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General Discussion » What happened to HD Version?!? » Go to message
What happened to the map editor?
Just take consolation in the fact that the game didn't actually die
And that the devs are definitely still working on it

Thank you come again.
New Feature Request » New race or add a new unit or two to each race? » Go to message
My response:

Also in that post I address "nuke" units, which you thankfully didn't suggest. However, I feel similarly about new units. The game is an iphone game, and it should be simple. So far, the devs have done great adding enough complexity to make the game fun to play, but also having a beautifully easy interface. If we had a PC online version (hint hint devs) I would be all for having a dozen units to each race, but it isn't for pc, it's for your tiny little ipod screen.
General Discussion » Another new change! (sap tank) :D » Go to message
I would like to preface this by saying that I am ridiculously happy to see that the devs are active. Even if they might not be reading the forum, they are still working on uniwar!
In addition, the changes they have been making have all been good, however, I hope they don't just keep buffing things; sometimes things need to be nerfed too. for example, I would have been just as happy (maybe even happier) if they have weakend plasma tanks a bit instead.
Also, I agree with nfong, the battery IMO is one of the weakest units in the game.
Sapiens » Sapians Weak? » Go to message
  waxoid wrote: Heli range 1-2 attack... hmm, that could be a good balance move. Makes sense given they are firing from the air. But for it to work, they would still have to have their move-after-attack special ability, because that's core to Sapiens offense. A side effect would be that enemy forces would fear them more and therefore concentrate their fire on the helis even more strenuously, and as a result helis would be weakened, so to make up for that I think you'd have to bring Heli repair rate back up to 2 as well and maybe boost defense up to 11. That's probably good. It's possible helis still need an additional special ability, but have to think about that. Also probably drop the price to 400, it is only a flying unit after all. I'm not sure how Khral players would see it but sounds like a pretty reasonable set of buffs to me.

If you aren't being sarcastic, I don't know what is wrong with you.
Sapiens » Sapians Weak? » Go to message
I agree, I have always felt that the sapien's artillery unit was weak, but I also don't like artillery as a whole (I feel it slows the game down too much, as it is 80% a defensive unit). However, the artillery isn't the only unit in the game, and the heli more than makes up for it.
Another thing to mention is that they have (by far) the best ship, however it is hard to figure this into the overall balance as many maps don't have docks at all, and in those that do, ships can play more or less of a role depending on how much of the map is water and how it is shaped.

The bottom line is that each race has maps which they are better at, so the races will never be balanced unless there is only one (which wouldn't make for a very fun game)
General Discussion » New Player Questions » Go to message
My suggestion, in addition to everything said above, is to play a couple unrated games with each race, and get a feel for their strengths and weaknesses. This is one of the few aspects of the game that can only be learned well through experience. Never be afraid to lose a match; as long as you understand why you lost, you have still gained something.
General Discussion » Uniwar taken down from app store? » Go to message
Looks like my panic may have been a bit premature. I have done some more searching, and found an article about javaground going under that is over a year old (http://cabanamobile.blogspot.com/2010/02/javaground-to-halt.html), and it says that their creditor was giving them ten days to come up with the money. This means that the deadline was passed a long while ago, and Uniwar is still going. Xavi's last post, in fact, was from about 3 months ago, which means that UniWar, if not javaground, survived the debt situation. I wish one of the devs would get on the forums and let us know what is going on. Here are the facts as I see them:
2/5/2010: Javaground is reported to be in debt, and in very real danger of going under within 10 days (http://cabanamobile.blogspot.com/2010/02/javaground-to-halt.html)

7/15/2010: UniWar is released for Android (http://wireless.ign.com/articles/110/1106432p1.html)

11/20/2010: Date of Kralux's last post (http://www.uniwar.com/forum/posts/list/887.page#5979)

3/4/2011: Javaground USA, INC. is listed as dissolved in the California State Business Portal, and both http://www.javaground.com/ and http://xpressed.com/ are down. (http://www.startupgazette.com/2011/03/irvine-based-javaground-foreclosure-of-a-mobile-games-dream/)

4/5/2011: Date of Xavi's last post (http://www.uniwar.com/forum/posts/list/1067.page#6834)

5/20/2011: Date of Uniwar's last update. (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/uniwar/id311456818?mt=8)

7/17/2011: Today's date. Both http://www.javaground.com/ and http://xpressed.com/ are down.
So: the debt thing happened a while back, no news on how it got sorted out or what the outcome was, but uniwar was still going strong, with a release for Android not long afterwards. Javaground USA, INC is listed as dissolved, and Javaground's website is down. However, there have been updates after this date also. My guess is that Javaground's office in california was dissolved, but development was continued by one of their other branches (one of the articles mentioned offices in italy, i believe). It would have been nice for the devs to let us know this, instead of having us find out by ourselves and panic like we did. It appears that the game is alright, but the fact that the Javaground site is down still worries me.

