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New Feature Request » OLD POST - Six New Units To Be Created. We Need Your Ideas! » Go to message
  calden wrote:I did not suggest upgrading marines.I suggested an anti-air infantry that would be a weaker version of the marine, which would excel at anti-air (and cost $200).
Marines on their own get chewed up by swarmers.They are not an anti-air unit... by themselves. To spam marines, you have to have some "big guns" in the back, with expendable marines screening the front. To be effective you need either helis which can attack the swarmers which are dangerous to marines, and then retreat behind the marines, who can hold the line. Batteries also work to annihilate air, with marines to mop up. But make no mistake, marines on their own marines aren't enough. Helis and batteries are expensive and not always suitable. Sapiens could use a unit that provided enough cover for a fast ground attack, without needing cover from batteries/helis. An AA specialist infantry would do the trick.

I didnt say you suggested upgrading Marines. Im saying the sapiens dont need an anti air unit, they dont need a Marine that excels at Anti Air. The Marine DOES excel at anti air. You say swarmers rip them apart but swarmers cost 2.5 times what a Marine does. You have to outnumber them and use your terrain bonuses. Back them with choppers which shred Swarmers. Adding a 2 range anti air specific Marine would throw the balance.

I would like for the Sapiens to have a 2 range unit since thier the only race that doesnt. But that in itself isnt really an issue.
New Feature Request » OLD POST - Six New Units To Be Created. We Need Your Ideas! » Go to message
One new Unit Per Race

Mobility-12 Vision-5 Repair-1

Dmg vs Hvy-8
Dmg vs Light-10
Dmg vs Air-6
Dmg vs Aqua-8

Special Ability-Can cross over moutains, but not rest on them. Not affected by terrain. Does crush damage.
Usage: Lesser "tank" for bad terrain maps. Used to compete with mobility against other races.

Heavy Ground

Mobility-10 Vision-5 Repair-1

Dmg vs Hvy-11
Dmg vs Light-10
Dmg vs Air-5
Dmg vs Aqua-8

Special Ability-N/A
Usage: Tank buster. Mid-Range Support.

Heavy Ground

Mobility-10 Vision-5 Repair-2

Dmg vs Hvy-5
Dmg vs Light-12
Dmg vs Air-2
Dmg vs Aqua-4

Special Ability-Attack then move.
Mobility after attack-6
Usage: Aid in breaking Marine/Mecha wall-ins. Base coverage.

Things I'm unsure of:
Originally was going to give Skimmer two moves, like Marauder, though with less mobility. Not sure which is better.
The major question for me is can this be a Heavy Ground Unit that doesnt take ill affect from Terrain? Is that possible?
Or should it be a very limited Air unit, unable to rest on Mountains? Should it be able to fly over water? A 350 credit unit able to block for Hydros could be devastating!

The Half-Track could be a little too powerful vs Tanks, maybe Defense could be lowered more. Also considered having it have a range of ONLY two meaning it cant defend itself at point blank range. This would make it vulnerable to Speeders.
Still think the addition of the Skimmer and Half-Track would add extra elements to SvT. May occasionally afford a chance to soften up a Hydro too.

The Mantis is the unit I was least sure of, mostly because I'm not quite sure what Kral needs most. Titan Wall-Ins can be impossible to break on a map with alot of space where Titan is embedded too deep with Walker coverage before a decent Buryling group gets across. I was aiming for a unit that could break Mecha and Marine spam(then Infection range two came along). Not sure the added cost is worth what your trying to accomplish. But with attack then move added in it adds another element to the swarms mobility.

FEEDBACK is appreciated!! From an overall matchup standpoint plus a match standpoint.
General Discussion » Cpt Hawaiian's Balance/Unit Ideas - Khraleans » Go to message
Thats an intriguing idea.

Choppers could always be left out of it, not sure itd be needed in Kral vs Sap. It sounds limited but it may inititate a Kral tactic of building more Pinzers than normal to ward off choppers. So long as it cant Move then Devour maybe it wouldnt matter.

Plus Choppers would cause horrible indegestion I would think.
New Feature Request » limit teleport ability that currently ruins many map layouts » Go to message
Yep the vision idea ive heard before. Thats option 4 on the list and that would certainly fix the issue.

However what we'd have to consider is how that will affect normal 1v1 strategy regarding mass drops. Dont think itd be much of an issue you'd just have to scout ahead a little more and not port in blind.
New Feature Request » OLD POST - Six New Units To Be Created. We Need Your Ideas! » Go to message

I do like the idea of the an added Titan unit being able to cross Moutains. That could help counter thier races biggest defeciencies, lack of mobility/affect of terrain.
Ive seen people suggest a Skimmer.
What if it can cross moutains(BUT not sit on them, meaning the moutain and next space must fall under its mobility range), isnt affected by terrain, but STILL does Crush damage because its a hovercraft???

Overall its mobility could be pretty good, and its stats pretty average. Maybe best vs Heavy. Not as good as a Tank but a viable replacement on maps with a ton of bad terrain or large maps.

