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Sapiens » Counter to speeder swarm? » Go to message
Yep. Titans generally win this matchup. Engineers and tank-engineer combo are strong for initial pressure on smaller maps, but if you know map is going to a big speeder battle engineers get less useful. Though remember that EMP also freezes Titan unit zone of control, so sometimes even freezing one unit opens up a weakness in the defense for jeeps to slip through that the Titan player missed.

Primarily it's a mix of tanks, jeeps and batteries (+ marines on terrain). You want tanks to control space (via threats to speeders, with jeeps cleaning up wounded speeders), and to protect batteries. You want to preserve situations where if walker is firing on your units, you are at least also firing on his with battery. So of course Titan wants to gain space by threatening your batteries with walker range, but you get to fire and reposition. You want to preserve counter-threats where if he presses you for space like that, you can retaliate with battery / tank / jeep combos. If the counter-attack is strong enough and you can defend them, you fire battery(ies) and move after forward into 4-range so walker fire would be a trade.

Of course in such counter-attacks explore all possibilities for hitting walker with a jeep. Even if it is just a trade where you lose the jeep and only get one 4-point bite on the walker, you want to take it and try to convert to a space win i.e. rush as hard as possible after getting a bite.

You have to pressure hard from the beginning to claim as much early space as possible, and whenever there is a slip-up you have to capitalize hard. This is a race to find a weakness. Starving plasmas an obvious tactic, but speeder spam is mobile and your answer involves slow tanks. (I've floated the idea of considering tank mobility 9 for this reason.) When you are on the offensive, this is where an engineer near whatever is the most exposed base can potentially come into play with EMP and reprogramming threats.

Helis are an interesting question. On the kind of map you describe, I would go light on (avoid) helis unless terrain where it clearly outclasses eclipse and you can sustain/increase early pressure with it (once there are a lot of mechas on terrain the helis get less interesting.) On the flip side, where you can get some terrain advantages (over water in particular) or where map size might be larger and there are very large buildups, heli swarms can get quite interesting when they are large enough to pound through plasmas...
Bug Reports » Trouble staying logged in to the site » Go to message
Chrome 43.0.2357.134 on Mac 10.10.4 I often fail login (after I hit ok still shows login options vs. "welcome waxoid", and I don't show up in "online" list on ladder etc.) Yet it seems to be letting me post this...

Also for a long time the "Remember me" checkbox has not been remembering me. That would be nice.
Guides & Tips » Teams » Go to message
To elaborate, team 2 currently gets compensated twice for blue's first move advantage:

(a) Blue does not earn credits on first turn
(b) Team 2 gets to move 2nd *and* 3rd, meaning the first chance to make a team double-move, so they get first crack at creating pressure and can gain space and initiative

The combination of the two is potent, as the pressure in (b) is likely to target blue's anemic starting position due to (a). The current sharp map in sneaky snakes really highlights this.

In reality, either one of these seems like reasonable compensation for blue first mover advantage on average, and I suggest team 2 shouldn't get both.
New Feature Request » UPDATE - New units ! » Go to message
lol. Definitely some similarity!

Frequently Asked Questions » Pinzer Thumbnail in Chat » Go to message
you mean in the new client? type "pinzer", can't keep it from doing it.

I recently had to confirm that "plasma tank" is translated as both a plasma symbol and a tank symbol in order to understand that a team member wasn't advocating the building of both.
Guides & Tips » Teams » Go to message
yeah, facing this in sneaky snakes.
What's New in the Latest Updates » Proposal for a new icon - We want YOUR feedback » Go to message
I like the woman. Geeks like girls in general. I say go with the she-sap as it might draw more players/business, which is the goal here. I imagine her tearing a marauder through canyons, touching up her eyeliner in the rear view while slaloming through a rain of swarmer venom.
New Feature Request » UPDATE - New units ! » Go to message
Yep, fun Will look sexy escorting hydros to war...

thanks for the teaser Xavi!
General Discussion » Ladder reset » Go to message
So, I notice I disappeared from the board with the reset; we won't appear in the ladder until we play a rated game or something? Do games like May tourney count? (Hope they would.)
New Feature Request » FFA in-match teams. » Go to message
That would need to be mated with an option to set games up with alliances on or off when they are created, which would also help with the problem where some people really like playing with alliances/diplomacy in FFA and some really don't. In "no alliances" games it would clarify that the custom there is not to propose truces/alliances but communicate via in-game positioning and ability to retaliate, like the pros do.
Tournaments » TEAM Tournament: RAID & RESCUE » Go to message
Thanks for setting up and getting us in!

For the curious, how/when can we see who is on what team?
Guides & Tips » Gangup bonus » Go to message
pretty sure it's +2 on same space, not +3?
Bug Reports » Marine does no dmg to heli on Starvation? » Go to message
There is only about a 10% chance of doing 0 for attack 3 vs. defense 10. So bad luck.
Tournaments » Double Impact: final. Online translation. » Go to message
Thanks for posting the screenshots. Seems like any tourney finals should just be allowed to complete?
General Discussion » PLEASE replace the end turn timeout » Go to message
Ugh, happened this morning, on what was going to be a fun move in a big game. It's so so painful. In good news I didn't throw the phone this time. Just sad when a game you've invested weeks in just vaporizes like that, never to be the game it was.

*So* awesome to see all the development in the game happening xavi. Just wanted to pop this request to the top.
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