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Khraleans » Using the borfly? » Go to message
Also if you can manage to get one in range of an enemy base they are just nuts. It's on total lockdown. This really complements Khraleans because a rush will often just not quite make it... If you have a Borfly coming up the rear it could in theory help finish the job. Note: Borfly not intended for suppository use.
General Discussion » New units: offensive specialists with major limitations » Go to message
Good point Wooke. That's basically what I did at first, I shared those games on the chat. Very hard to win against the bot with only new units!

I wanted to add to my original point another key comparison between these new units and the original defensive specialists. Just like the originals, the new ones lose 8-10 HP when hit by a full strength enemy Walker / battery / wyrm. So you can try to move them in close, but if your enemy is turtling behind a strong wall, you will likely lose them before they can do any damage.
General Discussion » New units: offensive specialists with major limitations » Go to message
Starryblink have you used the new units? The guardian is actually quite strong and complements a big weakness of Titans. It has high mobility and ranged attack yet it isn't as pricey as an eclipse. I don't think it is useless, and if they reduced the defense any further it would just die too quickly. I think we need to play with it for a while and try new strategies before we ask for changes.
General Discussion » New Map Tile Discussion - Tips and Tricks » Go to message
I think that it makes more sense to consider these city tiles as a resource that is being extracted by the unit. Instead of taking advantage of the terrain for defense, the infantry is busy pillaging. That's why you gain extra credits per turn, and that's why they have lower stats on the city tile.
General Discussion » New units: offensive specialists with major limitations » Go to message
Hi everyone! Amidst all the discussion of the new units - bopper, Borfly, and guardian - a key statistic of each was overlooked. You really cannot spam them and win. They are more like an offensive version of theengineer / assimilator / infector. Let me show you the limitation.

Bopper & Borfly - cannot attack after move. This is huge. The way to defeat a walker is to get inside its range. Even though they are cheap, you can't just have a line of bopper and Borfly. You need to have them defended.

Guardian - repair rate of zero. Zero!!! No healing it at all. Yes it can teleport to safety... But it can't heal back up. So watch out!!

I'm not saying these new units are not overpowered. Maybe we will figure out a strategy to take full advantage of them. After all, ranged attacks are a huge bonus in Uniwar. But it's crucial that you recognize these units as offensive specialists.
Guides & Tips » Some tips on playing Titans » Go to message
Thanks! I'll check it out
General Discussion » Pay to win? Uniwars new business model » Go to message
Xavi thanks for this approach. I hope that it works out, it is definitely not going to be pay to win if you just have to watch an ad to purchase the unit. I hope that you haven't taken my thread here as inappropriate criticism, it's just my perspective as a gamer and designer. Thank you so much for listening to the community's thoughts. I love Uniwar!
General Discussion » UniCoin Question » Go to message
I believe that the rewards for campaigns is not yet activated. Once it is you should email the devs, support@uniwar.com, AND ask if you can get the reward. I think you ought to qualify but I don't know if they will make it retroactive.

New Feature Request » Choose your color function - player 1 / player 2 » Go to message

I would like to ask if it would be possible to choose your color based on whether or not you go first or second, instead of based on the type of map terrain. I'd really like to have it so player one is white and player two is black (like chess). Would anyone else like that? I know that very few people have purchased both color choice for themselves AND their opponent.

New Feature Request » The Portal Tile » Go to message
I love the idea. But then can you block a portal from the other side?

What if it is simpler... What if you just made it so a unit could teleport from one hex to another? Then all the downside is already there, you can't move for a couple of turns and can't defend yourself. Might be easier to code as teleport is already in the game.
General Discussion » Golden moose Championship » Go to message
If the golden goose lays golden eggs, what does the Miami moose lay? Answers in the basement!
General Discussion » Pay to win? Uniwars new business model » Go to message
I think a great point mentioned in the chat was that it would be so demoralizing as a total newbie to get beaten by someone who has units you cannot build. Especially if as some of us suspect these new units are coming out op.

Duaneski I also feel that it's not fair to not let players who have bought the units use them. That would be a feels bad.

What if there is another toggle you can set in your preferences for all games - new units on or off? That would put the decision in the hands of the players. If you allow new units and you don't have them, that's on you. To be honest I am going to definitely miss original Uniwar and I'm sure there will be times that I'll want to run it back. This could be a toggle in all games, rated or non - new units on or off. If new units are toggled on and you don't have them, you can't build them.

Question - can it be coded that way? I don't know.

There could be a new ladder for Uniwar 2.0, aka new units. Just like many people are loving the challenge of the new team ladders and jockeying for position, a new ladder would be really cool to watch shake out.

Then for tournaments, just make the new unit toggle clear.

Where is the downside to this? It's transparent and puts all agency in the hands of the individual player. Yet each player will surely want to test themselves against the new units. Please speak up and show me what I'm missing. Is this going to result in fewer players buying the new units?
General Discussion » Pay to win? Uniwars new business model » Go to message
Hi all! So there has been a ton of discussion on this topic the last few months, and now that the first new units are close to being active the new business model is about to come into effect. This thread is a place to discuss this new business model.

How can the developers ensure that Uniwar continues on as a favorite app while still making money from it? Thus far purchases have been primarily cosmetic. How can Uniwar be financially viable without being pay to win?

I personally think that these new units constitute Uniwar 2. You should never be in a game where you face these new units without having access to them yourself. It's far too demoralizing to lose to something you can't build yourself. This is not a practical suggestion but rather a guiding principle.

There have been other thoughts on this in the global chat. Hope we can add them here.
General Discussion » Duaneski v Angkor - race selection » Go to message
How could you miss the opportunity for a cheese wang...
Guides & Tips » Grinding unicoins - how long to free unlimited redo? » Go to message
I am very much in favor of supporting the developers and purchasing unicoins. Uniwar is a small game with a passionate community. But what about those who just don't have the money to splash? How long will it take them to earn enough unicoins to purchase the holy grail of infinite turn undo?

Let's assume that this is a brand new account, so four games. First step is I assume they need to up the number of games in order to maximize your chances of winning one game per day.

I'm averaging 33 unicoins per treasure chest (sample size of 13). And I'm also getting unicoins from playing my turns each day. But I don't know how much that is, I haven't been keeping track.

I don't know if it's reasonable to expect to win one team match per day - those take so much longer per match.

Let's say you start out as an average player so you win half of your matches.

So.. if you can earn 50 unicoins a day, that's only 30 days to hit infinite turn undo.

Do my assumptions seem correct? Has anyone tried this out?
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