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General Discussion » hack or bad luck? » Go to message
"And say this happens several times..."

If you mean that you somehow retried the same attack (by restarting your turn), then the fact that it gets the same result each time isn't a bug or a hack, it's a feature. After all, we wouldn't want people restarting turns repeatedly until they get great luck, that would be cheating.

If that is the case, the improbability is reduced to one occurrence (the first one) because the rest are repeats, and the damage results you described seem likely to occur once in a while. So maybe this is just bad luck.
Bug Reports » Bug or Hack? » Go to message
While I don't think it's a bug, I do think that the advanced gangup tips should be in the in-game manual. Expecting players to find that forum post about gangup is a bit unfair to those who don't frequent the forum, and the advanced gangup rules really do give players an advantage.
General Discussion » Random games reform » Go to message
Random games are one of the best ways to grow your ranking, if not the best, but I think there are a few changes that should be made to make them more practical and fair. Let me know whether you like these changes and hopefully we can get them implemented

1: You should be able to choose a default race for random games you are chosen for. Most of the games that I lose are games when I am forced to play Saps or Titans instead of my favorite Khrals, and it just doesn't seem fair that one player can choose a race while the other can't.

2: You should be able to set an upper limit on the number of random games you can be available for. This is the main reason why I am not available for random games- I don't want to end up playing too many games and wasting too much time on UniWar

3: The starting order in random games should be determined randomly - not by who initiated the game. This is another slight fairness issue, I'm honestly not sure whether the first or second player has an advantage in the average map, but there probably is some bias and randomizing the starting order could correct that.
New Feature Request » Our Balancing Salvation! » Go to message
  regard87 wrote:
Giving them attack after move would be the easiest change, but then is there much separating them from a Wyrm?

The Batteries would be more expensive and have longer absolute range, plus they'd still be rather weak at short range. I just noticed a potential issue- They could devastate Wyrms in initial strikes with their longer range (Like Hydronauts vs other ships), but then again I've never used Wyrms against Batteries anyways. I always use Swarmers or short ranged units on them.
New Feature Request » Our Balancing Salvation! » Go to message
Infector attack buffs - Good, but maybe a bit overdone. I think giving the Infector a large defense buff could make a world of difference on its own, that could replace one or both of your buffs.

Battery buff- Move after attack wouldn't increase the rush range of Batteries, so they would either have to move in close the previous turn (and get pwned by Walkers) or wait for Titans to advance before they could attack. I think upping the Battery cost to 650 or 700 and giving them attack after move would be a much better buff. It would give them a rush range of 6 instead of 5 like Walkers and Wyrms, but they would still have a range disadvantage compared to Walkers and their stats could be downgraded to compensate. As an alternative to the stat nerfing they could just have a rule where they can only attack if they move one tile, that would reduce their rush range back to 5 and make it fair across all races.

Sap tank buff- Good, tanks are too weak as is.

Titan buffs/Khral nerfs- I'm not a big fan of the counting up lings and changing stats based on how many are buried, that seems overly complicated. The main detriment of any spam should be that the units are simply not effective against all enemy units.

I really like the idea of making lings unable to heal underground. On its own it could increase the effectiveness of stomp damage tenfold, and when combined with UV hurting lings it could exterminate ling attacks altogether. As a Khral player, however, I do rather object at how much a combination of those two would make it impossible to win Khral-Titan; Ling attacks are absolutely essential for Khrals to beat Titans. Perhaps one or the other, or even increasing stomp damage to 2 so lings can't heal fast enough to stay alive under continued stomping.
General Discussion » Sapiens vs Titans vs Khrals » Go to message
I wouldn't say that anything that clear cut exists.

For land battles I'd agree that your chart holds fairly true... until you throw in special units such as Engineers and Assimilators. The Engineer"s EMP and mecha convrsion abilities make all the difference in SvT and Assimilators converting underlings can save Titans vs Khrals. Saps vs Khrals is a tossup even without the abilities of the Infector (which are rarely useful due to its high price). In general the game on land has gotten to a point where it's even across all races.

On sea, it's a completely different ball game. Titans rule the water in general, with their longer range allowing them to deal unanswered damage far more often than other races. Saps vs Khrals usually falls to the Saps, because they deal far more damage in most exchanges. Destroyers usually deal 7-8 damage, Leviathans usually deal 4-5. That's enough to upset the balance of most games.
Frequently Asked Questions » Puzzling Scoring » Go to message
From that data it seems like the ranking change could be changing based on the map (Higher on Crash than on the other maps), but I'm no game developer. Xavi or some other official source will have to confirm this.
Bug Reports » Start random game » Go to message
For someone named SPIDEY89 you have an unusual dislike of bugs (And awesome bugs I might add).
General Discussion » Rename Flytillery Airtillery » Go to message
There's no such thing as flying artillery in UniWar. Via a simple web search, I verified that there's nothing called Flytillery on the internet. What in the world are you talking about?
Frequently Asked Questions » Map Builder: Invalid Map Name? » Go to message
Choose a different name.

Also, I'm curious as to what you did to trip that error. What name did you try?
Sapiens » Sapien Help » Go to message
If you're fighting Titans with Helis and Marines (which is what it sounds like), you're going about it wrong. Sapiens have a heavy hitter too, the Tank, and while it might lose to the Plasma Tank in attack and defense it is cheaper and heals faster. If the enemy is only guarding his Walkers with one Plasma you may even want to build Marauders to speed around the Plasma and hit the Walkers. Also, never forget that Engineers can EMP to knock out Plasma Tanks, allowing your tanks to attack them without taking damage and letting your marauders move through their zone of control.
New Feature Request » Advanced Teamplay » Go to message
In the current arrangement, a 2v2 game with one player surrendered is unfair because the team with two players gets twice the money of the team with 1. What simsverd and I propose are ways to solve this problem by allowing the single player to use the bases/units/money of the surrendered player.
New Feature Request » Advanced Teamplay » Go to message
  youownme wrote: The other player could just surrender and would essentially be a 2v1.

No, it's essentially a 2v1 if your teammate surrenders and leaves you on your own against two enemies. That's what substitution turns or units split between remaining players are for, they try to keep it fair for the remaining player by letting them play for their teammate.
New Feature Request » Advanced Teamplay » Go to message
Yeah, my first idea was for units and bases to be split between players, but substitution turns are less of a gameplay disruption. I actually think they'd be easier to implement to, because they're just like a regular turn except a different player plays.
New Feature Request » Advanced Teamplay » Go to message
I have a better idea regarding a teammate who quits or is kicked. How about they remain as a player and others from the same team take turns controlling their units. For an example of how this works in an online multiplayer game (albeit in a simpler form), play ShellShock Live for a few rounds. Whenever a player quits their teammate(s) take control of their tank. In UniWar I'd prefer that all remaining teamates take turns substituting and control all of the units and bases of the removed player, taking a whole turn for that player. If multiple players want to coordinate the strategy of the substituted player, they'll have to team chat, but I don't think that's an issue.
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