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Bug Reports » bots » Go to message
This should be a bug.

You stop gaining points from rated bot matches after you hit a certain rating. And if you play with friends who can still earn from bots, then you get +1 per match. That's not a truly boost-able mechanic by that point.
General Discussion » Unfair players » Go to message
Yeah, it's annoying how "rated" maps don't also mean "balanced/fair" maps inherently. They get rated through player feedback, but if the wrong matchups come up to test it then not all of the balance issues will come out before it makes the list. The best situation is to have an expert study a map before it gets approved to Rated, to see if it is possible to lose a base on first turn etc (like Breakthrough 4p map). That's not really feasible now, but I think it's something that needs deep review.

Until then, yeah. Just do your best to avoid dicey maps :/
Technical Support Questions » autostart of rating games » Go to message
Oh very nice! Apologies simsverd I actually thought you were a dev/creator yourself. I've been playing for almost a year now but I know that's not very long compared to the pre-HD hardcore fanbase. Wish I'd known about it sooner! What's your background again? Nice to meet you, and cool about the patch!
New Feature Request » OLD POST - Six New Units To Be Created. We Need Your Ideas! » Go to message
That is a fantastic idea quanras! Chain TP is highly overpowered on maps of large size, or maps that use many water divisions and have neutral bases to rush for.

>> I mainly want to know if any devs are actually watching this thread though, or if the original thread title is even still relevant, before I get into deeper feedback.
Bug Reports » Random game creation bugs » Go to message
Haha well yes, some small errors in the DNA code are required for us to evolve and adapt successfully, so I will cede that you are correct!

Your last post made the issue much more clear, and this time did not seem to be written by a 12 year old. I personally appreciate that, I was just getting defensive on behalf of the game creators.

I admire developers, it is very hard and tedious work. Like magic to me!

Yes I definitely see now, you should be able to pick your race and have it work correctly for random games. Good bug catch.
For the one you didn't create, if you are 'available for X random matches' somewhere in settings, then would that explain it? You got matched to someone else that started a random game. Or am I misunderstanding?
Technical Support Questions » autostart of rating games » Go to message
Yeah it does sound like something is going on with random games after the last update. I'm personally going to hold off on starting any or being open to them until it gets checked out.
Bug Reports » Random game creation bugs » Go to message
Settle down there troll.

Random games are random. You don't get to pick a race ahead of time. If you want to do that, set up a custom game or play with bots and friends.

There is no reason to abuse the developers, they've done an amazing job. Go for a walk or something.
Technical Support Questions » autostart of rating games » Go to message
Wow that's fantastic! I stopped starting random games because of this, thought it was just terrible luck I kept starting first (got 4 games in a row starting as titans vs sapiens...yeah qq more hehe). The startup credit difference on some 1v1 rated arena maps seems nearly insurmountable. Maybe I'll give it another try now...
Technical Support Questions » Surrender bug? » Go to message
Hi Simsverd, and thanks for the reply!

I am in an intense team game where I'm considering surrendering to give my bases to a teammate with better position and racial bonuses, but wanted to make sure it wouldn't count as a loss for me first We'll see though, it's a pretty extreme strategy.
General Discussion » Uniwar 2 ? » Go to message
No Uniwar 2 needed. The game is an instant classic. Just get it out to as many people as physically possible. It really just needs to go viral in the US. Consider doing a funny web commercial or episode to time with the release of the next update.

It is important to be careful in the update to not upset the main player base though as you continue to try and attract new players with new features etc. The fundamental gameplay is solid. As long as new units / abilities don't swing anything out of balance, you should be fine.

It is also fair to ask for a little more money from existing players with the next update, but it is important to acknowledge their contributions too through special features access or discounts etc. From what I've read, you guys seem to know that already though.
New Feature Request » Open NEXT GAME IN LIST on turn end, NOT BY TIMEOUT » Go to message
I agree that this is quite annoying.

I would propose that it doesn't even open the next game automatically. I often like to watch the end-of-turn heals go through, and keep looking at the position after my units are no longer 'grayed out' from taking action (which can make it a bit harder to tell what is happening on the map, especially with buried bugs).
Technical Support Questions » Surrender bug? » Go to message
@extrovert that sounds like a weird thing to happen! Scary.

Haha oh noes @morinmoments! Hoping to apply the lessons I taught you in another Catalyst game?
(I think the huge thing was you trying to capture my base across the wall right at the beginning. When I was able to kill it, you couldn't recover quickly enough. The risk of playing so aggressively I guess!)

My question - if you surrender in a team game, but your team ends up winning, what happens to your rating?
Also - if you surrender a game, can you still watch the replays?
Frequently Asked Questions » the scoring system in numbers? » Go to message
Yeah I noticed it seemed very similar to ELO, but things seem to get strange towards the very high numbers. The highest ranked chess players in the world rarely even hit 2800+, so there must be some differences.

Is there some cutoff too for not being able to get points from bots anymore based on your rating?

Teams mess with the system I think too. If you have a 2000 player and a 1600 player vs. two 1500 players, the 2000 and 1600 get the same score I believe (definitely for a win, not 100% sure about a loss). I don't see why you wouldn't just scale it for each one?
New Feature Request » Improved replay » Go to message
Hi! Just want to add I still think this is the most important feature the game is missing at the moment.

Full-game replay, with the option to toggle fog of war, would be the best way for new and existing players to improve. It would also give an actual meaning to saving your games. A look at the board when the game is over is just a reminder of the experience at best.

I'm an avid gamer and analyst. I strongly believe Uniwar to be one of the best games ever created. I really hope you guys stick with it and take it all the way, I know you can do it!

One of the other best games I've ever played is Quadradius (look it up). It's like Checkers on acid, whereas Uniwar is obviously if Starcraft and Chess had a child. It was an amazing game with a great fanbase, but it had little follow through and I think the creator has wasted a lot of momentum. I think he missed his big chance to get the game on Xbox or in the app store while it was viral. Maybe I'm wrong, but it's been over 6 years for that game now without almost any $ for it.

I know there's a lot going on and you all probably have fulltime jobs too, but I just wanted to share again that I think this is an amazing game that has enormous potential. I think your momentum is growing, and this could explode if approached correctly.

The similarities to chess, but increasing complexity, make it a ripe game for analysis and even in-match commentary, should live tournaments spring up someday. The replay feature could help spread the appeal, by being able to easily share and show game videos, while helping people get deeper into it. Could treat it almost like a sport.

Good luck with coding!
Sapiens » Tank Air power » Go to message
Just came here to agree. Tanks should be able to hit air with at least 1 or 2 attack power.

I know it was a very specific design choice, but in practice it feels like a mistake or a flaw.

ESPECIALLY compared to the plasma tank of course, which can not only hit air, but hit it very hard. The discrepancy between that and the sapien tank is not going to make sense to most players. Especially new ones, it is counter-intuitive. It's a racial balance issue that results in a too-harsh punishment for that one unit.
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