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Frequently Asked Questions » We need an icon legend in the game docs » Go to message
Chevrons are the seniority of the unit based on the number of kills.
This gives it a 10% and 20% boosts in points across the border (attack and defense).
General Discussion » What other phones support Uniwar » Go to message
The Droid is currently supported as well as all the 320x480 Android phones.
We are making a new version for the Droid that will be better graphically and support both aspect rations (since the current one only works in portrait mode).
This will be done in a few days or max 2 weeks.
General Discussion » The future of the game? » Go to message
llvv, thanks for your support.

We think that we will add the new map editor as an in-app purchase item to try and cover its development cost as much as possible.

Updates are free however and will always be free on the appstore.

Note that the game will be available on AT&T, Verizon, and OVI store in the next few weeks if not days.

The online and Facebook versions will be free for the campaigns but players will have to pay a fee to have access to the online mode (it will be a few dollars every six months or so).
General Discussion » The future of the game? » Go to message
As the CEO of Javaground, I can tell you that this game will stay alive as long as the App Store is alive.

In fact, we are even in the process of greatly expanding our reach with many more handsets.
So tell your friends that there soon will be no excuses to not playing the game regardless of their handset.


New Feature Request » Allow one player to take multiple armies on the same account » Go to message
That is not a bad idea...
What do other people think about it?
New Feature Request » Fix remaining balance issue: Mountain/ Infantry / Converters » Go to message
These are pretty radical changes that may cause unbalances in the races on some maps...
I think it is still hard for Titans to beat Khralean infantry. Note that K have a big burrowing advantage and can escape any transformation that way.
Same for the Titans with the teleport ability.
Though I understand you may not want to do that in the midst of a battle.
It is tough because those big changes would have a huge impact on many maps of the game...
New Feature Request » Potential New Feature: Cancel and REDO Turn » Go to message

The team is thinking of adding a paid option that would allow players to redo their turns BEFORE clicking on the END TURN button.
This feature would be very useful for players who make a mistake during their turn or when their later (before ending turn) realize that they should have played otherwise.

We are thinking of adding In-App purchases for this so that people do not abuse this feature.
We are still thinking about the cost of such feature.
Let us know if you have ideas (how many redo allowed per 99 cents for instance).


The UniWar Team
New Feature Request » Fix remaining balance issue: Naval Units » Go to message
  Hachiman wrote: There are some exceptions, but mostly it seems

Hydronaught beats Dreadnought beats Leviathan for cost

The Hydro's extra range is overall better than its short range vulnerability, and the Leviathan is just flat out underpowered for cost vs the Dread. And Air units mostly don't help.

Best solution would be adding another naval unit with different interrelated strengths for each race (in a paid for expansion?) to make the balance more strategic.

Second (more likely) option would be to buff the Leviathan vs the Dread, and the Dread vs the Hydro...

At the moment I don't bother with most naval maps for this reason. It is a pity.

Any thoughts?

This is actually coming in UW 2 where we will see at least two more naval units per race. It will be pretty awesome. We will have submarines, aircraft carriers, amphibians, underwater mines, ...
The naval maps on UW 1 are not the most balanced ones admittedly. However, the destroyers do not always lose against the hydronauts (only if the game lasts longer).
Note that the Leviathan is a lot cheaper than the Destroyer and Hydronaut but you are right that we should look at further balancing all three ships...
Sounds like we are due for a unit balancing push.
What do you guys think about these changes:
Hydronaut: reduce AQUATIC ATK to 13 (from 14)
Leviathan: increase AQUATIC DEF to 11 (from 10)
User Generated Maps » Send us the Maps for inclusion in v1.0.7 » Go to message
General Discussion » Online Code of Conduct - The UniWar "Constitution" » Go to message
Thanks for your feedback. We will consider it. Anyone else has something to say?
New Feature Request » Add Sounds and Alerts to Push Notifications » Go to message
Nope. We will be adding those in a next update...
New Feature Request » Fix remaining balance issue: Naval Units » Go to message
We are going to add more naval units for UW II for sure... it will be a blast with submarines, ... stay tuned...
General Discussion » Online Code of Conduct - The UniWar "Constitution" » Go to message

Having the same IP address is fine. We are detecting same device via other means.
What we want to avoid is to make the game unfair by having people faking a FFA and ganging up on others. That is not a fair practice.
I just changed the language to allow for temporary collusion within a game but those would have to be done through the chat interface and thus be public. Also, this should not be a recurrent collusion that happens in every match because that would make games unfair which we obviously want to avoid (that is why there are team matches).
User Generated Maps » Send us the Maps for inclusion in v1.0.7 » Go to message

Send us your maps at support@uniwar.com and we will check them and hopefully include them in the upcoming v1.0.7 revision of UniWar. It will probably be submitted to Apple just after Thanksgiving so that leaves you about 1 month to create new and exciting maps.

The UniWar Team.
General Discussion » Online Code of Conduct - The UniWar "Constitution" » Go to message
Dear UniWarriors,
Below is a draft of our online code of conduct.
It is scheduled to go live soon and will be enforced.
Please comment on it.

The UniWar Team

This is a summary of the rules a player should abide by in order to play rated games online:

1. Repeated collusion between players is forbidden except for team matches (when on same side of the team of course). This means two players cannot play the same game together with the intention to collude against others if they are not on the same team. Occasional collusion may sometimes occur within a game though it should be random in nature and not consistent across matches (otherwise it is unfair).
2. A person cannot enter and play the same game with two separate accounts played by the same person (whether it is on a different device or not).
3. A turn started on a device must end on the same device. In other words, the player cannot change device within the same turn.
4. It is forbidden to modify one's phone to cheat.
5. It is forbidden to create a program that will communicate with the server in order to cheat or bring the outcome of a game to its advantage.
6. Abuse of chat and use of foul language is not permitted.

Any breaking of these rules will result in account suspension and we reserve the right to ban the user from the game forever.
The account ranking will also be reset if any cheating is found.

We will routinely police the game and enforce our policies without any notification to the end-users.

We strongly believe in fair play and abiding by the rules is crucial to maintaining an engaged community of players.
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