Essentially it would be a poor mans tank for Jungle maps. And on large maps with neutral bases to capture where standard wall in practice isnt viable it would allow Titans to play with the speedier races. This would be great as alot of Custom maps are large, and involve capturing many Neutrals, and if you cant port out and grab some right away your toast. Having the Speeder and Skimmer would give you options to be aggressive.
New Feature Request » OLD POST - Six New Units To Be Created. We Need Your Ideas! » Go to message
  calden wrote: While I have many ideas for possible new units that I have thought up, I believe strongly that on a basic, general level, these are two imoprtant things that really need to happen:

-Sapiens need an anti-air unit that is competent and reliable in that role other than the helicopter.
-Khraleans need a medium ground unit, so that they don't have to rely on flyers so much.

Sapiens DO have a great anti air unit! The marine. You shouldnt be using Choppers to counter Kral mass, you should be spamming Marines. They dont have any drawback, other than you have to protect them from Infectors. Thier cost is only 100 credits and thier well worth it. Choppers vs Kral will lose everytime. They cost more than Garudas which will fight them evenly. Lots of Marines backed by Choppers is how to do it, together they even up the cost.

Giving Marines 2 range vs Air would make Swarmers pretty useless in SvK, dont think the Marines need an upgrade.

Now maybe each race could be given a second base ground unit if that made sense, and the Sapiens could have a Sniper, with slightly increased range but also slightly more cost. Like a 150-200$ Sniper, slightly advanced Underling and Mecha.
Sapiens » Against Buried Underlings » Go to message
Pick at it slowly and shield it.
Depending on the map try force it into bad terrain and keep your marauders away from it.
Build Battery if you can.

If your enemy can afford a few pinzers to counter your Marauders you can afford a few choppers. Pick at it with the choppers. Then pull them back behind your spam marines.
Guides & Tips » team gang up bonus » Go to message
Yes changing the way its done is certainly sensible it does favor Kraleans more than anyone else really.

Cant beleive the developers didnt know they were there at all, we've been using them for a long time.
User Generated Maps » BigRedPlanet » Go to message
Not sure why its so nonsymetrical. Terrain tiles like trees(mushrooms for this theme) especially affect Sapiens holding up to Kral swarms and if your located on a side without any you'll be affected by that. Also the random moutain range can hinder sap or titan players. You can mix up terrains alot and still have some symmetry.

At least there should be an equal number of harbors in the center.
Guides & Tips » team gang up bonus » Go to message
  waxoid wrote: I actually like the +2 and +3 bonuses. How about they just document them? I don't know how to justify them in terms of theme. They are helpful for KvS balance but harmful for KvT, which seems a wash. Small boon to TvS (eclipse 2 damage vs. tank) which T doesn't need, but that's minor. It adds another level of tactical skill generally. Makes KvK quite a bit more interesting in my view – good tactical use of swarmer vs. swarmer bonuses is actually quite tricky, relieves the monotony and provides a brain-based route for advantage.

I agree. Especially that last part. Swarmer battles are a snoozefest at least knowing the proper gangups gives you the challange of using them but still maintaining a formation.
Guides & Tips » team gang up bonus » Go to message
Corrected as in taken away or corrected as in you wont have to watch the replay??
I see no reason to take it away, why shouldnt teammates be able to do gangups.

I just confirmed it myself I was excited to start implementing it in team games when I can.
How to make the uniwar.com website better » feature request for uniwar.com » Go to message
User Cramergolfer had a good suggestion I posted here once.

Being able to submitt to Random large FFA games like you can for solo games.

So that people can play ranked 8 person FFA games on random. Would help people who dont know many players play these matches without worrying about collusion too.
Sapiens » Tank Air power » Go to message
  lostence wrote: Notice all, Pinzer has aerial attack ability already, though only 1 point, but think its high defence and 2 points repair.
In my opinion, tank need 1 point aerial attack for balance with Khral, the Sap is poor while counterattck aerials.

The tank has almost no purpose in SvK but that doesnt mean you cant counter air. SPAM more Marines.
New Feature Request » OLD POST - Six New Units To Be Created. We Need Your Ideas! » Go to message
There should really be more sea vessels and sea tiles. It could be expanded enough to make all sea battles just as interesting as land battles. Which would give us all some new things to get into and try to master.

Also if each race gets another ground unit or two it would be nice for the Sapiens to have a unit with a range of two like the Swarmer and Eclipse. Not sure how it should function, it would have to be carefully designed so that it doesnt take away the effectiveness of the Swarmer itself.
The S&K balance now is pretty good with every unit and tactic being countered by a different unit and tactic. Obviously that makes adding new units difficult. They need to cover up any race defenciancy while countering each other in every matchup.

Wat does everyone feel are the key points to pick up with new units?

Kraleans vs Sapiens
? Ability to counter mass marine spamming?
Kraleans vs Titans
Usually I do pretty well but on maps with alot of space inbetween bases when it takes a long time to get ninjas across your opponent could have an impenatrable wall before you can counter. So something to help break the siege?

Sapiens vs Kraleans
Sapiens vs Titans
Obviously something to help break the wall in. Battery change helps a little.

Titans vs Kraleans
Help deal with ninjalings when thier massed easily?
And/or deal with thier speed on large maps.
Titans vs Sapiens
Help to deal with thier manueverabilty?
Technical Support Questions » Game making issue » Go to message
On an unrelated note how do you like GatherRoundtheWell?
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