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Messages posted by: darf nader
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New Feature Request » Third Zoom Option » Go to message
There should be a third zoom mode. Presently there is normal and zoom out. There should also be a zoom in which would be very useful to make map editing easier.
General Discussion » is it me or are their lots of network programs lately? » Go to message
Server is down again for the third time today, for me anyway. Anyone else finding this?
General Discussion » servers down since mid-monring new years day » Go to message
In case any sysops are awake and not too hungover, please slap the game server. TY
New Feature Request » Scratch Pad » Go to message
Why not just play the old Avalon Hill games with a board and paper hexagon cut-outs with another human? Because we have computers now.

Your answer, whether it was meant to be sarcastic or not, is actually exactly why this feature would useful if implemented within the game.
New Feature Request » Complete Chat Log » Go to message
I guess I am asking for the behavior that you are enjoying./

Seriously though, I lose the chat history between turns. It is peculiar that I don't have the same behavior you have. I do use more than one account. Do you suppose that might have something to do with it.
New Feature Request » Scratch Pad » Go to message
It would be great to have a third chat tab for keeping notes to just yourself that persists through the entire game, like "red is trying to build swarms of mechas to attack soon", "working on SW base with green" or "orange is being petty, show him no mercy".

It would also be great if each entry was numbered with whatever turn you wrote the note.
New Feature Request » Complete Chat Log » Go to message
It would be very helpful to keep a complete history of chats within a single game so that if there is a discussion you can see the context of the replies beyond just your last turn. I find when players are responding to questions a day after I asked it I may forget the context of what was asked. It would really help with game continuity especially when you have 19 other games going on.

Older chat text could be a grey text so that it could be designated as text you have already read. If space is a concern you could limit the amount of history to a set number of turns or even characters. To have some scroll-back would be better than none.
Technical Support Questions » Account Corruption? » Go to message
It seems that since the last update I have had a lot of problems with my account. When I try to log in it will after hang and and I have t restart Uniwar. Sometimes I get a "communication error" instead. I have tried restarting my iPhone and it doesn't seem to help. Occasionally it will work, but usually it doesn't It would see that my account (darf nader). I have tried other accounts with no problem so it is specific to this one. I have a long history and I don't want to just abandon it.
General Discussion » BOT opponents offline? » Go to message
It looks like the BOT (AI) opponents are presently non-functional. Is anyone else seeing this?
General Discussion » Etiquette Question: Starting Random Game » Go to message
I often start random games because that seems to be the best way to get into a game with someone who is online and will do their turns quickly, but often I get set up with a matchup or situation that I simply don't find fun, or where I feel I am at a clear disadvantage. I then immediately surrender so I don't get dinged.

Vote on what you think of this
How to make the uniwar.com website better » Set Contraints for Random Game » Go to message
It would be great to be able to set more constraints for starting random games. It think this is my order of preference:

1) Set a maximum and minimum turn time limit.
2) Pick favorite race, or set which race(s) you don't want to start as.
3) Block maps you don't want to start as.

I think this would be beneficial for the community since currently when you start a game you don't like you surrender which is kind of annoying for your opponent.

How to make the uniwar.com website better » Favorite Race and Random Game » Go to message
Does the "favorite race" (collar tug) mean anything for the start random game function? If so, can I change it? I am set to Sapiens but frankly, with the recent changes, they are my least favorite race.
How to make the uniwar.com website better » More Games at Once » Go to message
Hi! Is there any chance we could get more games at once? I think it is a little arbitrary that 3 minutes games count the same as a 3 day game. Is the problem a volume concern? I find myself twiddling my thumbs a lot waiting for my turns to come up. Does that just mean I play the game too much?
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