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General Discussion » The censor » Go to message
Whether or not any of the developers of uniwar are to read this I wish to audit my beliefs against ghe censor somewhere outside of the chat itself. This implication is a despotic and cruel measure against all the people who play uniwar because the cursing issue is hardly a problem to us, the players. The only viable reason for this is to protect the ears/eyes of the children, but exactly how many children typically do play? The request for the E-mail account in order to play online is enough to weed out most people below the age of 12 as it is, due to the fact that most children below the age of 12 don't have E-mails. Of course there may be the reasoning that they can get their E-mails from their parents, but doesn't that infer something about the parents? Perhaps that they care less about what their children see?

If perhaps you say the excessive cursing is highly distatsteful and apalls all the prigish adults who wish to use uniwar chat, then you forget that most the people on uniwar chat are mature enough to use their cursing in a less, pardon my french, "gangster" way. Plus does the term adult mean nothing? The term adult has often been to show status as a mature and understanding member of society. This implication that we aren't able to understand the reason for cursing or are unable to tolerate it is an insult to us all.

Along that I hear there is a mute for those who curse more than 5 times or something along those lines. Though i am not sure if it has been implemented, i am sure that that level of censorship is at an extent where even dictators in the most oppressive level of censorship wouldn't bother committing
General Discussion » More varied infantry? » Go to message
I wasn't sure which category to put it under so i put it here. Anyways, i think it would be interesting to have a bit more variety in light infantry. We have a healer for each, a convert, and a bullet sponge. Perhaps adding each class another infantry would add a little fun to the game without offsetting balnce too severely.
My idea for sapiens is, and i'm probably beating a dead horse saying this again, a sniper. They have short range and high movement generally so having an anti infantry unit with relatively low movement and good range (approx 2 hexes) could serve as a counter toward infectors.
For titans i think that a really cool infantry unit would be a drone. To counter slow mobility of the mechas, it could maybe have high movement on plains and mountains but low movement through forests and hills and lack teleportation. It should have better anti air abilities than the mecha but worse anti tank.
For the krahleans i would say they need something to define them more as a single race of creatures. Perhaps they're more reptilian and they could have a scaler. The scaler could be more mobile on mountains and have a long tongue and what not. It could have marine level anti air but no anti tank and poor anti infantry.

To all i do understand that an update is needed to bring this about so i know this probably won't happen.
To all who think this unbalances the game, don't shoot the messenger these are ideas; cost per unit could balance them and other unit choices that are viable can be made.
And as i have just said these i don't think these changes are likely to occur, so consider this topic more as a bistro for thought and creativity; feel free to be as creative as you can unless your gigantalian. Gigantalians creativity will probably give the rwoels ideas on how to conquer our dear solar system
Khraleans » Why does our navy suck so bad » Go to message
Pretty much useless except for maps with certain amounts of funding, the wyrm has greater effectiveness at the cost of healing movement and durability
New Feature Request » Our Balancing Salvation! » Go to message
My thoughts are that titans are underpowered and need various buffs on land (they need a nerf on sea though imo) the plasma tank is just an expensive wall it gets spammed to death and dies and it can't even occupy a base if there is a plain next to it.

To handle this I suggest boosting defense by 1 increasing ground heavy damage by one, and maybe just maybe boosting movement up to 7

As for the hydro nerfimg my thoughts are reduce defense by 1 and aquatic damage by 1, or at the very least reduce aquatic damage by one as both reduced could be too much of a nerf

My idea on titan uv which i have spoken about with youownme in a match up is to make it do 2 damage against underlings (1 on all other) and or reveal the location of the all the lings in the vicinity to make stomping easier
New Feature Request » OLD POST - Six New Units To Be Created. We Need Your Ideas! » Go to message
As for titan boats i say nerf the hydronaught just a little, but give them a new unit for naval protection of the hydros. This unit would be called the disassembler it would have low range low motion but could go deep under water like the serpent in my idea and protect hydros from serpents should they be introduced and it should be able to temporarily wall off destroyers.

It shouldn't be super durable but it should have decent damage and be relatively cheap
New Feature Request » OLD POST - Six New Units To Be Created. We Need Your Ideas! » Go to message
Though i like multiple others on this forum don't think too many air units are a good idea i think the tita could have 1 called a buzzer or a drone, but this would take away the advantage of underlings.

For sapiens personally i enjoy the thought of having snipers with say a range of 2 but low defense and low effectiveness againts birdies and tanks

For kraleans i think having a certain type of parasite that spews spores from it's hindlegs might be good anti air as it could slow em down on the retreat that way garudas can get an attack on heli's

As for boats i have 2 ideas for the sapiens, 1 an aircraft carrier which could just be a walking healing spot for heli's for when it sets anchor, but it should be very vulnerable against other units. My other idea for saps is a speed boat with a movement of 6 and a range of 2, it should give them a better chance against titan navies which i think should be nerfed in the aquatic damage department

My idea for a krahlean boat would be a serpent which could be like a super mega underling useful only for talimg out enemy boats, as the leviathon gets blown outta the water in that category
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