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Yes me an vogon had very good games. We both believed I had made the finishing move. But vogon managed to stop my cap some how I have a screen shot of it I will provide so you can see the what vogon got out of. Bow down to a great move. After this I was left stranded and needed to recoup before I could make another push. But while this was going on of course vogon was now forcing me back in the other game. I could not spring back quick enough. So surrendered both when vogon was capping as the game was lost. Screen shot soon for you
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Does anybody know zullosutra? I have just invited him to a game his stats look ok. Zullosutra who else have you played with in the list of players?
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thanks starry i asked sms to ask you. im confident there will be a space for you.
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wow this map is an epic map. congrats on building such a good map. i will take you up on that advice wolf cat. as i can alrdy see taking wrong bases or building wrong will cost me this game in a matter of 2 or 3 rounds. i thought my chances were slim before knowing the mp. now ive looked at it there even slimmer

i hope i get a bit of a battle going at least. please be patient with my first 3 moves. i will also provide screenshots and any relevant info
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Hi to all the millions of russians watching that line certainly tickled me

I am a player from the uk been a member for 2 years apart from uniwar drinking partying and living live to the full is how i spend my days. i play no other games on my phone or any console so you will only find me here

i decided to play as i feel you can learn just as much if not more from your loses than your wins. from that you can tell i expect to lose this game based on i have never played this map. neither did i ever really play scramble much. but i know scramble was a map you liked to play and i also believe you know this map very well. but hopefully i give enough for some decent screen sots.

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john i alrdy asked you? i will put you as yes also
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thank you to for everyone who is replying.

i will adjust names correctly when i place them into the groups.

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Bloody harry list is just below the group tables. names are not in the tables yet as they need to be picked at random.
but i will count you as in now you have posted. please check back on the 1st for your game list

cytivrat my spaces are usually filled as from tournament to tournament i look for players ready and ask people for names they recommend. i do this to try keep the standard of players reasonably high. if not i could end up with a lot of players involved that make certain groups easier. you must just be one of those people that have slipped under the radar to me. but i am happy to put you in the tournament if you would like to play. as i say i have not had the plessure of playing with you before but your score seems ok and since your post you also popped up in conversation with talone who also recommends you. so if you would like to play please just let me know. all though all spaces look full i am sure that 1 or 2 people will not appear. any one else reading that feels they would like to enter maybe not in this tounrey but future tournaments please contact me. but not on this post please. also please be aware of what i have just written and i cant accept everyone.

j.c i am still happy to play your tournament. i currently hold no real just a lot of chat games setting this up. your tournament has only been 1v1 mirrored is that correct meaning i will only need space and time for 1 game mirrored equalling 2? get in touch with me in game regarding this as it will be easier to chat.

i will tick off all players that have made a post.
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please click ark5 in the link to get to the correct page
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hi all and welcome to my new post for my next tournament.

my next tournament will not be like my other 4. i am now changing to a setup similar to the russian group stage tournament. it is still invite i'm afraid.

as some of you might be aware my old tournament is still in progress but near its final. also the russian tournament is still running but again getting near its final games.

and delian is planning a future tournament but we have spoken and as to not overlap to much. i am planning to start my new tournament on the 1st of may. and his will start towards the end of this

Rules are as follows;
there will be 5 groups of 5 players all players within a group will play each other.
they will compete in mirror matches meaning on the selected map if player A is blue kharl and player B is red titan. they will also play at the same time the selected map with player B as blue Kharl and player A as red titan

This will result in you playing 8 games at once so please free your game space to allow for these.

you will receive 1 point in your group for beating your opponent in both the mirror matches you play or if you win one each it will go on who wins there game quicker. You win a game by either complete victory where you get the victory screen OR if you take an enemy base and hold on to it for 5 rounds without losing it back or losing one of your own.

winner of each group will advance to a final group where the same process will take place. 2nd place in your group gets you nothing.

here is a link to the early stages of my sheet. there will be a draw about a week before as to who enters each group. map choice will also be added about a week before.


lastly all players must follow this tournament via the forum so please let me know if this is a problem. You will obviously need to check the forum on the 1st of may to receive your group and which players you play. then maybe just once a week to give us any victories or losses you have.

if you have read this and your name is listed in the link please say hello so i am aware you have seen this link and information.

more information will follow when i have cleared up the player list.

Many Thanks
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due to busy schedules. the semi finals have taken there time. but vogon has now entered the final beating vincent. the other game is yet to complete
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hi all most of my games i feel are near a close. i have lost to johnale is the only official result i have but hopefully i can post the rest very soon. i think the others are also close to finishing from what i hear. lion never showed.
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Hi just to update i am playing with johnale vogon and mind freak only about 5 rounds with each i had a busy few days. lion is on not very often i have 1 game started with him but am waiting for return invite. i would be surprised if any players have made moves with lion
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How do we know who sends first invite out the pair
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I am away till Monday so will not be starting till Tuesday but please feel free to send invites rdy
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