TL;DR version: I think UniWar will be alright, but it would be great for the devs to get on the forum and tell us what is really going on.
New Feature Request » UniWar 2 Suggestions » Go to message
Wow, these are some pretty good suggestions for a change!
I like the "double credits base" idea. This would probably work best if it's stats were the same as the health bases (3 movement cost, 0 def and 0 att)
The commander idea sounds cool also, though what it sounds like you really want (and what I really want) would be some new game modes, as we currently only have Team death match and free-for-all.
General Discussion » Uniwar taken down from app store? » Go to message
I was afraid this was coming :(

Both of the sites (http://www.xpressed.com/ and http://www.javaground.com/) appear to be down, and this forum could be next. I'll be creating a backup forum with a free host so that if this forum does go down also, the community will not be completely lost. I have registered http://uniwar.freeforums.org. Please bookmark this page, but continue using the official forums for as long as possible.

Interestingly enough, when digging around on the web I came across a funny quote: (http://www.uniwar.com/forum/posts/list/544.page#3236)
  kralux wrote: As the CEO of Javaground, I can tell you that this game will stay alive as long as the App Store is alive.

In fact, we are even in the process of greatly expanding our reach with many more handsets.
So tell your friends that there soon will be no excuses to not playing the game regardless of their handset.



It's sad to see how people's dreams can fall apart so easily. I am not mad at the devs, javaground, or anyone else, I am merely sad that a great game like this has such an uncertain future. Hopefully another company will pick up Uniwar and continue development!
How to make the uniwar.com website better » Moderation....!! » Go to message
  simsverd wrote:
And i am sure there are volunteers amongst the players...

Technical Support Questions » Can't verify email » Go to message
In the "about" page in the app it says:
For game play related support, contact us at support[at]uniwar[dot]com
I would suggest emailing here, though don't be too optimistic about a response as the devs don't seem to be very engaged with the community. I don't expect them to spend all their time answering our stupid questions on this forum, but it would be nice to have them check in occasionally, especially in cases like this.
General Discussion » Bluecar and some of the other cheaters in this game?? » Go to message
  Prestige wrote:
Most of the other players are just horrible...... They only play CERTAIN maps and even those unrated....

If you are playing a certain setup a lot of times, wouldn't it be the courteous thing to do to set the game to unrated?

  Prestige wrote:
Hahaha lmao and how is that cheating?
So the bot is in the same position and I enjoy playing that map, does that mean you're cheating if you constantly put up desolate as a custom rated?

wait, you just said that playing a certain setup repeatedly made you a horrible player...

  Prestige wrote:
Something should be done about this so that the players working very hard towards their rank can be in the top, where they deserve to be, not down there only because of some cheaters who lack the basic game mechanics and yet are at the top.

Ok, so you are against the current ranking system, and would then agree that it is not a good measure of a player...

  Prestige wrote:
Please talk when you get a higher rank, right now you're nothing but a wanna-be

but you dismiss anything someone says if they aren't ranked high enough?

I think you need to pause, collect your thoughts, and decide what you are actually arguing for.
General Discussion » Random game flood » Go to message
Please read these pages, they should fill you in on the community's current knowledge of the problem.
I know that the amount of posts in these forums is just overwhelming, but try to look for someone posting a similar problem before you. The search feature (available below the navigation bar, on the left) should help you do this. The few people who frequent this forum get tired of answering the same questions over and over again, hence the links.
New Feature Request » Naval improvements » Go to message
I know I have said this before, but I'll post it again here just because I am bored:
Uniwar, as a mobile game, should remain simpler IMO. I agree that more units would be awesome, but it should be saved for Uniwar2, which should be a PC game. This would give you lots more screen area, and would allow for much better controls.
New Feature Request » Naval improvements » Go to message
I personally think that uniwar is good the way it is. Ground warfare is the main part of uniwar, and the naval units are meant to be a sort of "superunit" (as much as I hate to say that word) as they require a whole separate base just to make them. You will notice in most maps the naval bases are few (piriapolis, montevideo, butterfly) and meant to be fought over (a river runs, clash). Yes, there are a few maps that break this rule, but you will notice they aren't played as much.

TL;DR: they are meant to be a sort of support unit, not your main battle unit.
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