Go to message
I agree to all of these.
Sims, for 1) it's kind of the same issue as starting position. Why can the initiator choose what he wants but not me? On my alt most of my games I got titans, and you know how I hate them...

One last point, it is kind of related. I don't remember if sims said that the devs worked on it, but is it possible to reform the way custom maps get rated?
General Discussion » Sept 10 changes... » Go to message
I agree on the battery price change being a bit too much, as well as plague being kind of problematic.
I'd just like to point out bumping the plasma tank's mobility to 7 is kind of too much. It's supposed to be it's only weakness, please leave it.
New Feature Request » Our Balancing Salvation! » Go to message
But if sapiens can't use their marines in forest heavy maps, how are they to counter heavy aerial khralean armies? I dunno, the infector mega buff is really the only thing holding me back ATM, except to give it a range of 2 + cooldown. Plague isn't worth 300 credits loss..

The sapien buff I REALLY like. Finally give their artillery something special like the other two! a +1 defense is always welcome, especially since they're so flimsy.

UV on buried is kinda necessary at this point, but the problem of speeders moving after landing on an underling specifically is that it makes it way too easy to detect underlings then. At least THAT easier.

I read these from your last posts but does that mean that we forget the rest of your suggestions?
Guides & Tips » Course for Young Warriors » Go to message
I'm on the ground laughing at how religiously this was written.
Props to you for imagination. Didn't bother reading it all so I can't say much more.
Bug Reports » moving opposing player's units » Go to message
Wow, really? Now that's a funny bug. Someone should report that to xavi. Sims?
New Feature Request » New Features On Uniwar: Terrain/Units/Gameplay/Skills » Go to message
I'm sorry but what about the eclipse? The tank is supposed to be a wall, not a unit that deals 4-6 damage on a garuda. It's just TOO strong for what it does.
New Feature Request » Random Suggestions for game exoansion » Go to message
I do think that adding more gamemodes would do the trick.
On an unrelated topic, they need to stop making it possible for EVERYONE to vote on maps. That's the main thing that's keeping me from playing ranked these days...
New Feature Request » New Features On Uniwar: Terrain/Units/Gameplay/Skills » Go to message
Rude is my middle name baby.
But wow, I agree to every single one of those changes Cam. Plasma dealing too much aerial, plague being nigh useless without an infected marine. The battery def needs some kind of buff. But the underling I'm not sure lol. It would only be for gangup then
New Feature Request » New Features On Uniwar: Terrain/Units/Gameplay/Skills » Go to message
No. Seriously, just NO.

I don't want to in-app purchases as UNBALANCED as THAT to come into uniwar. Never, you hear me? It will only piss the people without money off and it will completely break the balance in place.
Although some of your unit ideas and game modes are cool, who WANTS to PAY for those?! I'm sorry but fuck that.

Also adding mobility or damage or "kamikaze" is one of the biggest stupidity I've heard in a while. And you want to make people pay for it.

Go learn to play and stop asking the devs to empower you because you have extra cash.
General Discussion » Worst "Special" Unit » Go to message
they may be harder to get, but that's because once you have them you gain the ability to plague bomb without losing 300 credits.
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