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Messages posted by: IzzyNobre
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Guides & Tips » unfair advantage for second player? » Go to message
...on the other hand, Player two knows what race Player one chose, and therefore can pick a race with an edge over it. It's almost like playing rock paper scissors already knowing which one your oponent will choose...
New Feature Request » Push notifications please » Go to message
I've been plugging UniWar shamelessly on Twitter, hoping to score some new people to play with. So far at least 5 of my friends bought it and we're playing games constantly; this is definitely the way to play this game.

ANYWAY, every single one of them said the same thing - this game NEEDS push. I'm really glad the devs are already looking into it
New Feature Request » PC Browser Uniwar - Same server as the iPod/iPhone games » Go to message
Absolutelly amazing idea. This type of cross-platform gameplay isn't explored as often as it should. UniWar would be the perfect game to do it. Devs, consider this idea.
New Feature Request » Movement animation and instant replay » Go to message
Hey there, guys!

I was wondering - it's a little lame that the units "teleport" instantly to their destination. Wouldn't it look a lot slicker if they actually moved/marched/flew/slimed there?

Also, about the replay. It's a little cumbersome to have to always navigate the menus to replay the enemies last turn. Wouldn't it be an easier solution to have the replay happen every time you come back to a game when it's your turn?
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